Networking the PathPilot Controller

Networking the PathPilot® Controller
Product Identification: USB Networking Adapter (PN 38207)
Purpose: This document details use of the USB Networking Adapter with a PathPilot controller. The PathPilot
controller supports network access for file transfer – a fast and convenient method to transfer G-code programs
directly to the PathPilot controller from a CAD/CAM computer.
IMPORTANT! Download and install the latest version of PathPilot® before proceeding. PathPilot v1.9.7 or later is
required to use these instructions. For more information, refer to
Technical Details
Wired Networking: With a wired network, check to ensure PathPilot networking (LAN) is set to Enabled in the
BIOS settings (for more information, refer to Troubleshooting section later in this document). Using a Cat5 cable,
connect the PathPilot’s Ethernet connector to a network switch or hub on the same network to which the CAD/
CAM computer is connected.
Wireless Networking: With a wireless network, use the USB Networking Adapter (PN 38207).
By default, PathPilot exports a Windows network share file – named gcode – to a connected network. Refer to
the network settings table:
Windows Network Domain
Default PathPilot Network Name
Connect to Router
1. With the PathPilot controller powered on
and the USB Networking Adapter inserted
into any open USB port, click the Main tab
in the PathPilot interface (see Figure 1).
2. In the MDI line, type ADMIN NETWORK (see
Figure 1); click Enter on the keyboard. The
Network Connections dialog box opens.
Figure 1
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3. In the Network Connections dialog box, click
the Wireless tab (see Figure 2).
4. On the Wireless tab, click Add (see Figure 2).
The Editing Wireless dialog box opens.
Figure 2
5. In the Editing Wireless dialog box, type any name in the in
the Connection name field (see Figure 3).
6. Type the name of your router in the SSID field (see Figure 3).
Figure 3
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7. If a password is required for your wireless network, click the
Wireless Security tab (see Figure 4).
8. From the Security drop-down menu, select WPA & WPA2
Personal (see Figure 4). The Password field appears.
9. Type the password of your wireless network in the Password
field (see Figure 4).
10.Click Apply (see Figure 4). The Editing Wireless dialog box
NOTE: The Apply button is not available until the password is
entered in the Password field.
11.If the USB Networking Adapter is plugged in and the network
name and password are correct, the controller automatically
connects to the wireless network.
Figure 4
Map to G-code Folder
Before files can be shared, map the PathPilot
controller to a PathPilot share folder on the CAD/
CAM computer.
1. On the PathPilot controller, click the Settings
tab and make note of the entry in the Network
Name field (see Figure 5). This is used to
specify the path from the CAD/CAM computer
to the PathPilot controller in Step 5.
NOTE: If you are mapping two or more PathPilot
controllers to a CAD/CAM computer, ensure each
has a unique Network Name (see Figure 5). Restart
the PathPilot controller for any Network Name field
changes to take effect.
2. On the CAD/CAM computer, disable the
antivirus software and turn off the firewall.
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Figure 5
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3. Launch the Map Network Drive dialog box (see
Figure 6).
NOTE: If a message appears warning that network
discovery and file sharing are turned off, enable
network discovery settings.
4. Select an unused network drive letter.
5. Determine the path to the network share:
• Use the Network Name determined in Step 1
• Use the shared folder name gcode
Example: \\Class_1100\gcode
6. In the Folder field, enter the full path to the
network share determined in Step 5 (see
Figure 5).
Figure 6
7. Select the Reconnect at logon check box (see
Figure 5).
8. Re-enable the CAD/CAM computer’s antivirus software and turn on the firewall.
Possible Cause
Controllers previously running Mach3
often have the networking interface
set to disabled. When the PathPilot
controller is first powered on, press
F2 or Delete on the keyboard to enter
PathPilot is not visible on Windows PathPilot network adapter is disabled BIOS Setup. The Network or LAN
in BIOS settings
controller is usually found under a
heading labeled Peripherals or similar.
Locate entry Network Interface or
Ethernet Interface and enable it. Save
changes and exit BIOS Setup; restart
the controller as normal.
PathPilot share drops randomly
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Antivirus is not set to trust the local If necessary, consult your antivirus
provider on proper settings
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