How can I install the beamer?

How can I install the beamer?
Can I use the beamer with each computer?
The beamer can be used for all laptops with a VGA-connection. For Apple you will need a converter.
How can I install the beamer?
1. Plug in the beamer in the socket (electric point).
2. Put the computer near the beamer (don’t turn it on yet!).
3. Connect the beamer with the laptop using the VGA-cable / plug in the VGA-cable in the VGAoutput socket of the computer.
4. Switch on the beamer.
5. Switch on the laptop.
6. The image will appear automatically after a few seconds.
7. The size and sharpness of the image can be changed by turning the button around the lamp.
What can I do when the beamer doesn’t work?
Check whether everything is plugged in well (beamer and pc, cables in sockets)
Check whether the beamer and the laptop are turned on well.
Check whether the laptop sends the image to an external monitor. You can change this by
using the combination Fn – F8 (for DELL laptops).
Who can be contacted to solve problems?
Frank De Groote
Kris Scheys
Stijn Schoors
+32 16 323223
+32 16 323298
+32 16 323182
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