Datasheet DataStation® picco SSD 3.0 with write

Datastation® picco SSD 3.0 with write-protection
& USB 3.0 interface
The second generation of DataStation® SSDs come with a write-protection switch. Alongside functionality and
elegance, the main emphasis in DataStation picco SSD 3.0 Write Protection is on data security. The write-protection
switch allows you to avoid inadvertently and unintentionally overwriting your data.
Thanks to its modern design without any moving parts, the picco SSD 3.0 Write Protection works completely silently. It
is extremely robust and can be operated in any position.
In terms of technical specifications, the SSD is characterised by greater reliability, a longer service life and significantly
improved performance when compared with conventional hard drives. Its USB 3.0 interface guarantees an easy
connection and fast data transfer rates (reading: max. 450 MB/s, writing: max. 280 MB/s). Of course, the picco SSD is
backward compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1, ensuring you always have the right connection at hand.
It is available with different capacities so that you always have enough storage space. With extremely compact
dimensions of just 50 x 10 x 84 mm, the DataStation picco SSD 3.0 Write Protection fits into any pocket, so that all of
your important files are always at hand and they are well protected at all times.
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Datastation® picco SSD 3.0 with write-protection
Technical details
1 x Micro-USB 3.0 (with host function)
ca. 50 mm x 10 mm x 84 mm
ca. 36 g (only the device without accessories)
Internal storage
128 / 128 / 240 / 256 / 512 GB
Housing material
Communication with the computer
Write protection
yes, via write protection switch
Maximum data transfer rate* / write
280 MB/s
Maximum data transfer rate* / read
450 MB/s
Other characteristics
Horizontal, Vertical
German, English, Italian, Spanish, French, Swedish
Package contents
DataStation® picco SSD 3.0 (with write-protection),
SuperSpeed USB 3.0 cable (Micro-USB / USB-A)
You can find further information and accessories at
TrekStor GmbH
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64625 Bensheim
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