Rugged VGA Recording Video Borescope System

Rugged VGA Recording
Video Borescope System
Super High-Performance Rugged VGA Recording
Video Borescope System with 7 inch LCD
Ideal for professional close-up inspections
of hard-to-see and hard-to-reach areas
• General’s best super high-performance video borescope system
- 7 in. Screen
- Rugged
- VGA Recording
- VGA Resolution Probe
• Super-clear viewing on 7 in. (178mm)
diagonal LCD with high-definition
800 x 480 pixel resolution
• 1m (39 in.) long, 5.5mm (0.22 in.) diameter
soft metal probe with 640 x 480 pixel (VGA)
resolution camera
• Camera’s six LEDs—four facing forward
and two at an angle—provide glare-free
lighting in any environment
• Light boost, anti-reflection
and 90° frame rotation
buttons on probe handle
maximize visibility of any
inspection target
• Probe and stainless steel camera
head are IP67 water, oil and dust-proof.
Console is IP57 water, oil and dust-proof
as well as drop-proof from height of 1m (39 in.)
• LCD can show side-by-side front and side views
from optional split mirror probe tip attachment
(requires purchase of optional VGA Resolution
Articulating Probe and split mirror)
• Records VGA resolution video clips (with voice annotation) and
still images using familiar menu-driven user interface. Saved video
and photo files incorporate real-time brightness and zoom adjustments
made prior to recording or “on the fly” to optimize target clarity and detail
• Easy-to-navigate album-style (3 x 3 grid) display of all stored media files
• Different areas of interest on saved photos can be selected for extreme close-up viewing
• Field of view can be enlarged up to 5X, mirrored horizontally, or rotated 90°, 180° or 270°.
Features can be applied alone or together to make targets easier to inspect
and serial numbers easier to read.
• 4GB SD memory card
• Analog video out/headphone jack
• USB cable for uploading media on SD card to PC without ejecting card
• 110° mirrored probe viewing tip
• Adjustable Auto Power Off triggering time
• Choice of 27 menu languages
• Custom airtight hard plastic carrying case
• Hand strap and tripod mount
• Powered by rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery
No. DCS2000
LCD can show side-by-side front
and side views using optional
probe tip attachment
Rugged VGA Recording
Video Borescope System
Console Display Size, Type: 7 in. (178mm) diagonal TFT color LCD
System Operating Temperature: 14° to 140°F (-10° to 60°C)
Console Display Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
System Storage Temperature: -4° to 176°F (-20° to 80°C)
Console Ingress Protection: To water, oil & dust per IP55 standard
Dimensions of Console: 9.45 x 6.06 x 1.85 in. (240 x 154 x 47mm)
Console Impact Resistance: Drop from height of 1m (39 in.)
Weight of Console: 2.6 lb. (1.18kg)
Console Recording Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels (VGA)
Power Source: Rechargeable Lithium-polymer battery
Video File Format/Photo File Format: .avi/.jpg
Battery Life (typical): 6 hours operation
Video Zoom Options: 1.5x 2.0x, 5.0x
Frame Rotation Options: 90°, 180°, 270°
Probe Length, Type, Diameter: 1m (39 in.), soft metal, 5.5mm (0.22 in.)
Interfaces: Analog audio/video & USB 2.0 jacks
Diameter of Camera Head with Thread Protector Installed: 6mm (0.23 in.)
Analog Video Out Formats: NTSC and PAL
Probe Handle Controls: Light boost, anti-reflection, 90° image rotation
Video Frame Rate: 30 frames per second (fps)
Probe/Camera Head Ingress Protection:
To water, oil & dust per IP67 standard
Compression Format: Compatible with MPEG4
Recording Medium:
Standard-size SD card of up to 32GB capacity (4GB card included)
Camera Resolution: 640 x 480 pixels (VGA)
Capacity of Included 4GB SD Card:
Three hours of VGA resolution video consuming an average
of 26 Mbytes/minute
Camera Field of View: 60°
Camera Depth of Field: 0.25 to 12 in. (6.4 to 300mm)
Camera Lighting: Six LEDs—four forward-facing, two at an angle
Menu Languages:
English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Traditional
Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Russian, Bulgarian,
Turkish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian,
Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Slovenian, Romanian, Greek
Probes and Accessories Compatible with the DCS2000:
01575 9
01621 3
01622 0
01576 6
01644 2
01645 9
01578 0
(included with
01685 5
01502 5
VGA Resolution Articulating Probe
6.0mm (0.23 in.)
1m (3.28 ft.)
2m (6.6 ft.)
3m (9.8 ft.)
1m (3.28 ft.)
VGA Resolution Probe
0.25 to 12 in.
(6.4 to 300mm)
5.5mm (0.22 in.)
Pipe & Duct Inspection Probe
& Reel Set
Split Mirror for VGA Resolution
Articulating Probes
USB SD Card Reader
28mm (1.1 in.)
2m (6.6 ft.)
3m (9.8 ft.)
22m (72 ft.)
0.4 in. (10mm)
to infinity
Console, VGA Resolution Probe,
110° Mirror, 4GB SD Card, USB
Cable, AC Adaptor, Hard Case,
Hand Strap, User’s Manual,
1 Year Limited Warranty
General Tools & Instruments
80 White Street, New York, NY 10013-3567
TEL: 212. 431. 6100 TOLL FREE: 800. 697. 8665
DCS2000SS Printed in USA 01/14
Ideal for identifying safety problems
on aircraft engines and
heavy equipment
Saves time and money on automotive
maintenance and repair
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