Class Capture Instructions

Class Capture Instructions- Apreso
Setting up the Hardware:
1. Plug cart to an outlet (Make sure that power strips inside of AV Cart are “on”)
2. Remove Ethernet cable from inside of AV Cart, and plug into wall or floor input
3. Turn on Computer and PC Monitor, then select ApresoUser log-in and enter
password: capture
4. Make sure podium microphone is connected, and make sure lavalier microphone
is located inside of podium-if needed.
5. Make sure Audio Mixer is turned on (Check for green power light)
6. Locate VGA Cable inside of AV Cart and connect to external laptop pc, and
Computer input located at the rear of the AV Cart
7. Turn on video camera and set to “Camera” mode and open lens cover (Make sure
that video camera av cables are connected to the AV input located at the rear of
the AV Cart)
Confirming the Hardware is Setup Properly
1. Audio: Put on headset and speak into the podium microphone or lavalier
microphone and listen through the headphones to assure audio capture (if no
audio is heard, make sure the Audio Mixer has “power”.
2. VGA Display: Double Click “Test Presentation PC” icon located on the pc
desktop to preview the laptop’s image (if no image appears while previewing the
laptop input, please check the VGA Cable connections, or toggle the laptop image
to the capture pc).
3. Video: Double click the “Test Video.” Icon to preview the video camera signal (If
you do not see a video image during the preview, please check the video camera
for power and make the its in the “Camera” setting.
Capturing a lecture
Note: Close ALL programs first.
1. Double Click the Instructor-Web icon located on the pc desktop
2. Enter login information: Username: instructor, Password: password
3. Fill out course info.
4. Click “Submit Event” to begin capture. Click Pause to temporarily stop capture,
and Stop to complete capture.
Uploading Captured lecture to Server
Double Click the ApresoAdmin-Web icon located on the pc desktop
Enter login information: Username: Admin, Password: password
Under System Status, double click “local presentations”
Locate your presentation by name and date, then select the upload option
Presentation will be uploaded to the SHRP Server for delivery.
Contact and your presentation link will be sent to you
within 24 hours.
Finishing Up
1. Close ApresoAdmin program and shut down the desktop pc
2. Disconnect the VGA Cable and place back inside of AV Cart. (If using wireless
lavalier microphone, please place back into AV Cart).
3. Disconnect the Ethernet cable and place back into AV Cart
4. Turn video camera off.
5. Unplug cart.
Any Questions or concerns, please contact us at
Or telephone at (973)972-9171
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