Trauma Bag Trauma Kit Minimum Equipment List

Trauma Bag
All City of Winnipeg Aquatics Branch Swimming Pools are equipped with Trauma Bags. These
large orange first aid bags contain all necessary first aid and oxygen supplies. The trauma bags do
not necessarily replace existing supply stations but function as the main-source-portable-unit. The
trauma bags are checked and maintained daily. Any supplies used are replaced. The trauma bags are
loaded in a prescribed manner; every item has a place and every item is in its place. This maintains
consistency at all pools.
Trauma Kit Minimum Equipment List
1) First Aid Supplies.
a) 8 sterile bandage compresses, 10 cm
x 10 cm.
b) 8 roller bandages, 10 cm x 4.5 m,
individually packaged in plastic.
c) 2 Mylar rescue blankets.
d) 2 rolls waterproof tape, selfcontained 2.5cm X 6m.
e) 2 chemical ice packs.
f) 2 splinter tweezers, stainless steel,
and blunt nose.
g) 2 pair stainless steel safety scissors,
approx. 10 cm long.
h) 2 large “Zip lock” plastic bags.
i) Contents list and First Aid Manual
(left outside pocket).
j) 100 sterile adhesive dressings, 2.5
cm wide.
k) 12 safety pins.
l) 5 envelopes Steri-strips 3mm X
m) 10 medium skin closure bandages
(“Butterfly bandages”).
n) 2 tubes oral glucose.
o) 9 triangular bandages.
p) 4 non-stick dressings 20cm X 7.5cm.
q) Antiseptic.
r) Saline 250ml.
s) 4 sterile gauze compresses, 1m x 1m.
t) 30 sterile pads, 10 cm x 10 cm.
u) 3 wooden splints (right outside
i) 2 – Large
ii) 1 medium.
v) 10 pair medical grade examination
powder free Nitrile gloves.
w) 2 non-static cloth blankets.
x) 1 pen style disposable flashlight.
y) 2 Report Clipboards.
i) 10 blank reports.
ii) 2 pencils.
2) Oxygen Equipment Section.
a) Front Pouch: SealEasys:
i) 1 full adult assembly, (mask with
bite-block, one-way valve &
oxygen adapter).
ii) 1 full pediatric assembly, (mask,
one-way valve & oxygen
iii) 1 non-kink tubing with
b) Centre bag:
i) 1 “D” Oxygen bottle with
regulator attached.
ii) 2 main valve wrenches.
iii) 1 spare seal washer
iv) 2 spare non-kink tubing.
v) 1 Spare adult SealEasy assembly.
vi) 1 Spare pediatric SealEasy
vii) Non re-breath masks:
(1) 2 adult.
(2) 2 pediatric.
Trauma Bag Supplies and Layout 2010 – City of Winnipeg Aquatics Branch - Copyright 2010
Trauma Bag Supplies and Layout 2010 – City of Winnipeg Aquatics Branch - Copyright 2010
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