Matrix Switcher Data Sheet

C-Bus Multi Room Audio
Matrix Switcher
Matrix Switcher 560884/2 & 560884/2E
The C-Bus Multi-Room Audio (MRA) System Matrix Switcher
provides the ability to take inputs (known as sources) and
direct them to amplifiers (known as zones) as desired. The
Matrix Switcher also includes a number of internal sources
that can be output to zones. All user control of the Matrix
Switcher is through the C-Bus system, where it’s also
possible to adjust the volume, bass, treble as well as select
and control sources. The control is provided by C-Bus
devices such as wall switches, DLT switches, touchscreens
and Wiser Home Control. C-Bus is connected to the Matrix
Switcher through RJ45 sockets (2) located on the rear of the
Four analogue stereo inputs are provided to take the linelevel audio feed from Audio/Visual (A/V) devices through RCA
sockets on the rear of the unit. A separate optical (digital)
connection is also provided so that devices such as a DVD
player can be connected to the system, with a loop through
to other equipment such as an A/V receiver.
Two mono audio inputs are provided for broadcasting audio
messages to all zones simultaneously for instances where
intercom or public address announcements may be desired.
On-board storage support for up to four sound files that can
be used as doorbells, triggered from C-Bus events is also
The Matrix Switcher supports the connection of an Audio
Distribution Unit (Cat. # 560011) should an additional stereo
line-level input be required. Note the Audio Distribution Unit
will also require a power supply. All sources connected to the
system have individual preamp gain adjustment to ensure
consistent volume levels across sources.
Audio distribution from the matrix switcher is performed
using a category 5 cable that can be up to 45 metres in
length while also providing power to the amplifiers as well
as a return path for reticulated infrared signals.
The Deluxe model of the matrix switcher, includes a Local
Area Network (LAN) connection on the rear panel that
supports an MP3 streaming feature that is used with the
C-Bus Ripple MP3 streaming software. Digital MP3 music
can be streamed directly from the host computer running
the software, to the matrix switcher while the control of the
stream (play, pause stop etc), can be controlled through
C-Bus. C-Bus Ripple also includes the ability to configure
Internet radio stations that can be streamed to the matrix
switcher. Should no zone be listening to an MP3 or
Internet radio, the stream will be paused to conserve
bandwidth, or in the case of the Internet stream, download
data. The Standard matrix switcher does not support MP3
streaming, but may be upgraded at a later stage.
The front panel of the matrix switcher includes a quick
connection option for user convenience. The Deluxe model
of the matrix switcher also includes a USB connection for
attaching USB drives that contain MP3 files. The MP3
track information is extracted and broadcast onto C-Bus
for display on touchscreens while the track navigation can
be controlled using the transport control feature (play,
pause, next track etc) over C-Bus. The front panel also
supports an Auxiliary input socket that can accommodate
3.5mm stereo connection from the headphone output of
devices such as a personal MP3 players.
C-Bus® Multi Room Audio Matrix Switcher 560884/2 & 560884/2E
Connectors for infrared
emitters that send control
signals to A/V equipment
Deluxe matrix switcher uses this RJ45
socket to connect to the host PC running
the C-Bus Ripple™ software application.
RJ45 sockets for digital audio outputs
to MRA amplifiers. The Cat.5e cables
also supply DC power for the amplifiers
and can be up to 45 metres in length.
The matrix switcher has the optional capability of
announcing the name of an input source whenever
the source is selected. This annunciation is broadcast through the speakers in the zone when the
input source changes.
The matrix switcher includes dual internal AM/FM
tuners with the ability to configure up to 16 shared
preset stations that can be individually selected. The
station ID of the selected radio station, is broadcast
onto C-Bus for display on devices such as touch
screens and DLT switches.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Analogue stereo line-level
inputs from A/V equipment
USB type ‘B’ socket used to program
the matrix switcher during commissioning
using a PC and MARPA configuration
The station list can be cycled through by the user or
a desired station can be selected instantly by a preset
number. Station selection can also be included
in scenes, which is convenient for morning wakeup
scenarios. The front display of the matrix switcher
reports the station ID, frequency and signal strength of
both tuners. The antenna connection for both AM and FM
is through a single coaxial connection on the rear of the
matrix switcher.
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C-Bus Multi Room Audio Matrix Switcher 560884/2 & 560884/2E
8050 Series
Infrared target
Digital Audio cable
Matrix Switcher
8050 Series Emitter
Hand held
remote control
Audio source
Note: The digital audio and power cable provides the infrared
signal path from the amplifier to the matrix switcher.
The matrix switcher supports both Infrared (IR) reticulation
and IR blasting through the dual emitter ports located on
the rear of the unit. IR Reticulation is when remote signals
received by an amplifier are sent back to the matrix switcher
and can be blasted out of the emitter ports so that remote
control extension can be achieved from remote locations.
IR blasting allows for learned IR codes to be loaded into
the matrix switcher so that commands can be triggered
by C-Bus events, to send IR commands.
The matrix switcher is designed to be installed in a location
where audio/visual equipment is installed such as an A/V
cabinet or an equipment rack. The black anodised finish of
the matrix switcher ensures it matches with other
equipment while the standard width makes it perfect for
installation into an equipment rack with the supplied rack
mounting ears.
Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Clipsal and C-Bus are trademarks of Schneider Electric.
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C-Bus® Multi Room Audio Matrix Switcher 560884/2 & 560884/2E
Clipsal Australia Pty. Ltd.
Electrical Specifications
a member of Schneider Electric
Catalogue numbers
Standard Matrix Switcher: 560884/2
Deluxe Matrix Switcher (with streaming): 560884/2E
Supply voltage
100 - 240 V a.c.
Mains frequency range
47 - 63 Hz
Mains connnection
IEC connection socket
AC impedance
47 KΩ
Power consumption
220 W maximum
C-Bus supply voltage
15 to 36 V d.c.
C-Bus sink current
22 mA. Does not provide power for the C-Bus network.
Network clock and burden
Software selectable
C-Bus connections
2 x RJ45 sockets
Source input signal level
2.8 V p-p maximum (47 kΩ)
A/D conversion
16-bit PCM
Local Area Network (LAN)
Single RJ45 (deluxe model only)
Infrared Emitter connection
2 x 3.5 mm sockets for infrared emitters
Digital Zone Output
8 x zone connections - RJ45 sockets
Source inputs (back)
4 x Line-level stereo analogue - RCA connections
1 x Optical (digital) loop through -Toslink
1 x Digital - RJ45
2 x Priority broadcast (1 high, 1 low) - RCA connections
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Source inputs (front)
AUX 1 x headphone level 3.5 mm stereo socket
USB drive connection (deluxe model only) - USB type A
Hong Kong
Clipsal Integrated Systems (HK) Limited
Telephone +852 2487 0261
Dual analogue radio tuner - AM (520 - 1710 kHz)
FM (76 - 108 MHz) Up to 16 preset stations
Antenna connection
Single F-type connection
Schneider Electric India Pvt Ltd
Telephone +91 11 5159 0000
Operating temperature
0 to 40º C (32 to 104º F)
Operating Humidity
10 to 90% RH, non-condensing
436 W x 288 D x 80 H (2 RU high for rack mount
6 kg (13.3 lb)
1 x Matrix Switcher
1 x pair of rack mount ears and screws
1 x 2 metre IEC mains connection lead
1 x 1.5 metre Ethernet lead (deluxe model only)
1 x programming lead (USB A male to USB B male)
1 x Installation Instructions
1 x User’s Guide
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