ilford sportina auto-rapid camera

1 Lug for wrist strap
2 Back catch
3 Viewfinder
4 Empty pack
5 Flash shoe
6 Tripod fixing screw socket
7 Film advance lever
8 Picture counter
9 Full pack
First attach the wrist strap. Always load and unload in
the shade.
1 2 3 4
5 6 7
Open the Camera
Push up back catch and open the camera. Make sure an
empty 'Rapid' pack is in the left-hand compartment with
the word 'Rapid' uppermost and the arrow pointing
8 9
Insert the Film
Place the full 'Rapid' pack in the right-hand compartment
with the word 'Rapid' uppermost and the arrow pointing
inwards. Do not disturb the film protruding from the full
pack. Close the camera back.
Operate the film advance lever until it locks. The counter
shows the number of pictures still to be taken. After
setting the camera you will be ready to shoot.
Light Setting
Set the controls as above. Sight the subject through the
viewfinderand position it in the bright frame. If the dot at
the top of the viewfinder is green you are ready to shoot.
If it is red there is not enough light available, then you can
use flash. Hold the camera steady, and gently press down
the shutter release. On no account force the shutter release or the film advance lever—if one fails to work it
should be freed by operating the other. The shutter will
not work if there is no film or if you have put it in the
wrong side.
The llford Sportina Auto-Rapid has an electric eye which
automatically sets the correct exposure. Simply turn the
index dot on the inner ring to AUTO for trouble-free
Subject Setting
Set the index against the appropriate subject symbol,
that is faces, people or places. For more precise setting
the distance in feet on which the lens is focused can be
read through the small window belowthe lens.
Taking Close-ups
The viewfinder shows a pair of short bright lines inside
the main bright frame at the top. When taking close-up
photographs (i e from 3J feet to 6 feet) make sure that
none of the picture you want is between the two short
lines and the main bright frame.
The camera has an accessory shoe to take a Centre Shoe
Contact Flash Gun. The llford Sportina Rapid Flashgun is
When the last picture (1) has been taken operate the
film advance lever three times until the letter '£' appears.
Turn the index dot on the inner ring to the symbol. The
shutter speed will automatically operate at 1 /40 sec and
the aperture atf/8.
The film or flashbulb carton will give exposure recommendations. Divide the guide number given for 1/40
sec by 8 to determine the distance in feet at which to
take the picture so that it will be properly exposed. Take
1/40 as being mid-way between 1/30 and 1/50, otherwise use the following guide:
Using llford Colorslide Rapid, and Colorprint Rapid (64
ASA) with AG1 B flashbulbs stand 9 feet away from your
subject. Using llford Black and White Rapid (125 ASA),
stand 12 feet a way.
With AG1 flashbulbs and Colorprint Rapid stand 11 feet
away, and with Black and White Rapid, 14 feet.
Lift out the rapid pack containing the exposed film; put
the film in its original carton, and place the empty pack in
the left-hand side of the camera so that it is ready to
The llford Sportina Auto-Rapid Camera uses film in a
special 'Rapid'pack.
For black and white prints use llford Black and White
Forcolourslides use llford Colorslide Rapid.
For colour prints use llford Colorprint Rapid.
Keep the camera clean. If it is used on the beach do not
allow sand to get inside it or on the lens. To clean the
lens, blow away loose dirt and wipe with a soft, clean
handkerchief. Never leave the camera lying in the sun.
To keep your camera clean, buy the Sportina Camera
Lens: Color Dignar Anastigmatf/3-9 focal length 40 mm.
Shutter: 2-speed; 1 /40 on 'flash', 1 /100 on 'auto'.
Focusing : Symbol setting for people, faces and places,
and also scale setting (infinity to 3^ feet).
Format: 12 full frames 36 x 24 mm from 'Rapid' cartridge.
Viewfinder: Optical with bright-line.
Flash : Takes Centre Shoe Contact type guns only.
Filter mount size: 33mm. Use UV only.
Release: Push-down type.
Counter: Count-down type, self resetting.
Constant improvements in llford products mean that
minor changes in the design or specification may occur
from time to time. It will not be possible always to amend
the instruction book at the same time, and the right to
alter the design and specification without notice is
accordingly reserved.
llford Limited llford Essex
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