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Our handy flute cutters are something you
absolutely need if you work with corrugated plastic. Easily cut or
score along the flutes or size prints. Our cutters have an easy to hold
handle that makes it easier for cutting full sheets. Every shop needs at least one!
Coro-Claw™ Deluxe
An improved version of our original cutter, comes in yellow and
works on 4, 5 & 6 mil corrugated plastic. Has replaceable cutting heads.
This bright green version of the cutter is for 3 mil corrugated plastic.
Coro-Claw X
Our newest version in black, is made for 10 mil corrugated plastic.
The cutting heads are easily replaceable.
The Biddi Safety Sizer
Bidirectional safety knife that safely, easily & precisely cuts your
vinyls, film, laminate, paper & banner material. The Biddi Safety
Knife, cuts both forward and backwards, typically for cutting
sheets off of a printer, vinyl wrapping or making long cuts in
banner material. The forward blade is used for making accurate
cuts, in a straight or curved line. The back blade is used for fast
long cuts. Will not cut into printer, laminator or table tops.
The Guardian Knife Guide
Lip in
keeps the
holding hand
away from the
knife bracket.
Knife can’t jump or cut user.
• Cuts Easier
• Cuts Faster
• Cuts Safer
Cut, score cut, angle cut,
plunge cut & make repetitive
cuts. The first hand held
knife guide, not a blade
guide! Available in 36” & 54”,
See video
on our
Knife bracket
flairs for quick &
easy mounting on
Black anondized with a laser
extrusion. Cuts @
edge of extrusion etched ruled edge for easy
for easy alignment. measuring.
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