The ORA-X© Smart AR Headphones: The ORA-X is a

The ORA-X© Smart AR Headphones:
About Optinvent:
The ORA-X is a cutting edge device category
that creates a brand new experience. It’s the
world’s first Smart AR headphone. The ORA-X
seamlessly blends mobile audio with a new
visual experience. It will revolutionize the
headphone and wearable computing space.
The ORA-X runs Android and features high
fidelity audio and a disruptive transparent
retinal projection technology for a crisp, bright
image display. The ORA-X enables a multitude
audio-visual and wearable computing
applications. It can run apps as a standalone
device and can connect via WiFi and Bluetooth
to any other device or directly to the network.
Optinvent engineers and delivers cutting edge
wearable technology products. Optinvent’s
team has developed patented technologies,
extensive know-how, and manufacturing
expertise to create a disruptive new category of
wearable devices that opens the door to a
world of possibilities.
The ORA-X is equipped with a dual core
processor w/ GPU, camera, microphone, sound,
intertial sensors, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, ambient
light sensor, and a high capacity rechargeable
battery. The ORA-X is a new paradigm allowing
for a truly unique and mobile computing and
entertainment experience.
Optinvent France
80 avenue des Buttes de Coësmes
35700 Rennes France
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Patented Clear-Vu© Technology:
Clear-Vu is a disruptive near to eye display
technology for wearable computing devices
created and patented by Optinvent. It allows
see-through vision while displaying a virtual
image simultaneously. Clear-Vu has a high seethrough ratio, wide viewing angle, is light
weight, shatter proof, and power effecient. It is
the most cost effective and scalable approach
available for near to eye display products as all
key components are based on molded
plastic. “Clear-Vu” is at the heart of the “ORA-X
Smart Headphones.
Optinvent Inc. USA
16133 Hillvale Ave
Monte Sereno, CA 95030-4112
Fashionable and sophisticated headphones with a retractable AR display. High end materials
like machined metal and leather accents for robustness and high build quality. The capability of
having a “wearable tablet” while looking stylish. Comfortable, ergonomic and mobile.
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ORA-X Specifications*:
Full color Landscape 16:9
126 pixel/deg
Screen Size
61” at 4m
Display Brightness
Virtual image location
Form factor
User adjustable (above, centered,
below) and R or L eye
Over the ear Headphones
Total weight
Display Arm
Retractable and fully adjustable
Ophthalmic Correction
Can be worn over eyeglasses
Bluetooth LE & Wi-Fi B/G/N
µUSB & docking for charge+link
Professional grade Codec
High Fidelity 50mm drivers
3.5mm jack w/ stereo output
Trackpad & Volume rocker
Ultra low noise
Ambient light sensor
8 bit
Orientation sensors
9 axis (gyro, accel, compass)
Front facing Camera
5M Pixels w/ AF
Battery Life
8hrs Typical
Operating System
Android AOSP
*Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Copyright Optinvent September 2015
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