HDD Duplicator
User Guide V 1.0
Carry HDD Dupe User Guide
1. Product introduction
LED Indicator:
* Yellow: HDD Power On
* Green: Copy(compare)Pass
* Green Flashing: working
*Red: Copy Fail
Source Port
Target Port
2. Features:
●● Ultra high speed supports up to 90MB/second copy speed based on real
test result.
●● Analyze skip, and show bad sector for source and target HDD during copy.
●● Auto power control to protect HDD from damaging while swaping HDD.
●● Both 2.5" and 3.5" IDE and SATA HDD and SSD.
●● Support 2 different duplication modes; Liunx(Ext2/Ext3), NTFS, FAT quick copy
(Data and System) and Whole HDD.
●● Quick copy mode copy only Data and System area can highly increase the
copy efficiency.
●● Light weight for easy carry.
●● Auto detect and show bad setors.
Carry HDD Dupe User Guide
2. Function introduction
1. Quick Copy
Press Data button to do quick copy. It will only copy area which includes data,
file or system. The function only support FAT 16/32, NTFS and Ext2/Ext3. For rest of
format, please use whole HDD copy.
2. Whole HDD
Press Whole HDD button to do copy. It will copy whole HDD area including
blank area. It support all kind of format.
During copy,it shows the quantity of bad sector in Source and Target HDDs.
Copy Process
Total data capacity
Copied data capacity
Copied Time
Copy Process
(if there is any bad sector)
Source bad sector
Target bad sector
Copied Time
Copy Process
Copy result:
Total copy Time
Target bad sector
Source bad sector
It can support to copy HDD with errors up to 6000 sectors.
Carry HDD Dupe User Guide
Example of Quick copy (system and files):
It is strongly suggested to use the same capacity of source and
target HDD.
Example of Whole HDD copy
Completely copy whole HDD without analysis, including all kinds of data format
and blank space. The system will bit by bit read source and copy to target no
care of its format. Therefore, it is strongly suggested to have target HDD bigger
than source HDD to reduce the risk of data loss.
It is strongly suggested to use the same capacity of source and
target HDD.
Carry HDD Dupe User Guide
3. System Update
Press Data and Whole HDD 2 button at the same time then switch on the
device. It will start to update the ststem automatically.
4. Specification
Product Name
Carry Mini HDD Dupe Product Number
IQ 112
HDD Interface
SATA, IDE(optional)
Monochrome LCD
Control Button
2 push buttons
Compatible HDD
All major brand of 2.5" ,3.5" SATA and IDE HDD and SATA SSD
Duplication Mode
1. System and Files / 2. Whole HDD
Support Formate
Supports all formate, Quick copy(System and Files) supports FAT, NTFS,
Linux (Ext.2 /Ext.3).
up to 2TB
Power Supply
12V, 3A adapter
5℃ ~45℃
-20℃ ~85℃
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