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MAN301 music archive network player
The MAN301 probably is the most comprehensive network player for the demanding audiophile.
Features include: CD ripping, meta data editing, music library management, audio processing, streaming, playback, digital and analog outputs,
ipad Remote control. Integrated Gracenote database access for top quality artwork and meta data.
The MAN301 system comprises of:
The MAN301 base station, an Apple iPad with the Weiss MAN app as the remote control, an external storage device for music storage.
iPad remote control
Cover art of the playing track
Tapping on the cover art controls play / pause,
swiping controls previous / next song, tap and
hold enters the artwork searching where new
artwork can be fetched from the Internet.
Cover art of the playlist tracks, swiping scrolls
through the playlist
Player bar, with volume control, progress bar,
repeat facility. Tapping on the cover art in the
lower left corner reveals the «Library-view» as
seen on the back of this page.
MAN301 music archive network player
iPad remote control
List views for:
Artists (media sorted according to artists names)
Albums (media sorted according to album names)
Compilations (special section for e.g. film sound tracks)
Genres (lists the music genres available in the library)
Web Media (lists the radio streams and podcasts available
in the library)
Recently Played (the tracks/albums recently played are
listed here)
Recently Added (the tracks albums recently added to the
library are listed here)
Searches (allows to easily filter and store well defined
subsets of the entire collection)
Storage Selection (allows to connect the MAN301 to the
external storage devices and web streams).
Playlist window:
Playlists are easily assembled from within the library
Playlists can be added, edited, copied, etc..
The MAN301 Base Station
The base station allows to rip CDs and store them on an
external storage medium in various formats. Downloading
music files from the Internet or streaming Podcasts or
Internet Radio is also possible.
The music on the storage device gets streamed into the
MAN301 via Ethernet, USB or Firewire and subsequently
played back via the built-in D/A converter and via digital
outputs (Firewire, USB, AES/EBU, S/PDIF).
The basic output volume can be set in four steps in the
analog domain. With the iPad App the volume can be
controlled in a continuous manner.
Ethernet for network connection
(NAS, Internet), USB for external
storage devices or an external
D/A Converter
Stereo analog outputs on XLR
(balanced) and RCA
(unbalanced) connectors
There are two versions of the MAN301, one
includes a built-in DAC. Both versions allow
to connect an external DAC via Firewire,
USB, AES/EBU, S/PDIF. The internal DAC
can be user installed at any time.
Sampling rates up to 192kHz and all
common audio file formats (uncompressed,
losslessly compressed, lossy compressed, DSD)
are supported.
It is possible to have several user accounts on a
MAN301 system. Several NAS devices can be
combined into a single library.
Firewire for external storage
devices or an external D/A
Outputs: AES/EBU on XLR, S/PDIF on RCA
Inputs: AES/EBU on XLR, S/PDIF on RCA, Toslink
Synchronization: Wordclock input / output on BNC
WiFi antenna for
iPad, Internet
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