ClientCube KM

ClientCube KM
ClientCube KM
Complete situational awareness with seamless switching in a
Common Criteria NIAP validated multiple security domain desktop.
Responsive All-In-One Secure Multiple Security Level PCoIP Solution
ClientCube KM is the answer to the problem that has plagued command centers with
multiple independent levels of security domains (e.g., Top Secret/SCI, Secret, Confidential, and Unclassified, etc.) for years.
ClearCube’s ClientCube KM is the first endpoint that consolidates multiple networks
into one Zero Client-based device at the
desktop, while maintaining physical network isolation to centralized computing
resources in the datacenter. Virtual desktops and Blade PC workstations can now
be isolated and secured in the datacenter
without compromising the user experience or network security at the desktop.
Plus workflow for the operator is completely natural.
ClientCube KM Benefits
With its sleek packaging, ClientCube
KM optimizes every inch of desktop
Small footprint zero clients (fiber,
copper or both) are tightly coupled
with the Secure KM switch to eliminate excess cable lengths and wasted power connections.
Complete line of sight network isolation
This sleek all-in-one unit integrates up to four ClearCube secure stateless zero client
devices with latest KVM testing standard (NIAP Protection Profile PSS Ver. 3.0, which
exceeds EAL4 and PP PSS Ver. 2.1 1) secure KM (keyboard-mouse)1 switch to create a
MILS solution with complete situational awareness at all times.
Integrated Secure KM Switch
Uncompromised situational awareness is the highest objective for many command and
control centers, E911 fusion centers, and banking and financial trading floors. The operator/analyst must see all updates to his displays in real time and traverse through multiple isolated networks -- but seamlessly and instantly interact and work as if there was
only one network. That has been the desired goal for multiple domain support since the
beginning. ClientCube KM meets that goal.
Delivers full quality computing experience via a LAN connection to a
PCoIP VMware View or Blade PC
Optimized for multi network environments; this solution saves space,
power, and is fully integrated
Switch tested and approved to Common Criteria Validated and complies
with latest NIAP Protection Profile
PSS Ver. 3.01
Seamless switching between
multiple secure sources with cursor
ClientCube KM allows an operator/analyst to view and seamlessly interact with multiple
secure domains in real time in a completely secure 100% hardware-implemented manner.
ClientCube KM provides uncompromised situational awareness for the operator/analyst in a normal workflow manner on a desktop
platform that saves space, power, and effort. From a single device with a single set of peripherals, the operator/analyst can see his
Windows desktops from up to 4 separate network sources simultaneously, mouse over to the Windows display of the desired net© 2016 ClearCube Technology, Inc. | 3700 W Parmer Lane, Austin, TX 78727 | Voice: 512.652.3500 Fax: 512.652.3501 Toll Free: 866.652.3500 |
Multiple Security Domains
work, click, and connect his mouse/keyboard/audio for instantaneous interaction with his applications.
With ClientCube KM, video to each display is constant and uninterrupted from separate isolated sources. The operator/
analyst can see updates such as email, video streams, program output, etc., from multiple networks but he is prevented
from commingling any data such as cutting and pasting from one source to the other because the sources are separated in
the datacenter and do not communicate with each other.
The only capability that moves between the sources is keyboard/mouse/audio activation. ClientCube KM can map four displays into four quadrants, or 8 or 16 displays into four quadrants. ClientCube KM comes equipped with 40 pre-set display
layouts to accommodate up to 16 displays, supporting four displays per zero client. Customized orientations are also supported by using a software configuration tool. Once configured, ClientCube KM retains the layout it has been assigned.
The operator sees when a mouse cursor moves from one display boundary to another, and hears a mouse click in the new boundary that indicates that ClientCube
KM has assigned the mouse, keyboard and speaker to that network. The display
boundary directly correlates with the source zero client, so in essence, ClientCube
KM senses when the operator moves from one secure network to another by way of
the mouse cursor position. The front of the KM switch also illuminates for the network/zero client/display where the cursor currently resides.
Natural Workflow With Seamless Switching
The operator/analyst’s work flow is completely natural. Networks with color frames
serve as identifiers (green, red, yellow, blue, for instance) that are clearly visible on
the operator’s displays, just as they would be in a normal secure operational setting
using four individual PCs at the desktop. The mouse cursor showing on the display
Supports Up to 4 displays per zero
of the designated network is clearly visible as well. The operator simply clicks the mouse
client per network/feed.
to interact with whichever network he/she desires. ClientCube KM provides uninterrupted workflow by allowing the operator/analyst to seamlessly move from network to network without having to stop and push
buttons to select the source.
Finally, the multiple domain chasm has been crossed with a 100% hardware based product, ClientCube KM, that supports
multiple secure networks by using zero clients to support multiple displays using one mouse and one keyboard.
Common Criteria Validated and complies with latest NIAP Protection Profile PSS Ver. 3.0, which exceeds EAL4 and PP PSS
Ver. 2.1.
ClientCube KM Hardware Specifications
No. of users supported
No. of zero clients
Max no. of displays
Power Supply
Shipping Weight
Console speaker/CPU
LED indicators
ClientCube KM
Rear View
Four Clients: 6 inches (w) x 14 inches (h) x 10 inches (d)
4 per zero client using CD974x or CD774x series
Supports up to 4 monitors at 1920 x 1200 per zero client or 2
Universal 120-240 VAC, 50-60Hz, Output: 12 V DC, 9A
Fully configured, 32 lbs.
Stationary office, home office installation, 0° to 35° C
3.5mm female
Ordering Information
Please call to order your ClientCube KM.
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