SQL Kudos System Requirements

Kudos System Requirements
1. Operating Systems
Kudos is compatible with Windows XP Pro, Windows POS Ready 2009, Windows 7 Pro, Windows
POS Ready 7, Windows 8.1 and current MS Server 32 or 64 bit platforms
Please be aware that Microsoft have declared XP as ‘End of Life’ and are not supporting XP
anymore. This does not affect the operation of Kudos run on XP. Kudos will continue to work on
XP as far as we know. We cannot, however, recommend installing Kudos on Windows XP
We cannot install on PC’s with Windows ME or Windows 98 or 95
We do not recommend using Microsoft Vista
Kudos will not work on Apple OS, Linux or any other Operating Systems
2. Networking
Kudos is compatible with Microsoft networks - Workgroup for small network or Windows
2003/2008/2011 Server domains.
3. SQL Server
The database used by Kudos is Microsoft SQL Server. This can be either be hosted on a good
specification PC or on a dedicated Windows Server.
3.1 SQL Server Express - For up to 8 Users
For smaller sites, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 Express will be installed. This is a cut down version
of Microsoft SQL that we can distribute free of charge. SQL Express can be used for systems
running on a single processor with database size of less than 10 GB.
3.2 SQL Server Other Editions
For larger installations, the full version of Microsoft SQL may be required
This is normally installed on Windows Server and comes as part of some editions of Microsoft
Small Business Server. If SQL is already installed on your systems (by someone other than Kudos)
please call the support line to ensure that the configuration can support the Kudos database.
3.3 For Customers Using Microsoft Small Business Server
Please be advised that there are some known problems running MS SQL on Microsoft Small
Business Server when it is already running MS Exchange Server. We recommend that customers
running Exchange Server should be using a standalone SQL Server. For SBS 2008/2012 there is an
extra server license to allow SQL Server to be hosted on a separate machine from Exchange server.
Please call Kudos before you purchase any server software or to discuss any software / hardware
issue. We will be happy to help and advise you.
Minimum System Hardware Requirements
Please note that these are the minimum hardware requirements. We always recommend, when
purchasing a PC or server, that you invest in a high specification machine that will provide the
performance necessary as technology develops.
New PC’s
If you are going to invest in a new PC, Kudos recommends the Dell Optiplex range of PCs for
performance and networking ability. If you choose a PC from another company, it should be a high
quality badged PC (from a known, trusted and quality company). Please call us if you need any
Kudos Software Ltd
Minimum Technical Requirements V5.5 Page 1
help, or if you would like Kudos to recommend a system. The minimum specification is detailed
Please be aware that if you are buying a new PC to be used with existing point of sale hardware,
you must check the ports used on the old PC to ensure that your new PC can support all the
existing POS hardware. The minimum specification is for a host or terminal that is running Kudos
ONLY. If the terminal is used for other applications, particularly Office etc. then a much higher
specification is needed.
a) Kudos Host (Server)
Minimum For Single user
Hard Drive
Operating System
Network Card
Intel 2.0GHz Dual Core
Windows 7 Pro
100 mbps
Recommended Minimum for
two users
Intel 3GHz Dual Core
Windows 7 Pro
Dual Core 2.0GHz
Windows 7 Pro
100 mbps
Intel 3GHz dual core
Windows 7 Pro
Point of Sale or System Terminal
Hard Drive
Operating System
Network Card
Ports Requirements on New PCs
Point of Sale hardware requires systems to have serial ports. The number of serial ports varies
from manufacturer to manufacturer and should be checked by the customer. In addition, some
PC’s come without a standard PS2 port. Customers should check with their IT supplier and Kudos
that the system they are purchasing can run the full point of sale peripherals. Please take a few
moments to review the hardware port table at the end of this document. If you are in any doubt,
or need help, please call Kudos on 01548 843586.
Existing PCs
For existing PC’s, Kudos recommends the following minimum specification.
Point of Sale or System Terminal
Dual Core 2.0GHz
Dual Core 2.0
1 GB
2 GB
Hard Drive
Operating System
Windows XP Pro
Windows 7 Pro
Network Card
100 mbps
1 Serial
2 Serial
Please note that we do not recommend using Microsoft Vista and please note that XP has been
declared ‘end of life’. Please see note on page 1, under Operating systems.
General Information
Kudos Software Ltd
Minimum Technical Requirements V5.5 Page 2
Kudos recommends 100Mbps or Gigabit networks. Use a good quality switch or router.
TCP/IP and File & print sharing need to be enabled.
Any Firewall needs to allow LAN traffic for the local IP range and should allow SQL Server and
Kudos to run across the local network
Cabling should be Cat5e to recognised standards. We recommend building cabling should be
installed by a trained professional.
We will not support Kudos running across a wireless network for a point of sale terminal.
Experience has shown that wireless networks are fine for internet access and file sharing but can
cause problems for running a database application such as Kudos. There is no substitute for a
properly cabled network. For terminal other than for point of sale it is possible to utilise a wireless
network providing it conforms to strict parameters. The network will be to the 802.11.n standard
and be at a speed NEVER less than 100mbs. If it cannot be guaranteed and certificated that these
prerequisites are met, we will not be liable if there is a database corruption or data loss as a result
of poor wireless network connection. Our support team will not get involved in troubleshooting
poor or troublesome wireless network connections. Any work involved in recovering data or
rectifying any other problems caused by the wireless network will be chargeable.
We recommend that you protect your PCs with malware protection that is updated regularly. Any
‘security suite’ type products will need to be configured to allow Kudos to work properly across
the network. Any time taken by our staff configuring your protection system will be at your
expense. The current range of antivirus protection products are all using large amounts of RAM.
Be aware that you may need to upgrade the RAM when upgrading antivirus products.
Backing Up Your Data
There is a schedulable application that creates offline copies of the Kudos SQL databases so that
these can be backed up. The application compresses (‘zips up’) these files.
NAS (Network Attached Storage) Drive or online remote backup are good secure ways of backing
up the databases. For small sites a USB Memory stick or portable hard drive can be used and the
backups taken offsite.
It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that scheduled backups are monitored on a daily basis
and that any problems should be reported to kudos or their network administrator.
Recovering Kudos and data after hardware failure is chargeable work.
Point of sale receipt printing
Kudos sell and support a range of point of sale (PoS) receipt printers. Please call to discuss options.
Invoice and Report printing
Kudos is compatible with Windows Network printing and will print to most common laser and
inkjet printers.
Customer Support
For general technical support and maintenance, Kudos use the web based applications “Go To
Meeting” and ‘NTR Support. Other customer specific remote access solutions can be used, but
customers should note that if Kudos is required to configure specific solutions, then an additional
cost mayl be incurred. Please call us if you would like to discuss remote access to your PC. We will
be happy to work with your IT support team or hardware supplier.
Kudos Software Ltd
Minimum Technical Requirements V5.5 Page 3
Point of Sale Hardware Port Requirements
Port Requirements
Touch Screen Monitor
USB or serial options
* old models will be serial only
Till drawer
Connects to receipt printer. No port necessary
CCD Wedge Scanner
Metrologic Voyager Scanner MS9590
Metrologic Orbit MS7100 Scanner
Aures PS50
All new scanners are supplied as USB
Older scanners will be PS2 keyboard wedge
This scanner may require a PS2 keyboard to
work as it fits between the keyboard and the
Please note that the receipt printer plugs into
the CDU so only one serial port is required for
both pieces of hardware. However, in rare
circumstances such as using the printer
sharing module, these would require a
separate serial port.
USB / Parallel / Serial (comes with all 3
Serial preferred. USB is available on some
printers and some have a network option.
Serial interface plugs into the CDU (if being
Standard Customer Display Unit
Epson DMD 110BA Customer display unit for
U210D & TM-T88iii
Aures OCD100
Zebra GK420T Ink ribbon barcode printer
Zebra GK420D Thermal barcode printer
Epson U220D - Dot matrix receipt printer
Epson TM-T88V - Thermal receipt printer
Epson TM-H5000ii - Thermal receipt & wide
carriage impact slip printer
Aures ODP200, ODP333, TRP100
Epson DMD 110BB Customer display unit for
Unitech handheld data capture unit
VeriFone Pin Pad
Tipro Keyboard
Avery Scales
Does not require a port as it plugs into the TMH5000ii printer.
Serial (Must be an installed COM port NOT a
USB to serial converter)
Stand alone or serial if integrated
Important – Please Read
In order to ensure that you make best use of Kudos’ time on site, you should ensure that all
machines will be “up and running”, connected to a printer and to your network and all Windows
updates have been installed BEFORE the arrival of our personnel to install Kudos and its associated
devices (POS kit, Barcode Label Printers, PIN Pads etc).
Kudos on site time is charged on that basis – time on site – so such preparation is in your interests
in order to ensure that the program can be completed as soon as possible. Should this over run, a
further charge will be made for additional time. While we will try, we cannot guarantee to be able
to extend time on site at the same visit as our personnel may have other appointments to attend.
Please call us if you have any questions or need any help prior to installation.
Kudos Software Ltd
Minimum Technical Requirements V5.5 Page 4
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