MAGIX Xara Web Designer 6 is simply without
equal among conventional website editing software.
This innovative all-in-one solution combines the
advantages of individually customizable templates
with a number of unique innovations for a
completely flexible design process.
Save time, money, and the inefficient use of many
different programs. Experience the combination of
text layout, graphic design, image optimization,
animation, flexible customization and publishing
in a single product.
The innovative all-in-one solution!
Design websites
Design web graphics
Create animations
Publish anywhere
No prior programming knowledge required!
1. Design
2. Publish
3. Finished!
The all-in-one solution
Create your own websites, enhance existing ones or
create websites for others! Ideal for professional use,
hobbies & family. MAGIX Xara Web Designer 6 is
the ideal, flexible, and easiest solution for all your
website designing needs
BONUS! Free web hosting
Publish your website for free with MAGIX
500 MB free online storage
Your own web address
Access via FTP directly from MAGIX Xara
Web Designer 6
Guaranteed simple, quick, and secure!
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Also ideal as a companion to other website programs!
The solution for first-class websites of the future
Unlimited design freedom
Use the mouse to easily embed photo galleries,
videos, or HTML & Flash® elements. Even the most
demanding design ideas become child's play!
Design animations
Create your own Flash® animations or animated GIF
graphics in record time. For example, interactive
commercial banner ads, website intros, headings or
Earn money
Integrate online shops or partner programs like
Google® Adsense™ and search information to make
it easier to find your website in Google® & Co.
Publish anywhere
Publish your website directly with any FTP-capable
hosting partner or for free with MAGIX Online World.
Perfectly equipped for exceptional websites
More! Professional templates
Design your own websites from the ground up or
select suitable templates from over 500
customizable example websites and design
elements created by professional web designers
with great attention to detail.
Every website is unique
Change your website's color scheme using a
simple slider. And it's just as easy to adjust all details
of the text, photos, graphic elements, etc.
NEW! Numbered lists & bullets
WYSIWYG ("What you see is what you
Perfect your website using a number of unique
innovations. Produce results in the shortest time
possible with a totally intuitive user interface: 100%
WYSIWYG ("What you see is what you get").
Program interface
All of the advantages at a glance
Offline operation: Internet connection required only for publication
Unlimited website projects and subpages per website possible
NEW! Save time by previewing either the entire project or the current page
NEW! Even easier to use thanks to new user interface with flyout tools
NEW! Direct integration of downloadable files (PDF, MP3, etc.) – even password protected
NEW! Easily create navigation bars incl. submenus, animations, etc.
IMPROVED! Clear project management (page gallery incl. editing of layers)
MORE! 31 complete websites incl. subpages, navigation elements, buttons, and much more
MORE! 400 objects: photo galleries, graphic elements, arrows, icons, speech bubbles, etc.
Unlimited variations thanks to homogeneous recoloring ("linked" colors)
NEW! Apply entire color schemes of other templates
Enter and use text from other programs (incl. rich text formatting)
Any kind of font and free rotation possible (automatic conversion into graphics as required)
Standard formats: Fonts, italics, bold, line spacing, and much more
NEW! Justification (even for text flow functions)
NEW! Bullets, numbered lists, line indents and anchoring with graphics
"Flowing text" (to repel text around graphics), spell check
Search engine optimization for websites and all subpages possible (SEO)
Graphic design
Freely design shapes, graphics, and interactive mouseover & pop-up effects
"Stretching buttons" – buttons and frames adjust automatically to the text length
Shadows & transparency (also behind text), rounded corners, textures, layer technology, and much more
Individual formats per page (length, width, design, NEW! shadows, round corners)
Content and changes can be applied to all pages
NEW! Different colors for page background and borders possible
Image editing
Rotation, auto-correction, brightness, contrast, saturation, color temperature, focus
Cropping, red-eye correction, panorama montage
NEW! Advanced photo pop-ups (create slideshows from any number of photos, previous/next, filmstrips,
animation effects, shadows, darkening of background, labeling, subtitles)
NEW! Automatic filling of entire photo gallery templates via drag 'n' drop
Automatic export in the correct file format with Internet-optimized file sizes and quality
NEW! Reduction of size and resolution to enable a faster workflow in large projects
Design animations in minutes, export and embed them in websites (banners, etc.)
Shapes, graphics, text, and photos (unlimited number of individual images per sequence)
Including interactive buttons and links, and more
Freely customizable
IMPROVED! Embed freely available HTML widgets with automatically generated preview images (HTML,
Flash®, PHP, Java®, etc.): Contact forms, visitor counters, maps, YouTube® video players, photo galleries
from Flickr® and Picasa® web albums, MP3 players, Facebook® integration, current news, visitor
statistics tools (Google® Analytics™, for example)
NEW! Automation for quickly embedding widgets (incl. many useful templates)
NEW! E-Commerce: Integration of online shops and partner programs, etc. (PayPal™, Ebay®, Amazon®,
Google® Adsense™, etc.)
Flash® objects (NEW! video players from MAGIX Online Album or YouTube®, animations, MAGIX
Website Maker websites)
Integrated FTP publishing (upload) for publishing on any web server
Free hosting service: 500 MB storage,, FTP access, and much more
Export automatically as CSS-optimized and W3C-compliant XHTML source code
Identical appearance in all current web browsers (Internet ExplorerTM, FirefoxTM, ChromeTM,
SafariTM, OperaTM, ...)
NEW! Save login details incl. password in document
NEW! Manage different FTP profiles
NEW! Save time by publishing either the entire project or changed pages (incremental publishing)
NEW! Improved HTML quality and use of CSS, less divs, option for exporting "pure" HTML blocks of
text without individual line positioning
Supported formats
Import: Images (JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF, PSD, and more), others (PDF, WMF, RTF, and more)
FTP import for quickly importing bitmaps from any Internet address
NEW! Importing of video files that can be embedded as video players (MPEG-4, FLV) automatically
Export: HTML, HTM, JPEG, PNG, SWF, (animated) GIF, WMF, PSD and more
Detailed video tutorials: Your questions answered (online straight from the program)
NEW! MAGIX Photo Manager 9: Manages your pictures
mufin player: Finds just the right music
System requirements
For Microsoft® Windows® XP I Vista® | 7
For 32bit and 64bit systems
Minimum configuration:
PC with Intel® Pentium® or AMD® Athlon® 700 Mhz or higher
256 MB RAM, 150 MB hard disk space for program files
CD-ROM or DVD drive
SVGA graphics card with min. 4 MB RAM (min. resolution 1024x600, 16-bit high-color)
Internet connection and hosting space for publishing your website (min. ISDN recommended)
Internet connection for publishing websites, integration of widgets, and to view the video instructions
(min. ISDN recommended)
What the press has to say!
*Web Designer has sold the most products of all publishers in German retail in the "Web Editing Software" segment. Basis: GFK
Weekly TrendSetter Software/ Germany/ Web Editing & Design. Recording period: April 2009 to April 2010 [as of April 2010].
**Internet connection required for embedding widgets (min. ISDN recommended)
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