request for quotation balochistan integrated water

(May- 2017)
18-B, Jinnah Town Quetta - Phone # 081-2870705 Fax # 081-2870704
Section 1
No. BIWRMDP/RFQ/Goods/02/2016/314
Date: 25th May, 2017
No of Pages: 15
Request for Quotations for Purchase of Office Equipment for Project
Implementations Units of BIWRMD Project at Sibi & Uthal.
1. The Government of Balochistan is negotiating a loan from the World Bank, and intends to
apply part of the proceeds of this credit to eligible payments under the contract for which this
Request for Quotations is issued. This procurement process will be conducted in accordance
with the Shopping method of procurement contained in the World Bank Guidelines:
Procurement of Goods, Works and Non-consulting Services under IBRD Loans and IDA
Credits and Grants by World Bank Borrowers, dated: January 2011, revised July 2014 and
the procedures described herein.
2. The Implementing Agency Balochistan Integrated Water Resources Management and
Development Project invites your quotation for supply of office equipments described in
Section III, Specifications & Schedule of Requirements. For the purposes of any resulting
Contract the Implementing Agency or their named representative shall be the Purchaser.
3. You are invited to submit your price quotation(s) as per specifications mentioned in
Section III. You must quote for all the items in each lot and you may quote for one or all
of the lots under this Invitation. Quotations will be evaluated for each lot separately and
contract will be awarded to the firm offering the lowest evaluated total cost for each of
the lot separately.
4. Your quotation(s) must be marked “Quotation for Office Equipments” and submitted
to: Project Director, Balochistan Integrated Water Resources Management and
Development Project, 18-B Jinnah Town, Samungli Road Quetta or be sent to
5. Your quotation should be accompanied by adequate technical documentation,
catalogue(s) and other printed material or pertinent information for each item quoted.
6. Your quotation must reach at the address indicated in Para-4 above by 12:00 Hours of 7th
June, 2017. Evaluation of the quotations shall follow after the cut-off date for
7. Your quotation(s) should be submitted as per the instructions contained in the Quotation
Prices: The prices should be quoted in Pak Rupees and should be inclusive of all supply charges
and admissible taxes.
Evaluation And Award Of Purchase Order/Contract: Offers determined to be substantially
responsive to the technical specifications will be evaluated by comparison of their prices, in
addition to the eligibility requirements outlined in the Section-II of Quotation Documents. The
Purchase Order will be awarded to the firm offering the lowest evaluated price and that meets the
eligibility criteria.
Validity of the Offer: Your quotation(s) should be valid for a period of 30 days from the date
for receipt of quotation(s) indicated in Paragraph 6 above.
Section II
Instructions for Preparing Quotations
Scope of Procurement:
BIWRMDP invites price quotations for procurement of Office Equipments as described in the
Technical Specifications given in Section III. The successful supplier will be expected to
complete the delivery within due course of time.
Eligibility to Quote: You are required to meet the following criteria to be eligible to quote:
a) Should be in existence of core Office Equipment Sales and Services business
b) Should be registered with Income Tax and Sales Tax authorities.
Following documents shall be required to be submitted to establish eligibility:
Company’s profile containing list of clients supplied with similar equipment and
currently valid authorization certificates.
Proof of registration with Income Tax and Sales Tax Authorities
A supplier may only submit one Quotation, either individually, or as a partner in a joint venture.
All Quotations submitted in violation of this rule shall be rejected. Partners in a joint venture
shall be jointly and severally liable for the execution of the Contract.
Qualification of the Supplier: To qualify for award of the Contract, a Supplier shall meet the
following minimum qualifying criteria:
As Manufacturer must have at least five years of experience in manufacturing of
goods similar to the goods mentioned herein.
As Supplier must have at least Three years of experience in supplying, installing
and providing after sales services for goods similar to the goods mentioned
herein. Documentary evidence, inter alia, should include valid Authorization
Be registered with the Income Tax and Sales Tax Registration Authorities.
Contents of Quotation Documents: The set of proposal documents comprises the documents
listed below:
Section I
Section II
Section III
Section IV
Section V
Section VI
Invitation to Quote
Instruction for Preparing Quotations
Form of Quotation
Form of Contract Agreement
Conditions of Contract
Documents Comprising the Proposal: The Quotation submitted by the Supplier shall comprise
the following documents:
Form of Quotation (as per sample attached)
Eligibility and Experience Information (Profile)
Copies of taxation documents
Authorization Certificate (currently valid)
Price Quotation: The Contract shall be for the whole supplies and shall be based on the unit and
total price for fixed unit rate contract. Prices shall be quoted entirely in Pak Rupees. The
Supplier shall fill in the rates and prices for all items of the Supplies described in the
specifications. All duties, taxes and other levies payable by the Supplier under the Contract,
shall be included in the rates, prices, and total price Quotation submitted by the Supplier. The
rates and prices quoted by the Supplier shall be fixed for the duration of the Contract and shall
not be subject to any adjustment on any account.
Item-by-Item Commentary on the Technical Requirements: The Offeror must provide an
item-by-item commentary on the Implementing Entity’s Technical Requirements, demonstrating
the substantial responsiveness of the overall design offered to those Requirements
Validity of Quotations. The price quotation shall remain valid for the period of thirty (30)
calendar days counted from the date of submission of the Quotation. The Purchaser may request
the Suppliers to extend the period of validity for a specified additional period. The Purchaser’s
request and the Suppliers” responses shall be made in writing or by fax or electronic mail. A
Supplier may refuse the request for extension of Quotation validity in which case it may
withdraw its Quotation without any penalty. A Supplier agreeing to the request for extension of
Quotation will not be required or permitted to otherwise modify its Quotation.
Language of the Quotation: All documents relating to the Quotation and contract shall be in the
English language.
Preparation of Quotations: The Supplier shall prepare one original of the documents
comprising the Price Quotation as described in Clause 6 above, with the Form of Quotation, and
clearly marked “Original”. In addition, the Supplier shall also submit one copy which shall be
clearly marked as “COPY”. In the event of discrepancy between them the original shall prevail.
The original and the copy of the Price Quotation shall be signed by a person or persons duly
authorized to sign on behalf of the Supplier. All the pages of the Quotation (Price Quotation)
where entries or amendments or corrections have been made shall be initialed by the person or
persons signing the Price Quotation..
Place and Deadline for Submission of Price Quotations: The Price Quotations shall be
delivered to the Purchaser at the address given in Paragraph 4 of the Invitation to Quote.
Process to be Confidential: Information relating to the examination, clarification, evaluation
and comparison of quotations and recommendation for the PO/contract award shall not be
disclosed until the award to the successful Supplier has been announced.
Evaluation and Comparison of Quotations: The Purchaser will award the Contract to the
Supplier whose Quotation has been determined to be substantially responsive to the proposal
documents and who has offered the lowest evaluated price quotation. In evaluating the
quotations, the Purchaser will determine for each proposal the evaluated price quotation by
adjusting the price quotation by making any correction for any arithmetic errors as follows:
(a) Where there is a discrepancy between amounts in figures and in words, the amount in
words will govern;
(b) Where there is a discrepancy between the unit rate and the line item total resulting
from multiplying the unit rate by the quantity, the unit rate as quoted will govern;
(c) If a Supplier refuses to accept the correction, his Quotation will be rejected.
Purchaser’s Right to Accept Any Quotation and to Reject any or all Quotations: The
Purchaser reserves the right to accept or reject any quotation, and to cancel the process of
competition and reject any or all quotations, at any time prior to the award of the Contract,
without thereby incurring any liability to the affected Supplier(s).
Purchaser’s Right to Increase or Decrease Quantities: The Purchaser, reserves the right to
increase or decrease quantities of supplies.
Notification of Award and Signing of Contract: Results of evaluation would be known in a
reasonable time, Suppliers are instructed not to approach the Purchaser after opening of
quotations until the finalization of award. The Supplier whose Quotation has been accepted will
be notified of the award by the Purchaser prior to the expiration of the validity period of the
Quotation, by registered letter. This letter will state the sum that the Purchaser will pay the
Supplier in consideration of the supply, installation, and commissioning of the Supplies by the
Supplier as prescribed by the Contract. The written notification of award will constitute the
formation of the Contract.
Interpretation: The purchaser is not responsible for any wrong interpretation of any clause of
this document.
Section III
1. Technical Proposal
This part of the proposal should contain complete information relating technical specifications as
mentioned in Schedule of Requirement’s.
2. Payment Criteria
Payment shall be made in the Pakistani currency (Rupees) upon successful delivery and
installation of equipment and work (if any) carried out. The invoice will be subject to the Govt.
taxes as applicable and set by the Govt. of Pakistan. Submission of sales tax invoice is
mandatory provided the cost of items includes the same.
3. Project Completion Timeline
The supplier is required to complete the supply within 3 weeks of the issuance of Procurement
4. Warranty
The Supplier should warrant that the products supplied under the Contract are genuine, brand
new, unused, un-altered of the most recent or current models and those they incorporate all
recent improvements in design and materials unless provided otherwise in the Contract. The
supplier should further warrant that all Office Equipments supplied under this Contract shall
have no defect, arising from design, materials, or workmanship or from any act or omission of
the Supplier that may develop under normal use of the supplied Office Equipment in the
conditions prevailing in the country of final destination.
This warranty shall remain valid for one year. The supplier will provide full support during the
warranty period
The delivery schedule expressed as days stipulates hereafter a delivery date, which is the date of
delivery required.
S. No
Required Delivery
Schedule from the Date
of Notification of
Office of Project Director
BIWRMD Project
18-B Jinnah Town Samungli Road
Procurement of Office
Equipment for PIUs of
BIWRMDP at Sibi &
21 days after Signing of
Contract/Issuance of
Purchase Order
PIU Sibi:
Project Implementation Unit
,BIWRMDP,Nari Basin Hospital
Road Sibi.
PIU Uthal:
Project Implementation Unit
,BIWRMDP,Porali Basin Awadan
Road Uthal.
Qty for PIU Sibi Items with Specifications Lot No. 1 – Computers Small Form Factor Type Desktop PCs: Processor: Intel® Core™ i7‐7700 or equivalent, 2.5 GHz, Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 630 or equivalent Display: 20” diagonal TN widescreen WLED backlit anti‐glare LED (Multimedia) Memory: 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 SDRAM (2 x 4 GB) or equivalent Hard drive: 1 TB 7200 rpm SATA or equivalent Optical drive: Slim Super Multi DVD writer (External USB3) Audio: All Standard Jacks (Input / Output) Network: 1 GB Ethernet port & Built in WiFi Access Feature Miscellaneous: Professional series Keyboard & Mouse Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 pro 64bit Licensed Laptops: Processor: 7th Generation Intel® Core™ i7‐7200U or equivalent, 2.5 GHz, 3MB Cache, 2 cores Display: 15.6" LED Backlit Display with True life and HD resolution ( 1366 x 768) Hard Drive: 1 TB SATA hard drive (5400RPM) or equivalent Memory: 8 GB Dual Channel DDR3L RAM or equivalent Graphics: 2 GB Graphic Card Operating System: With Windows 10 pro 64bit Licensed Miscellaneous: Carrying Case. Multimedia : Multimedia (DLP) Projector of not less than 3200 ANSI LUMENS with screen, mounting kits and cables complete in all respect. Qty for PIU Uthal Qty for PMU 10 2 22 01 01 16 18 1 1 ‐ 02 10 Lot No. 2 – Printers & Scanners Black & White Laser Printer Network enabled built in Wifi A3 or equivalent size Printer having a speed of not less than 35 ppm, 1200x1200 dpi print resolution, processor speed of 460 MHz, 128MB RAM, duty cycle of 65000 pages per month, 100 Sheet multipurpose tray, 2 trays of 250 and 500 pages respectively, 250 sheet output bin with automatic two sided printing. 8
Total 1 1 ‐ 02 Items with Specifications Mono Printer A4 or equivalent size Mono A4 or equivalent size network enabled built in built in Wifi laser Printer of not less than 45 ppm, 1200x1200 dpi print resolution, processor speed of 800 MHz, 512MB RAM, 100 Sheet multipurpose tray‐1, 500 pages tray‐2, 250 sheet output bin. Light duty Printer Light Duty A4 or equivalent size laser printer of up to 21 ppm. Fax Machine Laser fax machine adf of up to 10ppm having 600x600 dpi resolution and up to 33 kbps modem. Scanners A4 size or equivalent sheet feed scanner of up to 600 dpi resolution, speed of not less than 20 ppm, automatic document feeder (ADF) capability, ADF capacity of 50 pages and high speed usb 2.0 connectivity. A3 or equivalent size professional manual feed flat bed scanner, 2400x2400 dpi resolution. Qty for PIU Sibi Qty for PIU Uthal Qty for PMU Total 01 01 ‐ 02 01 01 ‐ 02 1 1 ‐ 02 01 01 ‐ 02 01 01 ‐ 02 Lot No. 3 – Networking, Telephone Exchange & UPS Office Networking Cable free wifi networking providing full coverage to the office. The PIU at Sibi comprises of 7 rooms spread over an area of nearly 4000 Sft. 5 rooms are an ground floor while 2 room are in the first floor. The PIU of Uthal comprises of single floor with nearly 1800 sft of space having 6 rooms. The equipment will comprise of 10 to 15 computers and few printers. UPS Branded APC or equivalent centralized UPS 5 KVA, true online, pure sine wave with multiple protection levels & dry batteries including complete professional level installations from the main/centralized connection to each point of installation. The PIU at Sibi comprises of 7 rooms spread over an area of nearly 4000 Sft. 5 rooms are an ground floor while 2 room are in the first floor. The PIU of Uthal comprises of single floor with nearly 1800 sft of space having 6 rooms. The equipment will comprise of 10 to 15 computers and few printers. 9
1Job 1 Job ‐ 02 01 01 ‐ 02 Items with Specifications Telephone Exchange Telephone Exchange with a capacity of 2 Trunk Lines, 12 Extensions (DTMF Telephones), Master Set (Operator Console), Digital Control Unit with 12 Keys, Battery Pack: Sealed Maintenance free batteries for power back up (02 Hours), 02 Port Auto Attendant system for incoming calls with Greetings, Telephone sets with DTMF Dialing, including all in house wiring, junction boxes and terminations etc. The PIU at Sibi comprises of 7 rooms spread over an area of nearly 4000 Sft. 5 rooms are an ground floor while 2 room are in the first floor. The PIU of Uthal comprises of single floor with nearly 1800 sft of space having 6 rooms. Lot No. 4 – Photocopier Heavy Duty Black & White Copier Digital Heavy Duty Black & White Copier having multifunction system of copying, printing and scanning, Automatic Reverse Document Feeder (RADF), speed of 30 PPM, Warm Up Time less than 20 Seconds, 600dpi copier resolution, 25% to 400% zoom, 1200x1200 dpi print resolution, 100 to 600 dpi scan resolution, suitable for paper sizes of A3, A4, A5, A6, B4, B5 and B6 or equivalent, standard paper input capacity of up to 1200 sheets and output capacity of up to 500 sheets, 2GB internal memory and 250GB Hard Disk. Lot No. 5 – Miscellaneous GPS Enabled Digital Camera GPS enabled Digital Camera of not less than 16 Million effective pixels, optical zoom of 5.0x, Digital Zoom of 4.0 x, built in flash, 3.0" LCD screen, capable of printing co‐ordinates to image, self timer, memory card and up to 2GB of internal memory. Hand held GPS Hand held GPS with worldwide maps, automatic routing, custom POIs, geo caching, photo navigation and area calculation with 3inches TFT color touch screen, built in antenna and internal storage of 1.5 GB. External Hard Drive External Passport USB 3.0 Drive 4 TB capacity. USBs USB 16 GB usb 3.1 otg 10
Qty for PIU Sibi Qty for PIU Uthal Qty for PMU Total 01 01 ‐ 02 01 01 ‐ 02 02 02 ‐ 04 02 02 ‐ 04 01 01 ‐ 02 10 10 10 30 Section IV
Form of Quotation
Date: ______/______/2017
The Project Director,
Balochistan Integrated Water Resources Management and Development Project,
House No. 18-B Jinnah Town, Samungli Road Quetta.
We offer to execute the supply, installation and commissioning of the Office Equipments as per
Specifications in accordance with the Conditions of Contract accompanying this Quotation for
the Contract Price of _________________________(amount in words and numbers)
(_____________________ ).
We propose to complete the Supplies described in the Contract within a period of ____________
(words and number)_________calendar days from the Start Date.
This Quotation and your written acceptance will constitute a binding Contract between us. We
understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any Quotation you receive.
We hereby confirm that this Quotation complies with the Validity of the Quotation required by
the proposal documents.
Authorized Signature:
Name and Title of Signatory:
Name of Supplier:
Phone Number:
Fax Number, if any:
Section V – Form of Contract Agreement
This Agreement, made the ______ day of August, 2016, by and between
The Project Director,
Balochistan Integrated Water Resources Management and Development Project,
House No. 18-B Jinnah Town, Samungli Road Quetta.
hereinafter called “ The Purchaser” and
(name and address of Supplier hereinafter called “The Supplier”) of the other part.
Whereas the Purchaser is desirous that the Supplier executes supplies, installation and
commissioning of the Office Equipments as per specifications.
(name and identification number of Contract hereinafter called “the Supplies”)
and the Purchaser has accepted the Quotation/Quotation submitted by the Supplier for the
installation and commissioning of such Supplies and the remedying of any defects therein over a
standard warranty period as offered by the manufacturer.
Now this Agreement witnessed as follows:
1. In this Agreement, words and expressions shall have the same meanings as are
respectively assigned to them in the Conditions of Contract hereafter referred to, and
they shall be deemed to form and be read and construed as part of this Agreement.
2. In consideration of the payments to be made by the Purchaser to the Supplier as
hereinafter mentioned, the Supplier hereby covenants with the Purchaser to execute and
complete the Supplies and remedy any defects therein in conformity in all respects with
the provisions of the Contract.
3. The Purchaser hereby covenants to pay the Supplier in consideration of the supply,
installation and commissioning of the Supplies and the remedying of defects wherein the
Contract Price or such other sum as may become payable under the provisions of the
Contract at the times and in the manner prescribed by the Contract.
In Witness whereof the parties thereto have caused this Agreement to be executed the days and
year first before written
Was hereunto affixed in the presence of:
Signed, and Delivered by the
in the presence of:
Signature of the Purchaser: _________________________________________
Signature of the Supplier:
Conditions of Contract (CC)
Definitions: Boldface type is used to identify the defined terms
(a) The Contract is the Contract between the Purchaser and the Supplier to execute,
complete, and maintain the Supplies as specified in the specifications or in other sections
of the Contract. The name and identification number of the Contract is given in the
Invitation to Quote.
(b) The Supplier is a person or corporate body who’s Quotation to carry out the Supplies
has been accepted by the Purchaser.
(c) The Supplier’s Price Quotation is the completed document (Invitation to Quote
together with attachments) submitted by the Supplier to the Purchaser.
(d) The Contract Price is the price stated in the Letter of Acceptance and thereafter as
adjusted in accordance with the provisions of the Contract.
(e) Days are calendar days; months are calendar months.
(f) A Defect is any part of the Supplies not completed in accordance with the Contract.
(g) The Required Completion Date is the date on which it is required that the Supplier
shall complete the Supplies. The Required Completion Date may be revised only by the
Purchaser by issuing an extension time or an acceleration order in writing.
(h) Specification means the Specification of the Supplies included in the
RFQ/PO/Contract and any modification or addition made or approved by the Purchaser.
Language and Law. The Contract shall be in the English language. The law governing
the Contract shall be the applicable law(s) of the Government of Islamic Republic of
Communications. Communications between parties that are referred to in these
Conditions shall be effective only when made in writing. A notice shall be effective only
when it is delivered.
Supplier’s Risks. The risks of personal injury, death, and loss or damage to property and
adjacent property (including, without limitation, the Supplies, materials and equipment)
are Supplier’s risks.
Supplies to be completed by the Completion Date. The Supplier shall commence
execution of the Supplies on the Start Date and shall carry out the Supplies in accordance
with the work schedule agreed between Supplier and Purchase, as updated with the
approval of the Project Supervisor, and complete them by the Required Completion Date.
Defects. The Purchaser shall give notice to the Supplier of any violation of Terms and
Condition in PO or RFQ for Defects before the end of the Warranty Period, which begins
at completion of supplies. The Warranty Period shall be extended for as long as Defects
remain uncorrected. Every time notice of a Defect is given, the Supplier shall correct the
notified Defect within the length of time specified by the Purchaser. If the Supplier has
not corrected a Defect within the time specified Purchaser will assess the cost of having
the Defect corrected, and the Supplier will pay this amount, or the Purchaser shall recover
these amounts by deduction from the amounts due to the Supplier.
Payments. The Purchaser shall pay the Supplier the amounts as per following schedule:
On Acceptance: 100 percent of the Contract Price shall be paid within fifteen (15)
days of receipt of the office equipments and upon submission of claim, supported by
the acceptance certificate issued by the Purchaser.
Taxes. The Supplier is responsible for all taxes in accordance with the laws of Islamic
Republic of Pakistan. In case of tax exemption, valid tax exemption certificate shall be
furnished with documents.
Force Majeure: Either party may terminate the Contract by giving a thirty (30) days notice
to the other for events beyond that party’s control, such as Wars, earthquakes, floods, fires,
Resolution of Disputes: The Purchaser and the Supplier shall make every effort to resolve
amicably by direct negotiations any disagreement or dispute arising between them under or
in connection with the Contract. In case of further disagreement either party can take the
matter to arbitration in accordance with the Arbitration Act of 1940.
Signature of the Purchaser: _________________________________________
Signature of the Supplier:
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