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Design Wall Loudspeaker
Design Wall Loudspeaker WS500
Installation Guide
Installation procedure
1) Before mounting the loudspeaker, the front grill should be removed
to make the mounting holes accessible. The best method for
removing the front grill is to push the lower side of the front grill up
with your thumbs. The grill should easily slide up, without
performing large forces.
2) When the lower side of the grill is pushed upwards, the attachment
tabs on the bottom of the front grill should slide out of the
mounting slots. The lower side of the front grill can be popped
out. After this, the upper side can also be detached easily and the grill
can be removed.
3) After the grill is removed, the two mounting holes are visible. One
mounting hole is provided on the upper side, while the second mounting
hole is provided on the lower side of the loudspeaker.
4) Before mounting the loudspeaker, make sure that the speaker can be mounted on a safe location and
the mounting location is solid enough to support the weight of the loudspeaker.
5) Connect the terminals of the loudspeaker. More information about the connections can be found in
the “Connections” section of this manual.
6) After the connections are made, a screw should be provided on the desired mounting location of the
upper mounting hole. Once this screw is provided, the upper mounting hole should glide over the
mounting screw. The loudspeaker is now hanging on one single screw.
7) Now the second mounting hole can be drawn. It is located 25.5 cm lower than the first mounting hole.
8) When both mounting points are provided, both screws can be inserted and tightened.
9) When the loudspeaker is suspended with both mounting points and the connections are made, the
front grill can be placed again. This can be done by sliding the upper mounting tabs of the front grill
into the provided slots, and afterwards sliding the lower mounting tabs into the provided slots.
To avoid electric shocks during installation, always switch of the amplifier power when connecting
On the rear side of the loudspeaker three connection terminals are provided.
By means of selecting the appropriate connection terminals, the desired line transformer power tapping
can be set, to be used in 100V public address applications.
10 Watt
5 Watt
Those connection terminals should be connected to the amplifier output. The COM connection
terminal should always be connected with the COM output terminal of the Amplifier. When the
loudspeaker should play at full power, the positive terminal of the amplifier output should be connected
to the 10 Watt terminal (Red). When only half the power is needed, the positive terminal of the
amplifier output should be connected to the 5 Watt terminal (White)
Connections for 100 Volt use:
10 Watt / 1000 Ohm
5 Watt / 500 Ohm
When the loudspeaker is connected to 70.7V facilities, the power indicated in the table above will be
reduced to half the power, and when connected to 50V facilities, the power will be reduced to a quarter.
When the desired power tap is selected and connected, the loudspeaker is ready to be used.
Technical Specifications
Max Power
RMS Power
20 Watt
10 Watt
Line Transformer Power taps
Line Voltage
10 Watt
5 Watt
100 V
Driver impedance
Sensitivity 1W / 1m
SPL Max W / 1m
Frequency response
8 Ohm
92 ± 3 dB
102 dB
150 Hz – 15 kHz
1.62 Kg
1000 Ohm
500 Ohm
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