Classroom Recording Guide for Instructors

September 2016
Library and Information Technology Services
Classroom Recording Guide for Instructors
Bryn Mawr subscribes to a “lecture capture” service called Tegrity, which makes it easier for faculty to record lectures
and post them where students can see them. Tegrity can capture a screencast (i.e. a recording of everything you show
on the podium computer and project overhead to students), audio, and video of you lecturing. (You can turn video off if
you prefer.) When you stop the recording, videos are automatically uploaded to Tegrity’s servers; students can access
them from the Tegrity Classes link on the Moodle site for your course.
Which Classrooms Are Set Up for Recording?
The following classrooms have all of the hardware and software you need to record lectures:
Thomas 110 & 224
Dalton 119
Park 25, 180 & 243
Carpenter 25
With sufficient notice, Multimedia Services can set up other classrooms for lecture capture or video recording. You can
request this when you reserve a room for the event in Virtual EMS, under “A/V Notes” on the Details tab. If you’ve
already reserved the room, contact Multimedia directly (x7449 or
Starting the Recording
1. Turn on the classroom computer and log in using your Bryn Mawr user name and ID.
2. Open any other applications and files that you will want to use to during your lecture. For example, if you wanted to
show PowerPoint slides, a web page, and an image in a PDF document, you would open your PowerPoint file, your
web browser, and the PDF file.
Note: Tegrity will use all of the RAM, cache space, and processing power available when it is launched. By opening
your presentation materials before opening Tegrity, you are effectively reserving computer resources for those
3. Click on the little arrow on the taskbar at the bottom of the screen to open the System Tray as shown:
Click here to open tray
4. Double-click on the Tegrity icon --
-- to launch the Tegrity Recorder.
5. If prompted to log in, enter your normal Bryn Mawr username (the part before the @ in your e-mail address) and
your password.
September 2016
Library and Information Technology Services
6. Double-check that your name comes after “Hello” in the upper left corner of the Tegrity Recorder. If not, click
(Change User), and log in with your normal Bryn Mawr user name and password.
7. Choose your course from the drop-down Course menu. (Wrong courses listed? Repeat step 5.)
8. Give the recording a Title or use the default (recording day, date, and time).
9. Speak to check your audio levels in the bar:
Move the slider bar
to increase or decrease volume as needed.
If nothing shows up in the audio level window, click Settings and try different options on the Default audio
source menu until you find one that works. Call Multimedia (x7449) if none do.
10. Choose your video settings:
Easiest option: Be sure the Instructor Video box is checked and you see a camera feed in the window above it.
Tegrity will record that video plus a “screencast” of everything you do on the podium computer during the
lecture (e.g. show PowerPoint slides, open web pages, etc.).
Screencast only: If you don’t need video of yourself, uncheck the Instructor Video. DOUBLE-CHECK THAT THE
AUDIO STILL WORKS. If not, the video camera in the room is also recording audio, so you must recheck
Instructor Video and record video to get sound.
Video only: Click Settings. Set Camera usage, to “Instructional Camera.” The video will be recorded at a slightly
higher resolution and show up in the main viewing window when played.
11. When you are finished with set up, click Record a Class to start recording.
The Recording Tool Bar
Recording controls will appear in a black box in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen:
September 2016
Library and Information Technology Services
Expand the tool bar
Monitor your sound levels
Pause/Resume recording (toggle).
Useful if you typically mix lecture
with classroom activities you
don’t want to record.
End the recording
Click on the small arrow to expand the toolbar to see additional controls, including a digital whiteboard and tools that let
you draw on screen.
Retract the tool bar
Write onscreen
Open/close digital
whiteboard (blank screen)
Stopping the Recording
When you have finished recording, click the stop icon (solid square) in the Recording Tool Bar.
In the dialog box that appears, choose Upload to upload the recording to the Tegrity server for streaming.
Leave the computer ON when you leave. The recording will continue to upload in the background as long as the
computer remains on and connected to the Internet. (Even if you log out and another user logs in.)
Viewing a Recording
Recordings should upload and be available for viewing within an hour or two. To check the status of a recording, log in
to your course in Moodle and click the Tegrity Classes link in the upper right. If the recording is ready, the title will
appear in black and you can click on it to see thumbnails and then click on a thumbnail to start playback.
If the recording is not ready, the title will be gray and the status will be listed next to it:
Pending or Available Soon
Means the recording is still being uploaded and converted.
Processing Error
Usually means the computer was turned off or lost its network connection before the
upload finished. The upload will resume when the computer is turned back on. If not, email for help.
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