Before installing the client, verify that your webcam is connected and

Before installing the client, verify that your webcam is connected and working.
Go to this URL:
Download a valid client for your Operating system. If window, then:
double-click the downloaded file to launch the installation wizard
At the "Welcome" screen, click "Next".
Accept the license terms, click "Next".
Review the client "Readme" file if desired, then click "Next".
Choose the default installation location, then click "Next"
(usually C:\Program Files\Marratech \Marratech6.1).
Review the installation-settings summary, then click "Install".
Following installation, click "Finish" .
The Marratech client should start automatically at this point. If it doesn't,
launch it from the Start menu:
Start -> Programs -> Marratech 6.1
At the welcome screen, click "Next"
At the "Identity" screen, enter your name. Enter your phone number
and e-mail address (information for other participants) . Click "Next".
At the "Network Connection" screen, choose "Unlimited" if you have a
100Mbs wired network connection or Choose "Intranet LAN" if you
have a 10Mbs wired network connection or a wireless connection.
If you don't know what kind of network connection you have, ask to
your IT support group.
At the "Video" screen, make sure your webcam is selected as the video
capture device, then click "Preview" to verify that your webcam works.
Then close the video preview window and click "Next".
At the "Audio" screen, the wizard will attempt to identify your audio
input/output devices, and allow you to test them if desired.
for the temporary location to save recordings, accept the default value.
Click "Finish".
Finally, the web port used in our case is the 9001, considerations in the
case of the presence of firewalls.
You should close all other applications as audio and video responses also
depend on the resources of your computer.
This is the URL that must connect to enter the virtual room :
https: / / 9001
Accept the certificate, and you ‘ll see
the login page where you can use the virtual-room :
“auditorium” free user/pass
Come on tools / options and choose
https: / / 9001
as your home page
If you have any changes to audio, video or other, always try between tools /
Now we entered our room, we begin to describe it from right where we find
four sections.
From top to down a window active webcam, below a window of participants,
further down a chat window and finally a series of buttons to activate webcam,
speakers and microphone. The default is only active speaker.
The microphone is activated each time by clicking with the mouse, if you want
it always on Pressing Ctrl while clicking.
In the window of the participants see a P in the lower right for each icon, if we
click we can write and speak privately with one of the participants.
At the left is the top section with drop down menus from File .... to Help. The
first character (the F to the Help files ...) can be activated simultaneously
pressing Alt and a capital letter.
Below are a series of icons to manage the virtual room .
Finally there is the welcome page with some information flowing will find who
is connected (partecipants) and connection information (Media network
Bottom left is a pencil symbol that indicates a shared blackboard .
This board is the tool that lets you share documents as text, images,
powerpoint presentations. Images can be jpg, gif, animated gif and png.
You can share individual pages and using the arrows next page, previous
page, you can scroll.
As you can see the menu icons have changed and these allow us to:
open a new page, open a document, save it;
with arrows move from one page to another, follow a shared page or drive a
shared page, zoom + / - page;
The second row of icons is all about the text and drawing, and then turn
arrows to highlight some of the text can turn a pen to write or draw a
geometric shape.
Eventually return to the home page and to close the session to logout, deleting
pages of the board.
Download PDF