using the Citrix Connection Center

If you find that your app hangs or becomes unresponsive, you can try using the Citrix Connection
Center. Follow the steps below to open the Connection Center. The steps vary depending on the
installed version of the Citrix receiver.
1. Right click on the Citrix receiver icon in your system tray.
2. Click on About. After clicking About, click the arrow next to Advanced, and the Connection
Center link will be available.
3. If you do not see About when you right click on the Citrix receiver icon, you may see
Preferences. If so, click on Preferences, Plug-in status, and then the Connection Center link.
4. You will see something like this. It shows active connections on 2 servers. You can expand each
server to see the individual apps running on that server.
From here you have a couple of options. For an app that is hanging, first attempt to terminate the
app. When you select the app in the connection center, the Terminate button becomes active. If that
does not work, you can select the server, and click the Log Off button to completely log off your session
on the server. Note that doing this will close all apps you have open on that server, so you should save
your work, where possible, before clicking the button.
Another way the connection center is useful is for determining if your app has been disconnected. If
your app becomes unresponsive, or disappears without you closing it or being idle for 8 hours, your
server session may be disconnected. If you open the connection center, and do not see your app, then
it has either closed or been disconnected. To reconnect your disconnected apps you may need to log off
and log back onto the site. Different browsers may reconnect in different ways. Internet
Explorer includes a drop down next to the Log Off button with a reconnect option. On Chrome, you can
reconnect a disconnected app session by re-clicking the appropriate icon in your list of apps.
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