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Quick Start Guide
Quick Start Guide With high performance video processing technology and a rich media center application, the Zappiti NAS delivers an optimal value for Zappiti users to build up an ideal video library storage and features a rich entertainment hub. The Zappiti NAS can be used with one or several Zappiti 4K Players. The Zappiti NAS RIP provides a high performance & high capacity storage solution for home, and personal users to enjoy video content in multiroom. The built­in optical disc drive supports fully­automated bit­for­bit backup of your Blu­ray and DVD discs. Open the tray of the Blu­ray player. Insert your disc and this is it! Zappiti NAS does everything for you! There is nothing else to do! Once your disc is ripped and back up in the internal storage of the Zappiti NAS, it is ejected and you just have to insert another one. Start­up 1. Please connect a RJ45 network cable (class 6 or 7 recommended) to your local network or directly to your router / DSL box, or to an Ethernet switch itself connected to your router. 2. Connect the provided power cable. WARNING! The other connectors are reserved for Zappiti certified technicians and should only be used in case of failure. So please don’t use them! 3. ​
Switch ON​
the ON/OFF button located on the backpanel. Hard drives Initialization Zappiti team will initiate the hard drives remotely at the request of the user. To initialize your hard drives, please use the dedicated Assistance Form located on (see below for more info). Warning! ​
Your NAS serial number is required for any customer support request. This serial number is printed on a sticker located under the NAS enclosure. User Support Your Zappiti NAS comes with 1 year premium support. To contact the user support, please use the dedicated form located here: Setting Up Zappiti Player 4K Zappiti NAS requires a Zappiti Player 4K to display your video contents (one per zone). Starting 1. Ensure there is enough space around the player for proper cooling. The space at each side should be no less than 10 cm. Ensure the RC has batteries installed. Connect the player to your TV and to other A/V equipment in an appropriate way. Use HDMI connection to get the best possible quality of video and audio. Make sure to switch off the player and all relevant A/V equipment before connecting them. Ensure your TV and other A/V equipment are configured to use proper inputs. Make sure to use HDMI OUT (not HDMI IN) connection to link your ZAPPITI PLAYER 4K to your TV. Switch on the player. The player will perform its initial loading procedure, which may take up to about 1 minute. During the loading procedure, "ZAPPITI PLAYER" logo is shown on the TV. If you do not see "ZAPPITI PLAYER" logo on the TV when you switch on the player, it may mean some problem with the connection between the player and the TV or that a wrong video input is chosen in the TV or A/V receiver/switch. In such a case, re­check the cables and the settings of the TV or A/V receiver/switch, or try to use different cables or a different way of connecting the player to the TV. 2. Finally, you should see the main screen of the player menu. The main page will show 3 main buttons: Zappiti (movie collections), Explorer (file explorer), and GooglePlay. Adjust the player settings as needed using "SETUP" item on the main screen of the player menu. In particular, you may want to adjust video settings, audio settings, and network settings. TIPS​
: Use the RC buttons UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, OK, RETURN to navigate through the player menu. Use the ​
RC button to show the list of available commands (PopUp Menu). Use the INFO RC button to show the INFO panel. Language Settings To choose the language of the player menu, please click on "Settings / Personal / Language & input”. Then, select your language. Display Settings To set the display preferences, please click on “Settings / Display”. If you are located in America or Japan, please select “Auto”. If you are located in Europe, Middle East or Russia, please select, 1080p 50Hz. For all users, then select the 24 Hz option (23.976 Hz output) if your display is compatible with 24p. Audio Settings To set the audio preferences, please click on “Settings / Audio”. If your Zappiti Player 4K is connected to an AV receiver or a sound bar, please select Bitstream mode (passthrough mode). If your Zappiti Player 4K is directly connected to your TV, please select “Downmix 2.0”. Set it for each audio output you are using (S/PDIF or/and HDMI) Zappiti NAS RIP​
­ Quick Start Guide. 1 Zappiti Settings 7. On the home page, click on the first button labelled "Zappiti". 8. Follow the on­screen instructions and select your language. An information panel will describe the remote control buttons. The AirMouse is not available on Zappiti Media Center but you can still use the keyboard located on the back of the AirMouse to enter your credentials. 9. Follow the on­screen instructions to create your Zappiti Account. If you already have a Zappiti account, enter your email and password and click "Connect". If you have forgotten your password, click on "I forgot my password?" and follow the instructions on the screen. To type your password, do not forget you can use the keyboard on the back of the AirMouse. Then, enter your "Token" number. You will find it on a label located on the underside of your Zappiti Player 4K. You can also find it on the Zappiti Player 4K packaging. Zappiti NAS RIP​
­ Quick Start Guide. 2 Warning! This "Token" number can only be associated with one Zappiti account. So please choose carefully before associating the Token number to an account, and please note your Zappiti Login (your email address) / Password associated to the Token Number somewhere to remind it if needed later. Note: If you see "This token number is already used," perhaps you have already registered your player with a different email address. In this case try a different email address. 11. Then, click on the Connection button. 12. You have a Zappiti NAS, so the paths and movie files are created automatically. Ripped discs are saved in the following folder: Video / Movies. To add downloaded movies files to your Zappiti collection, please place them in the folder named "Video / Movies" folder. The Zappiti NAS RIP is not able to rip TV Shows / TV Series. But if you own downloaded TV shows episodes, please place them in the folder named "Video / TVShows." How to Rip Blu­ray movie or DVD Your Zappiti NAS RIP is now ready for operation. To rip a Blu­ray or DVD disc containing a movie, open the tray and insert the desired disc. It will be ripped and dematerialized automatically. Once the rip operation is complete, the disc will be automatically ejected. Then you can rip another one. The movies are analyzed on startup of the Zappiti Media Center application. To force the identification, press ​
and select “​
” option. Warning! ​
TV Shows stored on DVD and Blu­ray discs are not supported by the NAS Zappiti Rip. However, concerts are supported. And if you own TV Shows episodes, you can add them via Ethernet in the dedicated folder named “TV SHOWS’” located in the Zappiti NAS. Your TV Shows episodes will be scanned by Zappiti Media Center and add in your collection. Music and Pictures If you own music or photo files, you can store them on the Zappiti NAS but they will be not added in your Zappiti Collection. However you’ll be able to play them from Zappiti Player 4K or from another device connected to your local network. Film not found or incorrectly identified When some discs are backed up, sometimes the name of the generated file does not match the title of the film. If no Zappiti user has previously analyzed this dematerialized disc file before you, Zappiti can not index it automatically. So you must manually index it. For this, on your Zappiti Player 4K (choose one if you have several), launch the app Zappiti, press the ​
button on the remote and select the "​
X to identifying​
" option (“X” is the number of not identified films). If a movie has been identified but does not match the good movie, press the ​
button on the remote and select "Identify again" instead of "X Identifier". Zappiti NAS RIP​
­ Quick Start Guide. 3 You'll then see a search box to combine the right movie for your file. To check your file, you can use the "​
" button dedicated to start video playback. Once you know which movie is your file, type the name of the movie into the search engine and choose the movie in the list of search results. If the search does not give good result, another technique is to enter the unique identification code of the film instead of the name of the film. To find the ID of a movie, please follow this steps: 1. Open your favorite Internet browser such as Google Chrome, then go to w
. 2. Use the search engine to find your movie in the movie database. 3. Then, on the movie page, locate the ID code in the URL. For instance, the URL of the movie "Metropolis" will be "​"​
. 4. Copy the ID code number of your movie. For instance, the ID code number of the movie "Metropolis" is "tt0017136". 5. Then return back to Zappiti and paste the ID number into the field instead of the title name. Then press the "Search" button. Zappiti will find the right movie at 100%. Congratulations! You can now enjoy your Zappiti collection. ALL Here you'll find all your videos (movies and TV shows), sorted alphabetically. MOVIES This section contains all your movies. TV SHOWS This section contains all of your series and your episodes. RECENTS Here you'll find the latest videos analyzed by Zappiti Media Center. Zappiti NAS RIP​
­ Quick Start Guide. 4 CATEGORIES Here you will find your videos sorted by categories (or gender). To access other features, use the ​
button on the remote control when browsing your list of movies or series. Zappiti Db Zappiti Media Center V4 features a new smart and powerful movie and TV shows scan engine. Day after day, the Zappiti Database grows thanks to the Zappiti community and scans become more and more efficient and reliable. For instance, Metropolis.mkv can be associated to the 2001 Japanese animated movie version instead of the 1927 version from Fritz Lang. But if one single Zappiti user associates the right version, all the other users will benefit from it! The same system is used for technical specifications. So if the aspect ratio is manually modified by one user, all the Zappiti users will benefit from it. POWER OFF To turn OFF the Zappiti NAS, press the ​
button located on the left side of the front panel of the Zappiti NAS. When Zappiti NAS is ON, the button is illuminated in blue. When Zappiti NAS is off, the button is not illuminated. Tutorials and knowledge database You can find many tutorials and FAQs here: Zappiti NAS RIP​
­ Quick Start Guide. 5 User Support To contact the user support, please use the dedicated form located here: ​ Zappiti NAS RIP​
­ Quick Start Guide. 6 
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