Industrial image processing today
can be this easy and this flexible
Modern processes require efficient and
flexible solutions.
More cost effective through PC-based
image processing.
Modern production involves a multitude of tasks. Beginning with correct material
flow and including everything from monitoring process steps to quality assurance, these tasks increasingly demand the use of suitable image processing
systems. While vision sensors are used increasingly for simple tasks, complex
tasks in which exact results and flexibility are essential demand vision systems
or high-performance smart cameras.
Systems such as the visionPOWERBOX are able to reliably perform inspections
even at high cycle rates and store results or fault images and, unlike vision
sensors, do so without restrictions in the number of test programs to be stored.
Furthermore, some of the components can also be selected for specific applications in order to optimally adapt the system to the individual needs. Integrated
interfaces, such as Ethernet, RS 232 and digital inputs/outputs for fast integration of the systems in an industrial environment, round out the features.
The included software package with many useful tools and extremely userfriendly user interfaces facilitates quick setup of inspection tasks and efficient
processing of image data. The software also provides helpful support when
creating test programs for product variants, as it is possible to access saved
inspection routines. Configuration is interactive and takes place via the familiar
Windows interface with mouse clicks and configuration settings.
Advantages of the visionPOWERBOX.
Extensive software package with high-performance and
robust image processing tool offers flexibility for numerous
High computing power and the accustomed, simple,
Windows-based operation of the computer (Windows XP).
Fast image capture: up to 58 full images/s
(VGA resolution) enables use for fast processes and
high cycle rates.
Compact camera construction enables installation even
in tight spaces.
Multi-camera system for synchronous or serial image
Serial interfaces, Ethernet and digital, opto-decoupled
inputs and outputs (16 of each) for simple connection to
production lines.
Large selection of accessories, such as objectives and
illumination, for nearly every application.
Flexible, high-performance and communicative.
Systematic image processing through matched
components and high-performance software tools.
The visionPOWERBOX is a compact-PC based image processing system with
digital FireWire technology for trouble-free image capture and top-quality image
transmission. The high bus transfer rate, high computing power, various camera
types and an extensive software package with robust and reliable image
processing tools enable flexible use of the system in a wide range of applications.
The visionPOWERBOX convinces with its simple operation and can be quickly
and economically integrated in production lines. As a multi-camera system, it is
the ideal solution for medium to complex tasks in automation, process control,
quality inspections or in identification.
Optional accessories round out the system.
In addition to the basic package, we also offer our customer
extensive accessories that they can use to adapt the system
to their individual requirements.
Basic package
Optionally available accessories
VGA camera
Objectives (for IR-VIS-UV, telecentric objectives, etc.)
10 m camera cable
Illumination (LED, RF, ...)
Digital I/O card
Protective housing
High-performance image-processing software
Character reading
Defect monitoring
The software makes the difference.
The intuitive and easy-to-operate software
package makes the system complete.
A key component that plays a defining role in the performance of an image
processing system is the software. With the visionPOWERBOX, you receive a
complete package with high-performance and easy-to-operate Windows XP
based tools. These include applications that are only optionally available in other
systems, such as contour detection or code reading of 1D codes or stacked
In addition to the standard functions, such as measuring or BLOB for the presence, quantity or completeness inspections as well as colour or pattern detection and printout inspections, images can also be preprocessed with the software or the camera's field of view calibrated. Furthermore, overlays with
important information can be created for the operator, statistical data captured
and logical comparisons or other calculations performed on the basis of the
inspection results.
Configuration Mode
Inspection Mode
The “Configuration Screen” is used to set up a new test
The inspections themselves are performed in the so-called
program or to make changes to existing programs. In
“Inspection Screen”, which makes available the key informa-
addition to the image processing tools, other tools are
tion of the inspection, such as:
available to the user here:
Setup: This tool is used before beginning testing in order
Inspection image
reach a specific action, e.g. hardware initialisation.
Inspection results
Statistical data (good/bad)
Status diagram: This tool is used to create states graphically, e.g. how the system is to respond in case differentiations.
Select Inspection: Tool for executing a program changeover — e.g. using a bit pattern at the digital inputs of the
Cleanup: Tool for executing an action following an inspection, e.g. resetting the hardware settings to the default
Inspection time or capacity rating
Robust and reliable software tools
for industrial image processing.
Various image processing tools:
Image preprocessing such as linear and non-linear filters,
Optical character reading: Read or verify fonts, characters
FFT filter, colour transformations, reflection, rotation,
or symbols. Nearly all font types can be taught, incl.
inversion, etc.
industry fonts such as OCR-A, OCR-B and SEMI.
Image field calibration
1D-code reading: Codabar, Code 39, 93 and 128, EAN 8
and 13, 2 of 5 Interleaved, MSI, UPCA, Pharmacode and
BLOB: For presence, quantity or completeness inspections
RSS Limited (GS1 Databar).
(incl. simple applications such as pixel counting and
intensity measurement).
Stacked codes: PDF 417.
Measure: For high-contrast or noisy edges, for determining
2D-code reading: QR codes (standard or micro) and Data
distances, midpoints, intersections, angle to horizontal,
Matrix codes (ECC 000, 050, 080, 100, 140 and 200, incl.
vertical and between lines, midlines, centres of gravity, area
AIM verifier).
calculations, fitting best-fit lines or circles/ellipses.
Monitor output for the operator (overlays).
Colour: Simple colour inspection in RGB, HSL or CIE
colour spaces (requires colour camera).
Record statistical data, logistical comparisons and calculations.
Pattern detection: Area-based, geometry-based (scalable,
with partial covering of the pattern) or colour pattern
Save camera parameters (shutter time, gain, etc.), good/
bad images and results.
Printout inspection: Detection of defects or deviations with
Optional remote maintenance
respect to taught reference image (“golden” template). The
template is scalable and can be corrected for perspective.
Defects can be filtered according to many different
parameters (orientation, centres of gravity, compactness,
Basic device
Storage media
Operating system
Digital inputs/outputs
Video output
Mechanical data
Dimensions (W x H x D)
Electrical data
Operating voltage
Power consumption
Environmental data
Operating temperature
Air humidity
Image capture
Sensor type
Camera type
Chip size
Maximum image rate
Intel Pentium
Hard disk, DVD drive
Windows XP
FireWire (IEEE1394)
2 x USB, 1 x serial, keyboard, mouse
16 of each (24 V DC, opto-decoupled, max. 100 mA per output)
Fast Ethernet (10/100 Mbit/s)
VGA (max. 1,600 x 1,200)
180 x 200 x 280 mm3
230 V AC
300 W (w/o options)
0 °C … 45 °C
< 90 % (non-cond.)
Progressive scan, full-frame or partial scan
656 x 494
656 x 494
1392 x 1040
1392 x 1040
Take a look for yourself.
The visionPOWERBOX at work.
Application examples and tasks
in industrial image processing.
Label inspection in packaging technology
(placement, identification, character and code reading).
Assembly inspection in the automobile industry or in mechanical engineering
(completeness, adherence to dimensions and alignment).
Object identification and position in the automobile industry, robotics
or mounting/handling technology (pattern detection, position and angle
Quality inspection in production
(defects, dimensions).
Colour and printout inspections.
Application examples
Image & object comparisons (printout inspection)
Colour inspection (cap inspection)
Identification (OCV, barcode, Data Matrix code)
Dimension inspection/shape inspection
Presence/completeness inspection (assembly inspection)
Position/orientation inspection (alignment inspection)
Optoelectronic Sensors
Cubic Series
Cylindrical Sensors, Mini Sensors, Fibre Optic Amplifiers
Measuring Sensors
Special Sensors
Light Curtains
Forked Sensors
Double Sheet Monitoring, Splice Detection
Identification Systems
Data Transmission Systems
Distance Measurement
Barcode Readers
Modular Interfacing Units
Industrial Image Processing Systems
Optical Data Transmission Systems
Optical Distance Measurement/Positioning
Hand-Held Readers
Safety Sensors
Safety Systems
Safety Services
Safety Laser Scanners
Safety Light Curtains
Transceivers and Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices
Single Light Beam Safety Devices
AS-i-Safety Product Range
Safety Sensor Technology for PROFIBUS DP
Safety Switches and Safety Locking Devices
Safety Relays and Safety Interfaces
Sensor Accessories and Signal Devices
Safety Engineering Software
Machine Safety Services
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