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DETAILS Wall Mounted SUPPLEMENTAL HEAD HOUSING DETAIL WEIGHT THINLINE VERTICAL SLIDING UNIT PARTS LIST FOR 2-­‐PANEL UNIT Vertical Sliding Units are shipped knocked down in the following components: 1. Head h ousing (top section) 2. Left jamb housing 3. Right jamb h ousing 4. Fixed back p anel 5. Joint strip (required if b ack p anel is o ver 4 ’0” h igh) 6. Back p anel trim at h ead, jamb and sill 7. Sliding p anel 8. Accessory tray 9. Kick p anel (floor m ounted u nits o nly) K ick p anel for floor m ounted units are n ot furnished b y C laridge u nless ordered as an option. 10. Kick p anel b ottom m ounting angle screwed to floor (floor m ounted units only) 11. 2” m ounting clip angles 12. Counterweight (2 p er p anel) 13. Kick p anel trim at jambs (floor m ounted u nits o nly) 14. Rubber b umpers screwed to floor (floor m ounted u nits o nly) 15. Bottom housing (wall m ounted u nits only) INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS T HINLINE V ERTICAL SLIDING UNITS 11 Note: For two-­‐ and three-­‐track u nits, the tracks m ust b e separated and installed o ne track at a time p er the following steps: 1.
Fasten head housing (#1) to w all w ith 2 ” m ounting clips (#11) 12” on centers. U se ½ ” p an h ead screws to fasten h ousing clips. 2. Fasten o ne jamb h ousing (#2 left o r # 3 right) to w all and head housing (#1) w ith 2 ” m ounting angle clips 1 2” o n centers. U se 1” pan h ead screws to w all; ½ ” p an h ead screws to fasten housing to clips. Jamb housing m ust b e installed p lumb. 3. If u nit is w all-­‐mounted, fasten b ottom h ousing to w all and u pright with 2” m ounting clips spaced 1 2” on centers. P art (#15) illustrated on opposite side of sheet. 4. Insert b ack p anel trim (#4) from open side of u nit and fasten b ack panel to w all through b ack p anel trim (#6) w ith 1 -­‐1/2” p an head screws. If b ack p anel is o ver 4 ’0” h igh a joint strip (#5) is required. Screw b ack leg o f joint strip to w all u sing countersink screws. T his insures that back p anel snugs against w all and d oes n ot interfere with m ovement of the sliding p anel. 5. Set sliding p anels (#7) into u nit in lowered p osition. 6. Attach cables to p anels o n jamb h ousing (#2 o r # 3) o f u nit that is attached to w all. See cable travel layout illustration o n o pposite side o f sheet. 7. Position remaining u pright. A ttach counterweight cables to sliding panel o n remaining jamb h ousing w ith cable clamps in hardware package. 8. Fasten loose u pright to h ead h ousing. 9. Install rubber b umpers (#14 – Floor m ounted u nits only) to floor at each end o f sliding p anels. B umpers at h ead housing are factory installed. 10. Floor M ounted U nits o nly – Install kick p anel (#9 – o ptional, o r by o thers) b y inserting p anel side trim # 13) o ver edges o f kick panel jamb. Fasten b ottom of kick p anel into continuous m ounting angle (#10) at floor through b ottom face o f kick p anel. Screw trim to b ottom edge o f h ousing w ith ¼ ” p an h ead screws. Floor Mounted See reverse side for supplemental d rawing o f H ead H ousing and Wall M ounted D etails. If you require assistance during assembly, our Customer Service
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