Fiber Conversion
DS-Ce-FC Rev A
The CeLAN Fiber Conversion Module expands the
versatility of Protector Panel by allowing the
CeLAN to be converted from standard copper wires
to a dual fiber. On Protector Systems, you can connect multiple fiber conversion modules to a single
panel as needed to provide secure communications.
The fiber optic communication performance can
readily be determined via the on-board LED Fiber
Strength Meter. The meter uses 5 LEDs (one red
and 4 green) to display the strength of the fiber signal coming in from the other CeLAN Fiber Conversion Module and is a readily recognized in a ‘cell
phone’ like signal strength display.
CeLAN Fiber Conversion Modules:
 Ce-FC-N
Normal Range (Multimode)
 Ce-FC-ER Extended Range (Multimode)
 Ce-FC-S
Single Mode (Single Mode)
Multimode Fiber:
Multimode fiber is mostly used for communication means over
shorter distances, as within a building. Typical multimode links
have data rates of 10 Mbit/s to 10 Gbit/s over lengths up to 600
Multimode fiber has a larger core size allowing for simpler connections, normally orange in color (may differ in some locations)
Single Mode Fiber:
Single mode fiber is used where a high precision communication
means is required. Better performance over long distances.
Single mode fiber has a smaller core, and normally yellow in color
(may differ in some locations
CeLAN AES encrypted technology for security, easy setup and
enhanced performance
5 LED Bar Graph Fiber Signal
Strength display
ST/SC Fiber Connectors
One (1) fully supervised input
Five (5) state zones:
 Open Circuit
Supervised Circuit
(3.0k EOL)
Short Circuit
Ground Fault High
On-board LED power and
CeLAN bus status indicators
Includes Accessory Hardware
Mounts inside Protector, Protector Accessory, or Encrypted
‘CINCH Stick’ Field Upgradeable firmware
Multimode Fiber
Single Mode Fiber
CeLAN Fiber Conversion
Power Requirements: 12 VDC nominal (8.0 VDC
minimum, 30 VDC maximum), 35 mA maximum
Panel Data Bus: CeLAN - 128 Bit AES Encrypted
CINCH Stick Port: One (1) - 128 Bit AES Encrypted, CINCH Stick port.
Fiber Connector Type: Threaded ST Conductive
Storage Temperature:-30° to 140° F (-34° to 60°
Operating Temperature: 32° to 120° F (0° to 49°
C), up to 140° F (60° C) under temporary conditions
Maximum Humidity: 90% relative humidity, noncondensing
Listings: UL 1076
FCC Part 15
FIPS 97 Cert# 1125
Control Panel
PCU-IDS Protector Panel
Touch Screen
Ce-TS Touch Screen
Expansion Modules
2 Zone Input
8 Zone Input
Ce-4RO 4 Relay Output
Ce-24ZI 24 Zone Input
Communication Modules
Ce-FC-N Fiber Conversion
Ce-TCP/IP Network Module
Ce-FC-ER Fiber Conversion
CeLAN Modules
Ce-DS938Z Motion
Ce-DS308 Motion
Ce-DSISC Motion
HSS L2 Contact
Ce-M1ZRS Recessed Contact
Ce-1076DRS Recessed Contact
Ce-1076HRS Recessed Contact
Ce-U1Z Universal 1 Zone
Ce-WF2ZI Wellsfargo Contact
Ce-U2Z Universal 2 Zone
Ce-AESR-IDS AES Receiver
For more information: www.cinchsystems.com
Cinch Systems
10275 43rd St NE, Ste 300
St Michael, MN 55379
CeLAN Accessories
CO-CSU Cinch Stick
CO-PS2KI Keyboard Module
CO-T-P Panel Tester
CO-T-8Z 8 Zone Tester
CO-T-4R 4 Relay Tester
CO-T-Printer Printer Tester
CO-PRSI Siren Supervision
Ce-EX Expansion Module
ACC-24T-100 Transformer
ACC-B12-18 18Ahr Battery
ACC-B12-7 7Ahr Battery
ACC-6P Power Cord
E-CB Termination Box
L-M-KD Panel Lock
L-M-KA Panel Lock
ACC-CFC-S Fiber Cable
L-S Standard Panel Lock
ACC-CFC-MM Fiber Cable
S-ET Panel Tamper
E-P Panel Enclosure
E-CP Plastic Enclosure
E-PA Accessory Enclosure
E-PA-S Small Accessory Enclosure
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