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OD 8211 BC: This model has an internal 8 deg frontal angle.
Please observe top and bottom factory labeling when mounting.
Proper positioning has speaker firing upward (“top “label on top
side), if near ground level, and downward (“top” label on
underside) if placed 5 ft or greater above the ground.
Care and proper use: The 8211 is a weather resistant speaker
that can “live” outdoors indefinitely if installed correctly. It is
not intended for water emersion or extended, direct exposure to sunlight and severe outdoor
conditions. Therefore, it is strongly advised that a dedicated, 5 sided, open front, housing/cover,
made from pressure treated lumber, Extira™, or outdoor plywood, be used to shelter and raise
the 8211 above the ground. This housing is an extra measure of protection and should be,
internally, 3” deeper, 1” wider and 1” taller than the 8211. Front edge of 8211 should recess into
this housing about 2” to minimize direct exposure to rain. Stick on rubber feet should also be
used as a buffer between the underside of the 8211 and floor of the housing, with ¼” thick feet
for the back and 1/8” thick feet for the front. This provides a very slight downward angle to
avoid water build up.
8 deg angle
When the 8211 is properly positioned within its housing it is also advisable to drill a ¼” drainage
hole into the underside of the cabinet, about 1.4” from the front edge-midway. This allows any
small amounts of trapped water to exit. We do not provide this hole as positioning may vary.
Connection to amplifier: Neutrik™ connectors are used due to their,connectivity, durability and
resistance to air born contamination. Insert
into receptacle and twist ¼ turn clockwise.
To remove connector pull back on plastic
sleeve while turning counter clockwise.
Wires connected inside the connector should be checked for polarity and be
consistent with all others. 12- 14 gauge wire is recommended due to the 8211’s impedance and
projected sound pressure levels.
Positioning: The 8211 works best if its back is mounted against a solid wall for mid bass
reinforcement. Best listening areas are off axis 8- 20 degrees and 6-30 ft away.
Should the 8211 be high passed? In most cases it is advisable that an 80Hz high pass crossover,
with an attenuation rate of 12 db per octave, be used. This increases power handling and
improves clarity when played at volumes exceeding 120 spl. In addition the high pass circuit
provides a better interface for integrating with the companion 21” subwoofer
SW 21 Subwoofer
Set up: SW 21 comes as a passive unit with a single Neutrik™ input connector on the back
panel. A high powered remote amplifier (500 W or greater with a damping factor > 100), with a
low pass circuit, is required. In most cases this low pass “feed” is accomplished by using the
“sub out” on the back of the processor or mixer. Best low pass setting is generally 60-70 Hz with
an attenuation rate of 18-24 db/octave. Use 10 ga hookup wire between output of amplifier and
input of SW 21. (1) SW 21 is required for every (4-6) 8211 modules.
Positioning: SW 21 can be used with ports favoring the top or bottom. It makes little difference
but “ports on bottom” has about 1 db more bass output for any given input voltage. Vent output
can reach 35 m/s at 125 db! Keep any and all objects at least 1 ft away from the vents. Do not
block any portion of the vents or protective screens. Locating the rear of the SW 21 near a
corner, large wall surface or grass mound will provide, on average, a 2 db bass boost and should
be used if possible. Use thick rubber feet on the bottom when feasible. ½” thick for the back and
¼” thick for the front to achieve a 1 deg downward angle. A 5 degree toe in toward listening
area is ideal. Avoid direct ground contact.
Shelter: Avoid direct contact with the ground and rainfall. A good measure of prevention is to
invest $100 or less on a shelter to protect a $4800 subwoofer. A five sided, open faced, weather
proof, enclosure is highly recommended and will prolong the life of the SW 21. Best internal
dimensions are 25”w x 28”d x 27”h.
Winter: Rotate subwoofer so that vents are at the bottom. Cover with a tarp. OR…better yet
Place in storage indoors.
Disconnect all hook up wires during electrical storms.
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