User Manual
Wild2 Wildlife Camera
Thanks for purchasing our Wild2 Wildlife Camera. This
device is a special camera for recording and observing
wildlife. For your ease of operation, we have provided
detailed instructions. This user manual will introduce
you to the functions and operation of this wildlife
camera. Before using the product, please read this
user manual carefully.
Please read the following safety precautions carefully
before using the device.
 Do not try to open the camera case by yourself.
Only an authorised maintenance person can repair
the device.
 When using the camera for a long time, the
temperature of device may rise, this is normal.
 Please only use the accessories we have provided.
Parts of the camera
1. LCD Screen
2. OK Button
3. Toggle Switch
4. TF Card Slot
5. USB Jack
6. AV Out Jack
7. Down Button
8. Menu Button (“M”)
9. Up Button
10. Infrared light
11. Lens
12. Infrared Induction Zone
Power supply
♦ Please install batteries into the device before using.
♦ Open the camera case.
♦ Insert 4 or 8 x 1.5 V AA batteries into the battery
compartment. Ensure that the polarity is correct.
♦When using 4 batteries, please make sure to insert all
the 4 batteries in the same compartment. Installing
batteries in different compartment, such as 2 in upper
part and 2 in lower part wont power the device for
♦Close and lock the battery case.
♦If you are operating the device on a power adapter
(not supplied), open the rubber seal on the bottom of
the camera and insert the plug of the AC adapter cable
into the DC socket. The adapter must supply a
direct-current voltage of 6 V with at least 1.5 A.
Inserting storage media
►Since the camera has no built-in memory, it can only
work when a TF/Micro SD card is inserted. It is
recommended to format the TF/Micro SD card in the
camera prior to operation to improve the battery life
and shutter speed.
►The device supports TF/Micro SD memory cards with
a capacity of up to 32GB.
►Insert a TF/Micro SD memory card into the memory
card slot of the device, push it into the slot until it clicks
into place.
►To avoid malfunctions, keep the memory card away
from moisture and strong vibration, dust, heat sources
and direct sunlight.
►Insert the memory card as indicated by the icon on
the slot. Never force the memory card
into the slot. Never bend or twist the memory card.
► After transport, wait until the memory card has
reached ambient temperature before using it for the
first time. Major fluctuations in temperature or
humidity can lead to condensation which could cause
an electrical short-circuit. Keep the memory card in the
protective case.
►When the TF/Micro SD memory card is full, it will
automatically stop taking picture and recording video.
►To remove an TF memory card from the memory card
slot of the device, press the protruding edge of the
memory card in a little way until it pops out. Then
remove the card.
Basic operation
There are three different toggle switches available for
this wildlife camera: Mode, Delay and Resolution.
 Mode
Set mode switch to “OFF” , then the camera will be
Set mode switch to “IRAIM”, when people or animals
walking in front of the camera, the red light is bright, so
it is convenient to set the camera place.
Set mode switch to “SETUP”, then you can set the
system setup. When using the camera for the first time
after purchasing it, be sure to set the date & time, the
memory card and choose a ID first.
1.Set to this mode, press the “M” button to change
2. Press OK button to enter the sub-menu, press the UP
or DOWN button to select the desired sub-menu and
then press the OK button to confirm the setting.
4. Press the “M” button to return the menu.
Here you can set the time format:12
hours. Press OK button to change
position.Press UP/DOWN button to
change the number and then press OK
button to confirm.
Year and Month& Day are displayed
separately. Press “M” button to switch
the interface between year and Month&
Day. Press OK button to change position.
Press UP/DOWN button to change the
number and then press OK button to
Delete all the files in the memory card, so
you would better copy the files before
Options: 【YES】/【No】. Press UP / Down
to select and press OK to confirm.
Please set an ID number so that you can
distinguish the different location when
placing several cameras at the same time
(The ID will be shown on the date stamp
in the picture). Options:【1】/【2】/【3】
BA3 : Full power
BA2 : Middle power
BA1 : Low power
BA0 : No power and will automatically
shut down. The red light flashing 5
seconds quickly, at the same time a "BB"
sound from the buzzer.
Set mode switch to “AUTO”, you can take photos and
record video. The display screen will show countdown
05 seconds, and then directly into the capture or video
mode. When the infrared induction zone is detected
moving objects, the camera will take a photo or record
video automatically.
PIR sensor delay is used for setting the interval time
between taking two pictures.
Select the resolution of the pictures or video. The
higher the resolution, the more the memory capacity.
VID: Record video with high Resolution. 【 720P
HI: Take pictures with high resolution.【12M】
Lo: Take pictures with low resolution.【5M】
VGA: Record video with low resolution.【VGA 640*480】
Making connections
Connecting the Camera to a PC
There are two ways to download files from the
memory card in the camera to a computer:
By inserting the memory card into a card reader
By connecting the camera to a computer using the
supplied USB cable.
Connecting the camera to TV
The camera can transfer the video files to an external
monitor or a television. Please follow the instructions
to operate.
1. Connect the camera to a TV through supplied AV
cable .
2. Turn on the TV and change its mode to AV mode.
3. Turn on the camera, switch the mode button to
4. After connecting successfully, the screen of camera
will turn black.The video files will display on the
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