3.6 Near Field Profilers
3.6.1 Camera Based Near-Field Profiler
Allows measurement of beams normally too small for camera profiler
Expands beam to reduce power/energy density
Provides near-field profile of fibers, LD junctions, and other small sources
Can be used to measure tightly focused beam with camera and attenuation
Nominal 10X, 20X, 40X, 60X Beam expansion available
Easily calibrated to provide absolute measurement values
Built-in continuously variable attenuation
C-mount for attachment to any silicon CCD camera profiler
Camera and BeamGage software purchased separately
Near field profiling can also be used with camera profilers to analyze small beams, and involves a microscope objective lens to image
the beam onto a camera detector array. This technique expands the measurement range of the camera to include smaller beams, which
could not be ordinarily measured due to the pixel size of the detector array. Near field profiling is performed in fiber and waveguide
analysis, lens characterization, and other applications where beams 50 microns or smaller are analyzed. While there are more accurate
techniques to measure these beam sizes, the camera provides two-dimensional information that cannot always be obtained through
knife-edge or scanning slit methods. This camera accessory includes base plate for mounting camera and Microscope Objective, ATP-K
variable attenuator, 50mm C-Mount and an 8mm and 5mm spacer. User selectable magnification lenses, camera and BeamGage must be
purchased separately.
The near field of the test beam or sample is imaged with the microscope objective lens and relayed to the camera. The bracket mounting
fixture holds both the lens and camera, which itself can be mounting on a positioner or optical rail. This complete system provides
everything necessary to perform near-field measurements right out of the box.
C-mount NFP Adapter Assembly
ATP-K Variable ND Filter
Light Baffle
Locking Ring
8mm C-mnt extender
3.6 Beam Analysis
Fixed ND Filter
5mm C-mnt
Microscope Objective
sold separately
C-NFP Adapter
Camera sold separately
Ordering Information
C-NFP Assy
Includes base plate for mounting camera and Microscope Objective, ATP-K variable attenuator,
50mm C-Mount and an 8mm and 5mm spacer
60X, Microscope objective
40X, Microscope objective
20X, Microscope objective
10X, Microscope objective
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