How To Determine Your Home (Cable Modem) IP (Internet Protocol

How To Determine Your Home (Cable Modem) IP (Internet Protocol) Address
Situation: You were trying to remotely login to eniac from home and were unsuccessfully 5 times. A
security program automatically blocks your cable modem IP address and now, even if you have the
correct user name and password, you won’t be able to log in.
What to do: Send an email to from your Hunter email account. Include the
following information:
Your user name.
The command you are typing.
The exact error message you’re getting.
Your name.
The easiest way to determine the IP address of your home cable modem (not your computer) is to
Google “my IP address” and choose one of the links. You want the IPv4 address, not the IPv6 address.
IPv4 addresses are in the form:
xxx can be any number between 0 and 255. Most IP addresses are public but some are reserved for
private networks and for other reasons. This is an example public IP address. It is for eniac, the
computer you log into from outside the Computer Science Department:
Private network IP addresses range from to These IP addresses are NEVER
seen on the internet because they are hidden by hardware.
When you are trying to have your IP address unblocked I need the public IP address, not the private IP
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