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Mini Portable Bluetooth Speaker
User Manual
Phone: 844-278-9366
Thank for choosing the B7-S-10 Speaker
It is small portable and easy to
operate. It can not only play the stereo
music but also use as an hanfds free
Music Play Back:
Connect the speaker to a computer, tablet
When you use the speaker as an audio
♦ If you are having trouble pairing the
using the supplied USB charging cable or
out put device, you can control the
speaker to your device. First ensure
a power adaper(5V) for charging.
The red status indicator will keep on lite
while charging and will turn off when
charging is complete.
playback from the speaker or your device.
A short press +/- to skip track. Short press ►II
to pause or resume playback. A long press +/to adjust volume up or down. NOTE: these
the power switch is in the "ON" position.
♦Then check to see if the status indicator
is rapidly blinking both blue and red
lights; If not, turn the speaker to "OFF" then
When it is in low battery state, the red
light status indicator will keep on flashing.
Recharge speaker.
buttons will have no effect when you are using
the aux-in audio port.
♦ if the stus indicator remains dark when
you turn the power switch "ON" the
Before using the speaker for the first time,
speaker needs to be charged.
If your bluetooth device can receive phone calls,
your ring tone may interrupt your music palyback
and be heard from the speaker.You can answer
and end the call as you like.
♦ Your device needs to have bluetooth
active and it needs to actively searching
for new devices.
♦ Some bluetooth-equiptment devices do not
carry the A2DP profile, Your device needs
you must completely charge the
battery. ♦ NOTE: do not place the battery
directly in the sunshine for a long time ,fire
and other hot enviroment.
phone. It supports radio function, and can
make wireless connection with most
bluetooth devices and also connects with
audio devices via 3.5 mm stereo audio
cable. The bluetooth devices which are
Before using speaker, you must first pair
the speaker to your bluetooth device.
To pair the device, first slide the power
paired with the speaker must suport
bluetooth A2DP (Advanced Audio
Distribution Profile), and AVRCP
(Audio Video Remote Control Profile),
switch to " ON". The status indicator
should blink rapidly with blue and red lights.
Use your device blue tooth menu to activate
devices searching (refer to your device
Answer call: When there is a incomming call
you need to anwer, the speaker will have a
ring-tone. Just press ►II to start the phone
End Call: During the phone answering status,
again press ►II to end the call.
Recall: It will recall the last number you called
after press ►II twice.
Troubleshooting tips:
to be equipt with the A2DP for audio
palyback and the HFP profile for
speakerphone use.
♦The distance between your device and
the speaker may need to be less than
32 feet (10 meters) for pairing.
It maybe optimal to keep your device
next to the speaker.
otherwise it can't set up the connection
manual).Choose the diplayed device 8800 ID.
with bluetooth devices and play stereo
listing to pair. If passport window pops up,
enter password "0000" (four zeros)
and click pair. It will pair automatically
You can also connect a non-bluetooth audio
♦ Keep the speaker from children, this
product is not a toy.
between speaker and bluetooth device
If pair is succesful, the status indicator
device(like a MP3 player or CD ) player to your
speaker via the supplied 3.5 mm audio cable.
♦ Do not drop, toss speaker or use
excessive force when operating.
Bluetooth ver. V2.1+ EDR dist. 32ft. or 10m
Bluetooth protocal: A2DP/AVRCP/HFP
Battery: 400 mHh built in lithum
Frequency Response 100 20kHZ
Chg Time: 2-3 Hrs.- Play 4-5 Hrs @ 70%
should change to a gentle blinking blue light.
If pairing is unsuccesful, slide the power
swith to "OFF" then back "ON" and retry the
pairing process.
Just connect the cable or similar 3.5 audio cable
to your audio device through 3.5 port. When a cable
is connected to the aux-in port, the bluetooth
feature will not operate, disconnect the cable to
reactivate the bluetooth feature.
This product is not waterproof and not to
be used in water or in areas of
excessive moisture.
♦ Keep the speaker away from excessive
heat or cold. Do not expose it to direct
Prod. Size dia 60mm H 50mm
operating temp -10ºC= 40ºC
User manual 1pc.,
Micro USB cable 1 pc.
3.5mm Audio cable 1 pc.
Warranty: One years all parts
Aux-In audio input:
sunshine. Avoide operating or storing the
battery near fire, stove, or inside a
sealed car in hot weather.
Press "M" to switch the status from bluetooth
♦The built in lithium-ion battery must not be
exposed to flame or excesive heat.
Exposing it to fire may cause the battery to
to radio, aand then a short press
"►II" to automatically search channels
channels and the red light will flash
quickly.Once the searching is finished,
the speaker will be automatically back
to the first channel. You can press
"+/-" quickly to skip channels.
generate heat, ignite or explode. For your
safety, do not attempt to remove or modify
the battery.
♦ The speaker and its battery should not be
disposed as a municiple sold waste.
To recycle it, contact your local hazardous
waste processor to find the nearest drop-off
location for lithium-ion batteries.
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