Seamlessly update your control center`s serial COMSEC Enables a

Seamlessly update your control center’s serial COMSEC
Enables a drop-in replacement of your MYK-16s and MYK-17s
with the KIV-7MS
Pin-for-Pin compatible with your existing cables
Fully compatible with your existing software
COMSEC C o n v e r t e r
AT- CC-160-2
• Legacy MYK-16 and MYK-17. Many satellite control centers use the MYK-16 and MYK-17 for command encryption
and telemetry decryption.
• KIV-7MS. The KIV-7MS has serial traffic interfaces like the MYK units, and it supports the same COMSEC algorithms.
This allows the KIV-7MS to replace the legacy MYK units.
• COMSEC Converter. Our 3U COMSEC Converter takes the hassle out of migrating to the KIV-7MS. Our alacarte
design provides three separate 1U panels that can be purchased as needed for unique program requirements. The
Embedded Processor Chassis (EPC) for control and status conversion, a connector interface panel for plain-text
connections, and cypher-text connector interface panel.
• Quad Channel Support. Each KIV-7MS supports two independent COMSEC channels. The rackmount chassis for
the KIV-7MS allows two KIV-7MS units to be mounted side-by-side in a 1U space. A single COMSEC Converter pairs
with a fully populated KIV-7MS rack mount chassis to replace any combination of four MYK-16s or MYK-17s.
• Traffic Conversion. Simply move the MYK-16B and/or MYK-17B cables to the appropriate COMSEC Converter
Plain-Text / Cypher-Text connector panels. These panels provide identical connector types and pinouts that match the
legacy MYKs. The panels host connector cables that mate directly to the KIV-7MS connectors.
• Red-Black Separation. Cypher text and plain text traffic connections and cabling are physically separated on
dedicated I/O panels which can be mounted as required to meet your site requirements.
• MYK-16B Modes. Command (Ternary Interface) and Command Echo (Gated Binary Interface) are supported.
Note: Vehicle-Sim Authentication Mode is not supported at this time.
• M&C Conversion. The COMSEC Converter’s Embedded Processor Chassis converts the legacy RS-232 control and
status to the HTTP based protocol used by the KIV-7MS. Your existing software that controls the MYK-16 and MYK17 is unchanged. The COMSEC Converter Embedded Processor Chassis supports four independent M&C channels.
Note: The native web-based HMI for the KIV-7MS is used to setup the channel algorithm and key block assignment
• Future Migration. Upgrade your FEPs and monitor/control software in the future to directly connect to the KIV-7MS or
move forward to the KS-252. At that time, just unplug and toss the COMSEC Converter. In the meantime, seamlessly
replace your MYK-16 and MYK-17 units with no control center hardware or software changes.
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COMSEC C o n v e r t e r
AT- CC-160-2
Three 1RU Rack Mount chassis.
Each AT-CC-160-2 COMSEC
Converter mounts at the rear of your
equipment rack, behind the KIV-7MS.
Current System
Key Functions
Use your existing software.
Translation of MYK control/status
messages maintains your existing
software interfaces.
Channel 1 - MYK-16B or MYK-17B
Channel 2 - MYK-16B or MYK-17B
Channel 3 - MYK-16B or MYK-17B
Channel 4 - MYK-16B or MYK-17B
MYK-16B Modes
Command Encrypt (Ternary)
Command Echo Decrypt (Gated Binary)
MYK-17B Modes
Telemetry Decrypt
Simulated Telemetry Encrypt
MYK-16B Control/Status
MYK-17B Control/Status
Use your existing cabling.
The COMSEC converter’s rear panel
connectors match your MYK-16 and
MYK-17 rear panel connectors.
Quad Channel
Key Selection
Mode Selection
Pattern Retrieval
Key Selection
Mode Selection
Pattern Retrieval
Physical Isolation of Red-Black Traffic
Mounts at Rear of Rack
(Behind KIV-7MS)
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MYK-16B Connectors
DB-25F RS-422 Cipher-Text Traffic
DB-25M RS-422 Plain-Text Traffic
DB-9M RS-232 Control/Status
MYK-17B Connectors
DB-15M RS-422 Cipher-Text Traffic
DB-15M RS-422 Plain-Text Traffic
DB-9M RS-232 Control/Status
KIV-7MS Connectors
VHDCI RS-422 Cipher-Text Traffic
VHDCI RS-422 Plain-Text Traffic
RJ-45 Ethernet Control/Status
MTBF @ 30°C
1.75” (H) x 6” (D) x 17.5” (W)
120 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 5 Watts
5-30°C Operating
0-35°C Non-Operating
< 90% Non-Condensing
> 300,000 Hours
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