High Efficiency Gas-Fired Modulating Condensing Boiler

High Efficiency Gas-Fired
Modulating Condensing Boiler
Convertible (Floor or Wall)
Residential Gas Modulating Condensing Hot Water Boiler
Winter is notorious for all sorts of life’s little gems. With the ever present threat of colds and flu, school closings
and delays, and an unpredictable daily commute - a runaway heating bill is the last thing you need. The truth is,
most homeowners focus solely on utility costs and don’t actually think about their heating system until it needs
to be repaired or replaced. One “No Heat” call to your local contractor can cost $300 or more, just to diagnose
a problem and if your boiler has out-lived its warranty, you’ll be responsible for the full cost of parts and labor.
Your old low efficiency heating system can have an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) of
70%. That means 70% of the energy in the fuel becomes heat for the home and the other
30% escapes up the chimney and elsewhere. With an old inefficient boiler you could be
throwing away up to 30% of the money you spend on fuel each year.
Doesn’t your family deserve a new high efficiency home heating
system and all the comfort and peace of mind that come with it?
The 97gb features 95% AFUE.
Just add up the savings:
- 95% AFUE
- Sealed Combustion
-*Built-in Outdoor Temperature Reset
(*A factory standard Outdoor Temperature Reset adjusts water supply temperature for best possible fuel economy based on actual seasonal conditions.)
The increased efficiency of the 97gb could save you over 40% on your heating bill each year.
If you pay $1,800 annually to heat your home, you could save as much as $720 per year.
That’s $3,600 over 5 years!
If you have kids or pets that play in the basement or utility room, the 97gb offers optional wall
mount installation, freeing up valuable floor space and easing ground level safety concerns.
Since most of us have better things to do than fumble with the thermostat, the 97gb has
an advanced microprocessor control that continuously monitors supply and return water
temperature, automatically adjusting the boiler’s output to keep the whole family comfortable.
Another plus, when used with an indirect hot water heater, the 97gb quickly and efficiently
redirects heat when and where it’s needed. No standing around, waiting for hot water.
Need more...how about:
• A 15 Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty
• Ideal for new construction radiant heat applications.
For more information contact your local utilityprovider or visit:
97gb— Replacement/New Construction Ready Right Out of the Box
95% Efficient, 100% Easy to Install
1) Control Interface
– Floor or wall mount for
greater installation flexibility.
(Optional Wall Mount)
– Built in primary/secondary piping with pump
takes hours of labor out of your installation.
Special high head system pumps not required
for most applications.
• Convenient valve for primary/secondary loop
requirements in multiple boiler applications.
2) Probe Type Low
Water Cut-Off
3) Heat Exchanger
Easy Floor or Wall Mount
Application (Hanging Bracket
and 4 Lag Bolts included)
Control panel hinges down for
installation and service and can be
completely removed if needed.
1. The Control Interface features easy-to-understand text display, remote mount option and simple 2 wire
connection. When the cover is on the unit, the control interface is protected by a smoke plastic hinged
cover. A cover insert is standard for use with the remote mount option.
2. Built-In Probe Type Low Water Cut-Off features test button.
3. Revolutionary Exclusive Heat Exchanger
• Constructed of 316L/444 Stainless Steel fin tube
• Self-Cleaning
(Internal waterways are wide and smooth which inhibits
scaling while water flow helps remove hard water deposits)
• Easy access for servicing
• 100% Compatible with Existing Piping
– Flexible Piping (Top & Bottom)
– Gas line connection can run out the top
or be changed in the field to the bottom.
Top and bottom supply/return options have
1-1/4” tapings. Boiler shipped with brass
plugs for installer use.
• Venting
– Vent transition is constructed of PVC which
is impervious to acidic condensate that
pools and is corrosive to metals.
Leveling legs for floor mount
applications included.
Simplified Electrical
Connections (120V,
ArgusTM Control, Low
Voltage Terminal Strip)
97gb Natural or Propane Modulating Gas-Fired Condensing Boiler
Boiler Input Rate
(MBH) (1)
(MBH) (1)
(MBH) (1)(2)
% (2)
(1) 1000 Btu/hr (British Thermal Units Per Hour)
(3) Net AHRI Ratings based on piping and pickup allowance of 1.15. Contact ECR Technical Support before selecting boiler for installations having
unusual piping and pickup requirements, such as intermittent system operation, extensive piping systems, etc.
General Information (See Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual for complete instructions)
14” (36 cm)
0” (0 cm)
Left Side
6” (16 cm)
6” (16 cm)
Right Side
0” (0 cm)
1 1/2” (4 cm)
0” (0 cm)
6” (16 cm)
0” (0 cm)
0” (0 cm)
0” (0 cm) Floor Mount
0” (0 cm)
Combustion Air/Vent Piping
0” (0 cm)
6” (16 cm)
See Local Code
6” (16 cm)
Hot Water Piping
Combustible Materials
12” (32 cm) Bottom Piped
All distances measured from the boiler. *Service, proper operation clearance recommendation.
Combustion Air &
Vent Pipe Equivalent
Length (Schedule
40 PVC)
Width (A)
Height (B)
905 mm
Depth (C)
411 mm
Bracket (D)
969 mm
Min. Length
6 Ft. (1.8 m)
6 Ft. (1.8 m)
Max. Length
50 Ft. (11.2 m)
100 Ft. (30.5 m)
Notes: 1 - 90° Elbow = 5 Ft. (1.6 m), 1 - 45° Elbow = 3.5 Ft. (1.1 m), 1 - 2” x 4” Adapter = 0 Ft. (0 m),
Concentric Vent Kit = 5 Ft. (1.6 m) equivalent length.
Return/Supply Water: 1-1/4” NPT
120 Volts AC, 60 hertz, 1 phase, Less than 12 amps (15 amp circuit recommended)
Water Content
1.1 Gallons
Standard Equipment
Mounting Floor/Wall: Leveling Legs and Wall Bracket both included.
Boiler Control Module: Automatic Low Voltage/Intermittent Power Reset. Controls up to 16 boilers for
multiple boiler applications.
User Display interface: Easy programming with text display. Remote mount option utilizes standard
thermostat conductor wiring.
Heat Exchanger: High grade 316L/444 Stainless Steel Fin Coil with Flame Sight Glass.
Built-in Primary/Secondary Manifold Piping and Pump.
Combustion: Gas Valve with Premix Venturi and Blower, Durable Stainless Steel Mesh
Burner, Direct Spark Igniter, Flame Sensor and LP Conversion Kit included.
Electrical: Detachable Low Voltage Terminal Strip, High Voltage Junction Box, Transformer,
Lighted Power Switch and Auxiliary Service Power Outlet..
Other: Low Water Cut Off with test feature, Outdoor Temperature Reset, 30 PSI Safety Relief Valve,
Boiler Drain Valve and Condensate Drain with built in trap.
Central Heating Pump (Taco 007 or Grundfos UP15-42F)
Concentric Vent Kit (2” and 3”), System Sensor (For Multiple Boiler Applications), Computer Interface
560 mm
3” Pipe
Equivalent Ft. (m)
2” Pipe
Equivalent Ft. (m)
Gas In: 1/2” NPT
Condensate Drain: 1/2” PVC
Ship Wgt.
140 lbs.
63.5 kg
Boiler Wgt.
115 lbs.
51.2 kg
PN 240011650 Rev. 2/17-USA Only
P.O. Box 4729
Utica, New York 13504
Tel: 315.797.1310
Fax: 315.797.3762
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