Installing the MICROS Tablet Multi

Installing the MICROS Tablet Multi-Unit Charger Kit
This MD describes the steps necessary
to assemble the MICROS Tablet
Multi-Unit Charger Kit. Figure 1
displays the kit contents.
1) Charging Rail.
4) Charging Trays with 1) Thumbscrew
each. (Additional Charging Trays
purchased separately).
2) Brackets and hardware for counter
installation. Wall mount hardware is
supplied by the installer.
1) Wall Mount Template.
1) AC Power Cable.
2. If the Charging Rail will be mounted
to a wall surface, refer to the
template provided in the kit for
Note: The Charging Trays are supplied
with the mounting bracket installed so
that the tray faces to the right when
installed in the Charging Rail.
To change the position of the Charging
Tray remove four screws and reverse the
position of the mounting bracket.
Figure 3: Left or Right Charging Tray
Figure 1: 4 Multi-Unit Charger
Kit Contents
3. Remove the tape holding the cable to
the Charging Tray bracket. Position
the Charging Tray close to the
Charging Rail, and attach the cable
as shown below.
1. If the Charging Rail will be placed
on a counter surface, install the
brackets as shown below.
Figure 2: Attaching the Brackets
Figure 4: Connecting a Charger Tray
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4. Attach the Charging Tray to the
Charger Rail, while making sure the
cable does not become pinched
between the Charging Tray bracket
and Charging Rail. Install the
thumbscrew to secure the Charging
Expect charge times between 4 and
4 1/2 hours when the Tablet is placed
in Suspend mode or powered off.
Charging Indicators
Each Charging Tray contains a pair of
LEDs to indicate the charge status of
the Tablet battery, shown in the Figure
6, below.
Figure 5: Attaching a Charging Tray
5. Repeat Steps 3 and 4 for each
Charging Tray. To add more than 4
Charging Trays, purchased
separately, remove the cover that
hides the additional connector(s).
6. Connect the supplied AC power
cable to the Charging Rail and to an
AC source.
Charger Operation
Place the Tablet in a Charging Bay.
o If the Tablet remains On while
charging, expect longer charge
o If the Tablet is turned Off, or
placed in Suspend while
charging, expect shorter charge
Figure 6: Charging Indicators
Solid Red
Battery Capacity is less than 5%.
Solid Amber
• Battery Capacity is between 5% and
Solid Green
• Battery Capacity is greater than 20%.
Note: The Charge Indicator can turn
Green in less than one hour, but the
battery may not be fully charged. A
fully discharged Tablet battery
requires a minimum of four hours to
fully charge.
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