Voice amplifier set-up

Voice amplifier set-up
Zyteq offers two models of voice amplifier; the Zavox Reo and the Toby Churchill Ltd (TCL) mini voice
amplifier. The same microphone options are available for both models; the headset, lapel, unilateral
earpiece and transdermal (throat) microphone. These are interchangeable between the models.
The key to successful use of the voice amplifiers is fitting, positioning and settings.
(TCL voice amplifier pictured – now discontinued)
Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure a positive experience in voice amplification.
1. Start with the voice amplifier turned OFF.
2. Position the amplifier on the person; usually the amplifiers are worn around the waist, or around the
neck, or may be positioned on the arm of a chair or attached to a wheelchair.
3. To PREVENT FEEDBACK: the amplifier and microphone need to be positioned a distance from each
other, and are best facing away from each other. Feedback may also be caused if the volume setting is
too high.
4. Position the microphone support (headset / earpiece, neck band/lapel clip) on the user. The
microphone should be positioned 1 to 3 cms from the mouth. A microphone positioned on the lapel is
too far away from the mount, particularly if the user has low volume. A lapel microphone will need to
be hand-held to the mouth for effective positioning.
5. Once the amplifier and microphone are in place on the person, the unit can be turned ON and the
volume increased to the appropriate setting
6. ZAVOX REO – automatically returns the volume to ZERO, each time the unit is turned OFF. So start
counting to 10 while pressing the + button to increase the volume to the desired setting.
7. TCL mini voice amplifier, has a rotating dial for ON/OFF and volume control. Start counting to 10 while
rotating the dial slowly until the desired volume is reached.
8. The voice amplifiers should be turned OFF when not in use to preserve battery life.
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If FEEDBACK results while the microphone and amplifier are in place please try the following:
- turn the volume down
- position the microphone closer to the mouth
- turn the amplifier away from the microphone
- increase the distance between the microphone and amplifier
The microphone leads and jacks need to be handled with care. Jamming cables in drawers, cupboard
doors or kinking cables can cause damage. Rough handling of the jacks can cause damage. Please
handle with care. Avoid dropping the devices.
Also see care and cleaning instructions.
If you have purchased this on-line you are entitled to return it within 14 days under our ‘sale or return’
Please be aware that the voice amplifiers are offered under special “sale or return” conditions due to
hygiene issues.
This item is available through our equipment trial program. The ‘sale or return’ conditions are not
intended as a substitute for a trial for the voice amplifiers. We prefer the voice amplifiers to be trialled
through a Speech Pathologist so that it can be introduced according to the instructions, adjusted
correctly and application and use discussed. In our experience this is more likely to result in a successful
use of this product. We also disinfect and clean the returned loan equipment between uses. If new
microphones are used and returned they cannot be re-sold.
So please be aware of the terms stating that – ‘If the device and accessories are returned in resaleable
condition, a refund will be provided less the original freight charge’
ZYTEQ pty ltd PO Box 190South Melbourne Victoria 3205
Ph: 03 9696 2944 Fax: 03 9696 1755 Freecall:1800 818 353
Email: info@zyteq.com.au Website: www.zyteq.com.au A.B.N. 81132 895 268
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