Success Story MY CARTOON KIDS Station Integrates Matrix KVM

Success Story
MY CARTOON KIDS Station Integrates Matrix KVM Solution to
Enhance Systems Operations
Multi-console management solution offers simple operation and smooth switching
Customer: Top-Insight International Co., Ltd. - MY CARTOON TV Station
Established in 1991, Top-Insight was the first Taiwanese company to import Japanese
animation. In 2011, Top-Insight launched the 24-hour HD channel “MY KIDS TV”,
targeting children on Chunghwa Telecom’s multimedia platform- MOD. The channel plays
popular Japanese animation shows such as Chibi Maruko Chan, Doraemon, and
Pokemon. Top-Insight's headquarters is located in Taipei with branch offices in Hong
Kong, Shanghai and Tokyo.
Their current brand of KVM
switches cause color
distortions - displaying poor
video quality.
KM0932 x 1
9-Console 32-Port
Matrix KVM Switch
High Quality Transmissions
- A/V signals transmitted through
Their current KVM switches
don't support audio,
complicating the video
production process,
increasing work load.
Multiple administrators need
simultaneous and
independent access to
equipment to perform
different functions.
The need of real-time access
to stored data on various
computers - with the ability to
set system parameters and
production schedules.
24-hour monitoring of live
video playback status; with
the ability to immediately
switch to a backup system if
a problem occurs.
Administrators have to work
in front of the servers for long
periods of time, which may
cause health problems
KA7240 x 9
PS/2-USB Console Module
(supports audio and virtual
media functions)
KA7176 x 32
USB Computer Module
(supports audio and virtual
media functions)
Cat 5e/6 cables; maintaining
real-time - true video quality.
- Enhanced video quality via
automatic skew compensation.
- Audio support streamlines all
multimedia production
Convenient and Extended
- 9 consoles allow employees
access among cross-regional
servers, increasing
convenience, access, and work
- GUI functions allow guidance
and access control.
- When problems occur with live
broadcasting, the KM0932 can
immediately switch backup
systems, fully utilizing its
support functions.
- Low failure rate ensures
24-hour operation and high
- Cat 5e/6 cable extends
management distances up to
300 meters; allowing
administrators to conveniently
manage servers from their
seats for a more comfortable
work environment.
MY CARTOON KIDS TV is a new multimedia business established by Top-Insight International, created to digitalize
all new TV content. MY CARTOON KIDS TV is Taiwan’s first TV station to use the “HD Tapeless” operating method; a
process that transmits all video content as a digital file through fiber-optic networks, in order to reduce the workload
required to broadcast productions. The previous brand of KVM switches that MY CARTOON KIDS TV used displayed
color shading and color cast problems when switching among servers, thus they were unable to satisfy the TV
stations’ demand of high image quality. In addition, the old KVM switches did not support audio transmissions, which
in turn required administrators the redundant task of sitting at the servers to perform any editing, subtitle or scheduling
Success Story
duties. MY CARTOON KIDS TV needed a solution that could allow multiple administrators with different
requirements- simultaneous access to equipment in order to perform specific functions such as; fiber-optic
authorizations, incoming line distributions, broadcast scheduling and external data transmissions.
ATEN's Matrix KVM Switch - Extended Management - Reliable Transmission with Low Failure Rates
MY CARTOON KIDS TV's office is divided into a main work area and control room, each with it's own racks and a
total of 30 servers. To satisfy the working conditions, MY CARTOON KIDS TV purchased the KM0932
9-Console/32-Port Matrix KVM Switch, along with 9 sets of KA7240 - PS/2-USB console modules and 32 sets of
KA7176 - USB computer modules. The ATEN Matrix KVM solution allows connections to all 30 servers in the main
work area and control room, allowing a maximum of 9 administrators to simultaneously or independently control
any/all of the servers. The solution supports high quality reliable signal transmissions for managing the multimedia
content, which fully satisfied MY CARTOON KIDS TV’s diverse needs for it's multimedia applications.
9-Console 32-Port Matrix KVM Switch
PS/2-USB Console Module
USB Computer Module
Success Story
High Quality Audio & Video - Assures Crisp Clear Retention Switching Servers
The KM0932 supports high video quality 1280x1024 @60Hz up to 300
meters. With ATEN's patented Deskew technology, it automatically
synchronizes the time delay of RGB signals and corrects the color phase and
timing errors that occur over large distance transmissions. The advanced
function allows engineers to edit the video, audio and subtitles conveniently
with smooth transmissions. When switching multimedia animation signals over
long distances, this assures real-time and true video quality.
Unlike previously used KVM switches, the ATEN Matrix KVM switch supports
full audio transmission from all servers. When problems occur with the
equipment, the administrator hears the alarm sound made by the server from
the console speakers, so that problems can be monitored and fixed quickly, as
they occur, lowering potential repair costs. The KM0932 also connects to the
rack equipment in the control room that used for scheduling broadcasts, when
any problem occurs they can immediately switch to backup systems using the
KM0932, which assures continuous video playback without interruption.
KM0932 allows 24-hour monitoring of
video playback from the control room,
and immediately activates the backup
system when problem occurs.
Cat 5e/6 Cable Simplifies Installation and Extends Management to 300 meters
KM0932 uses Cat 5e/6 cable for all connections, which not only simplifies the equipment installation process, but also
extends the distance between console and server- to a maximum of 300 meters. It makes space planning more
flexible and separates the work area from the server rack at greater distances. Administrators can work from their
consoles away from the servers for a more comfortable work environment. The KM0932 provides 9 consoles,
allowing multiple administrators the ability to switch and access multiple servers simultaneously and over long
Convenient Management, Increased Efficiency - Lowering Costs
Since MY CARTOON KIDS TV is the first TV station in Taiwan to fully apply
digitalized operations, the traditional methods of manually copying and
transporting video tapes are no longer needed. All editing, post-production,
scheduling and other processes are now completed by computer. By
connecting the main work area, control room and video library through the
KM0932, administrators are able to efficiently switch and access multiple
servers located in different areas. Plus KM0932 supports the industry’s first full
screen graphical user interface (GUI), which offers an integrated tree view of
all ports for convenient navigation and access. In addition to increasing work
performance, the KM0932 also lowered manual labor costs.
“Since we installed the ATEN Matrix KVM Solution, we can fully experience the
high stability and convenience that it has brought us. As digitalized TV content
is getting more popular, TV stations need more equipment to perform data
storage and operations; ATEN’s products truly fulfill the requirements for this
trend. In addition to providing high quality video, it also helped us efficiently
manage all of our servers in order to increase our work efficiency. In the future,
we hope that ATEN can develop KVM solution that supports more consoles in
response to the special demands of the media industry,” -Production Manager,
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