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Quick Setup Guide
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By default, the SwannSecure Monitoring System
works with your home Internet connection when
you connect the Touchscreen Monitor to your Wi-Fi
router using the Ethernet cable.
Now it is possible to move the Touchscreen
Monitor around your home, cable-free from the
router. Watch live camera feeds from the comfort
of your couch! And if you have a Wi-Fi range
extender or booster device in place at your home,
you can even mount your camera in locations that
were once outside the range of the Touchscreen
Monitor, as long as the camera is still within
coverage of your home Wi-Fi network.
This short guide will show you how to easily set
up the SwannSecure Monitoring System to work
seamlessly with your existing home Wi-Fi network.
Before you begin:
Make sure your wireless router is turned on.
Take note of your router’s Wi-Fi network name (SSID) and password, which can often
be found on a label on the bottom of your wireless router. You’ll need this information to
configure Wi-Fi settings for the Touchscreen Monitor.
If the Touchscreen Monitor is currently connected with the Ethernet cable to your wireless
router, unplug the Ethernet cable from the monitor. Leave the other end of the Ethernet
cable connected to your wireless router as you’ll need to connect it from your wireless
router to your camera later.
Ideally, you would have the Touchscreen Monitor and camera close to your wireless
router. This ensures a strong and reliable Wi-Fi signal between the devices.
Make sure the Touchscreen Monitor is either fully charged or connected to power. We
don’t want to lose power mid-way during the setup process.
Connecting your Touchscreen Monitor
On the Touchscreen Monitor, press the MENU button (that’s the small round button located at the
bottom panel of the monitor) and then tap
By default, WiFi Mode is set to AP (Access Point). In AP mode, the Touchscreen Monitor acts as a central connection
point for compatible cameras to communicate directly with it. While this mode allows the Touchscreen Monitor
to instantly connect to SwannSecure cameras out of the box, it limits the distance you can place the camera
away from the Touchscreen Monitor since the monitor is cabled to your wireless router for Internet connection.
Change the WiFi Mode to “Station”. When you select “Station”, a message appears to inform
you that the Touchscreen Monitor requires a restart. Tap OK to confirm and then tap Apply to
restart the monitor immediately.
When the Touchscreen Monitor has restarted, repeat step 1 to return to the WiFi Settings
On the WiFi Settings screen, tap Scan below the SSID field. The Touchscreen Monitor scans for
Wi-Fi networks it can detect and displays the names of those found.
Select your home Wi-Fi network from
the list of available networks. Make sure
it is highlighted and then tap OK.
If your Wi-Fi network name (SSID) is not being
broadcast (hidden), return to the WiFi Settings
screen and manually enter it into the SSID field. SSID
is case sensitive.
Tap the Key field and then enter your Wi-Fi
password using the on-screen keyboard.
On the on-screen keyboard, you can switch between
upper and lowercase letters by tapping the ab / AB
Tap Apply to save your Wi-Fi settings and connect your Touchscreen Monitor to your home WiFi network. Once a Wi-Fi connection is established, the
icon appears at the top right of the
screen next to the battery icon.
The Touchscreen Monitor automatically
reconnects to the saved Wi-Fi network each
time it is restarted.
Remain on the WiFi Settings screen. Next, we’ll show you how to quickly add your camera to your
home Wi-Fi network using the Touchscreen Monitor from the WiFi Settings screen.
Connecting your Camera
Plug the Ethernet cable to your camera. Make sure the other end of the Ethernet cable is
connected to your wireless router. After a few moments, you might notice the camera view
(partially obscured by the WiFi Settings screen) being displayed on the monitor.
On your Touchscreen monitor, tap Sync
from the WiFi Settings screen.
Select your camera from the list. Make
sure the associated checkbox is ticked. Tap
Sync. This copies the router’s Wi-Fi name
and password information over to the
camera. A confirmation message appears.
Tap OK to close it.
If you purchase additional SwannSecure cameras,
you can repeat these steps to connect them to your
Wi-Fi network. The SwannSecure Monitoring System
lets you connect up to 4 cameras.
Tap Apply to save your configuration and return to the WiFi Settings screen. Press the MENU
button to go back to the Live View screen.
You can now unplug the Ethernet cable from your camera and wireless router. Please be
patient, it can take up to a minute for your Touchscreen Monitor to pick up your camera’s video
feed as it waits for your camera to re-connect to your home Wi-Fi network.
Q: I installed the camera at the back of my property. The image drops out intermittently.
A: Wireless signal strength generally decreases as you move the camera further away from your router.
Certain wireless products - specifically those that operate in the 2.4GHz range such as Bluetooth systems,
baby monitors or cordless telephones, can also cause interference with the wireless signal. One solution
is to install a wireless range extender which expands your existing Wi-Fi network to cover hard to reach
areas like garages or outdoor areas, boosting Wi-Fi performance on your devices.
Q: I can’t see the camera after resetting the Touchscreen Monitor back to AP Wi-Fi mode.
A: Reset the camera. Unplug the power adapter from the power socket then press and hold the Reset
button while reconnecting the power adapter to the power socket. Release the Reset button after a few
seconds and all Wi-Fi settings will have been restored to factory default.
Q: The volume is set to the maximum on the Touchscreen Monitor but I still cannot hear any audio
coming from the camera.
A: On your Touchscreen Monitor, press the MENU button and then tap
the Record Audio checkbox is ticked and then tap Apply.
> RECORDING. Make sure
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