Reflect: Lecture capture at the University of Leicester

Leicester Learning Institute
Reflect: Lecture capture at the
University of Leicester
You can use Reflect to record your teaching and share it with students. By default, recordings are
shared in Blackboard. You can also use Reflect to make other recordings to enhance course
materials and support your students’ learning.
Automatic Recording
Recordings of timetabled lectures will start and stop automatically as specified in the room booking
schedule. These recordings will capture audio and the computer screen only. You can use the
indicator light to pause a recording if necessary:
Green light – recording in progress
Press the light to pause and resume recording – an
Amber light indicates that the recording is paused
Make recordings available
Recordings are not available to students until you choose to publish them. If you feel your
recordings are not suitable for publishing, you should agree this with your Head of Department. If
you do not publish your recording you will need to provide equivalent academic content, such as
lecture notes and slides. You also need to inform your students and explain the decision. All
Blackboard course sites now have an extra Panopto Video option on the
course menu, so you need to hide this if you are not publishing your
To make a recording available:
1. Login to Blackboard and open the relevant course site. This must be the Blackboard course
that you selected when you made your recording
2. Click the Panopto Video link in the course menu on the left
3. Move your mouse over the recording and click the Settings option that appears
4. Scroll down and set the Availability of the recording to Now
5. Close the Settings window (there is no Save button)
September 2016
Manual recording
If you want to include video from the camera or output from a visualiser (document camera) in
your recordings, you need to login to Panopto and start a manual recording. You should also do a
manual recording if you are using your own computer (whether at your desk or in a teaching room)
and for events other than timetabled teaching.
Start Panopto
1. Double click the Panopto Recorder desktop shortcut
2. Click Sign in with Blackboard
3. Log in with your University IT account username and password
Choose your Blackboard course
Click the Folder icon to the right of the Session Folder strip
Find your Blackboard course from the list and click Add New Session
Enter a Session Name for your recording
If you leave the Folder Name as Offline Recording your recording will not be uploaded
Audio and Video
1. Select your camera from the Video list under
Primary Sources. Choose None if you do not
wish to record from the camera.
2. Make sure the correct Audio source is
selected: the audio bar should light up green
with occasional yellow when you speak. Adjust
this using the slider
3. Select Ultra from the Quality list
4. Select Capture Computer Audio if you want to
record sound coming from the computer.
Remember to pull the microphone slider down
during playback and back up once playback has
5. To add another video source, such as a
Visualiser (Doc Cam), click Add Another Video
Source and select the appropriate option.
1. Click Record to start recording
2. You may pause the recording, and then resume (but note that the light
indicator does not work for manual recordings)
3. Click Stop when you have finished
4. To keep your recording, click Upload
5. Close Panopto before you log off the PC
Whether your recording was automatic or manual, you have the option to edit it before sharing
with students if you want to. Recordings don’t need to be perfect; they are intended to support
learning and will only be shared with the students on the module. However you may need to
remove sections of a recording in some cases, for example if you have accidentally captured a
personal conversation or a question from a student who has opted out of being recorded.
Open a recording for editing
1. Log into Blackboard and open your module course site
2. Click the Panopto video option in the course menu on the left
3. Move your mouse over a recording and click Edit on the options that appear
View your recording
1. Click the Play button above the timeline on the bottom right
2. You will see the video on the left of the screen and the recording of the screen on the right.
If you have recorded more than one thing, for example both the screen and your
PowerPoint slides, you can click on the tabs to switch between them:
Trim the start and end
Click on the scissors above the timeline to start editing.
Drag the green edit handle from left to right to delete the start of the recording. Similarly, drag the
edit handle from right to left to trim the end of the recording.
Remove a section from the middle
1. Click on the scissors above the timeline
2. Click and drag to select the portion of the recording that you want to remove.
3. The section to be removed will be shown in grey
If you change your mind…
1. Drag the green edit handles back to their original position if you no longer wish to trim the
start and end of a recording
2. If you have cut a section from the middle of the recording, drag the edit handles next to
each other
3. To abandon all your edits, click the Revert button at the top of the screen. This will reverse
all edits since the last time you saved your recording.
Save your changes
1. Click the Publish button at the top of the screen to save your changes
2. The edited video will now be processed and you will receive an email when it is available for
To find out more…
For more information on Reflect, see the Reflect website:
For urgent problems while you are in a teaching room, call teaching room support on 2919. For
other technical problems, call the IT Service Desk on 2253.
For other enquiries, you can email
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