Stainless is more with Just Grip-Rim® Plus sinks.
For over 40
years and millions
With Just Grip-Rim® Plus sinks you’ll install in
1/2 the time, saving you money and effort.
of installations,
the Grip-Rim Plus
is the only proven
Avoid installation problems and reduce installation costs by 50% with Grip-Rim Plus
from Just Manufacturing, the premier name in commercial and residential stainless
steel sinks. Installing the Grip-Rim Plus clip system is as easy as 1, 2, 3.
installation to
save you money.
Nail Spring clips to the
edge of the counter top
caulk to underside
of the bowls rim
Press down with both
hands to snap in place
Simply nail in clips to edge of counter cutout, apply caulk to the underside of bowl rim and
press sink down. The exclusive spring tension clip actually pulls and holds the sink in place.
Grip-Rim Plus is space efficient, allowing you to install the largest sink possible while
eliminating concerns such as narrow installations front-to-back bowls, stubborn corners
and dimpling. “J” clips are available for tile or unique applications.
Grip-Rim Plus sinks are offered in over 800 models ranging from 12” x 15”
to 22” x 73”. All sizes feature 18 gauge Type 304 Stainless Steel construction
with a durable and attractive hand-blended finish and a sound deadening
coat on the underside.
For more information
call 847.671.8001 or visit
Just Manufacturing Co.
Franklin Park, Illinois 60131
Made in U.S.A.
“The Stainless Source for Spec Series for over 70 years.”
Typical installation takes
only 15 minutes!
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