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Technical Data Sheet
Miraphen UV-Top Coat, „Anti-Scratch“ for PVC
Art. no.:
n.a., available in glossy or matt
General Information:
UV-curing top coat for roller coater application on PVC-floorings with extremely high
scratch resistance.
Miraphen UV-Top Coat, „Anti-Scratch“ for PVC was developed with the
goal in mind to make a significant improvement in the scratch resistance of prefinished parquet with the required elasticity which is needed for use on PVC.
The resistance of „Anti-Scratch“ to scratches and sanding marks caused by hard
dirt particles is, compared to conventional UV-top coats, a manifold higher!
Miraphen UV Top Coat „Anti-Scratch“ for PVC does not show any abrasive
effect so that a daily use in living areas and no interference of the production process
from any abrasive ingredients can take place.
Miraphen UV-top coat, „Anti-Scratch“ for PVC corresponds to DIN 4102,
B1, heavy inflammable as well as DIN 68861, 1B, chemical resistance. The chemical
resistance is in most cases far more superior to that of conventional 2-componentPUR lacquers.
Miraphen UV-top coat, „Anti Scratch“ for PVC is solvent free and especially
environmental friendly.
Miraphen UV-top coat, “Anti-Scratch“ for PVC is applied with a smooth
hard rubber roller. For the curing of colourless UV coatings Hg-lamps with 80-120
W/cm are common. For coloured systems a combination of Ga- and Hg-lamps is
Due to different construction types of the lamps the final power range varies
between different manufacturers. If necessary the reactivity of the coating system will
be adapted to the customers needs.
Specific information about the necessary curing energy [mJ/cm²] is not given because
of the different results you obtain when using different types of UV measurement
equipment. If required by the customer the measuring has to be done with the
measurement equipment of the customer to get a reasonable result.
As a precautionary measure we recommend wearing rubber gloves and protective
Applied quantity:
approx. 6-8 g/sqm
CEO: Dr. Wolfgang Klumpp
BW-Bank (BSC 600 501 01) Account-No.: 2 464 008
Trade register: County court Stuttgart HRB No.: 8457
VAT No.: DE 811240555
Brookfield 20°C ~0,4 - 0,5 Pas
Shelf life:
1 year in original, unopened canister.
Dangerous Goods Classification:
Please notice our actual Material Safety Data Sheet
Free of heavy metals, formaldehyde and insecticides/pesticides.
Klumpp Coatings produces premium quality coatings materials that are manufactured for use in controlled environments utilizing suitable application
technologies. It is the user’s responsibility to verify product compliance with all applicable regulations or permits before proceeding with use. The user must
always pretest finishing products to verify suitability to the desired use before proceeding with any application. Manufacturer makes no warranties, express
or implied, including (but not limited to) warranties of merchantability and fitness for particular purposes. Manufacturer will not be liable for any incidental,
consequential or special damages or losses derived, directly or indirectly, from or as a consequence of purchaser’s use of this product. Performance data is
based upon laboratory testing conducted by Klumpp Coatings as applied under ideal laboratory conditions. Since substrate, environment and application
are all significant factors in actual product performance, this information should serve only as a general guide and customers should conduct appropriate
performance testing on production substrate samples to verify suitability to the desired use.(02/2009)
CEO: Dr. Wolfgang Klumpp
BW-Bank (BSC 600 501 01) Account-No.: 2 464 008
Trade register: County court Stuttgart HRB No.: 8457
VAT No.: DE 811240555
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