Installation Instruction Antennas

Installation Instruction for CMAX Antennas
Installation Guide for CMAX-DM22-xxx and
CMAX-3030-xxx Antennas
Note: Please read the complete description before starting the installation. Make sure that
connectors are properly sealed against water if no cables are connected to them
after installation.
Tools required: Wrenches, width 13 mm and 16mm
(We recommend using socket wrenches.)
1. Assembly
Spring washer
Fit the three parts together and fasten with screws M10, spring washers, and washers
(M10 torque: 43 N-m).
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Installation Instruction for CMAX Antennas
2. Wall Mounting
1. Use the lengthening piece to mark 4 holes onto the wall as shown in the drawing above
or use a drill jig.
2. Drill 4 holes into the wall and insert appropriate dowels into holes.
3. Attach the lengthening piece with appropriate screws (not part of the delivery).
4. Insert the mount into the lengthening piece and fasten it with the four screws, spring
washers, and washers.
3. Pole Mounting (200 mm max. pole diameter)
200 mm
1. Lay proper lashing straps around pole and lead them through mounting bracket (1).
2. Adjust bracket in antenna direction and fasten the bracket (2).
3. The antenna bracket can also be fastened to the pole with a counter bracket (not
part of delivery). For poles with a larger diameter use the outer holes (3).
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Installation Instruction for CMAX Antennas
4. Antenna Mounting
4.1. Antenna Mounting
Depending on the space required for the antenna, the
distance from the wall can be increased with the
lengthening piece. Loosen the four M10 screws, adjust
the additional distance with the lengthening piece, and
fasten the screws again (M10 torque: 43 N-m).
Attach antenna and fasten
it with washers and M8 nuts
(M8 torque: 27 N-m).
M8 nut
Screw joint antennabracket
available and adjusting
angle, the DM22 / 3030
antenna can be mounted
onto the pedestal in 3
alternatives (see circle
marks in picture to the left).
4.2. Azimuth Angle
1. Loosen the three fixing
screws (Top and bottom).
(Do NOT unscrew them
2. Adjust your desired angle.
pedestal can be swiveled to
the left- / right-hand side by
up to 55°.
3. Tighten the fixing screws.
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Installation Instruction for CMAX Antennas
4.3. Elevation Angle
1. Loosen the four fixing screws at the leftand right-hand side. (Do NOT unscrew
them completely.)
2. Adjust your desired angle.
3. Fasten fixing screws.
4.4. Antenna Cable
antenna cables
can be arranged
and fixed with
cable ties as
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Installation Instruction for CMAX Antennas
4.5. Outdoor installation
Note: For outdoor use we recommend removing the plugs from the drain holes if the
antenna is exposed to high humidity or rainfall.
: Do not remove the plugs if the antenna is mounted other than bottom
down, that means the drain holes showing to the ground. For the top and bottom of the
antenna observe the arrow labeling at the rear side. Otherwise water might penetrate into
and therefore damage the antenna.
Remove the plugs from the drain holes at the bottom of the antenna with a knife or a flat
screwdriver. The below indicates the location of the drain holes, design and/or size of the
antenna may be different.
- changed CMAX-3030-CPUSEV53 to CMAX-3030-xxx and CMAXDMxx-CPUSExxx to CMAX-DM22-xxx; added drain holes
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