RS-232 TO RS485 Converter
•Processor-Based Intelligent Converter
•Different Baud-Rates For RS-232 And RS485
•Baud-Rate Max.115KB
•Data Transmission For Up To 32 Characters
•RS-232-To-RS-485 Optical Isolation
The addressable, processor-based RS232/RS485Converter model CNV 1318A lets you take advantage of RS-485 on systems originally equipped with
RS-232. So you can use the EIA RS-485 communication protocol, industry’s most widely used bidirectional, balanced transmission line standard. RS-485
was especially developed for industrial applications
to transmit and receive data at high rates over long
The model CNV 1318A converts RS-232 signals
into isolated RS-485 signals.
Using a host with a RS-485 interface the CNV
1318A lets you easily build an industrial grade, long
distance comunication system.
The converters CNV 1318A use just a single twisted pair to transmit data. By this way up to 31 converter can be added to a network system.
Special circuitry of the CNV1318A ensures clean
and reliable communication, suppressing noise pikked up by the communication lines. Internal high
speed transient suppressors on each data line protect the modules from dangerous voltage or spikes.
All parameters like address, baud-rate ect. can be
configured by dip switches.
Because of the build-in processor different baud-rates of the RS-232 interface and the RS-485 can be
used. It is possible to connect a unit supplied with a
RS-232 interface of 2400 to a 115 Kbaud RS-485Bus.
The Converter CNV 1318A is a Slave to the RS485-Bus. Therefore the host must be supplied with
a standard converter.
Datas transferred for one transmission may not exceed 32 characters.
The intelligent converter CNV 1318A uses a special
software protocol. Therefore special software must
be used. A disk is included with programming examples for Turbo Pascal or C.
Technical Specifica tions
Supply Volta ge
18-36 VDC
Power Consumption
Max. Baud-Rate
Con nectors
Isolation Voltage
Power Supply Con nector
Con nection
Weight ca.
Operating Tempe rature
Storage Tempera ture
: max. 120 mA
: 115 KBaud
500 V
Plug-in Screw Terminal Block
35 mm DIN-rail Moun ting
DIN 50022
EMV-conform with 89/336/EWG
105 x 75 x 45 mm
300 g
0 - 50 °C
- 25 to +85 °C
Ordering In formation
CNV 1318A/DC integrated power supply 24VDC
ERMA-Electronic GmbH - Max-Eyth-Str.8 - 78194 Immendingen - Tel: +49(0)7462/2000-0 - Fax: +49(0)7462/2000-29
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