Sterling`s Bridge Business Intelligence

Sterling’s Bridge
Business Intelligence™
A Powerful integrated payment system
and business intelligence tool
With Sterling’s Bridge Business Intelligence, you don’t have to be at your
business to access critical sales data from your SAM4s ECRs. Real-time sales
data and historical information are available from any Internet connected
computer or tablet.
Bridge also gives you the ability to make changes to PLUs, pricing, and
configurations on your ECR without physically going to your location.
Bridge Business Intelligence
also enables you to:
Take all payment types –
Cash, credit or debit. Customers
typically buy more with cards.
Sell more in less time –
Get customers through lines faster
with 2-second transactions.
Sell wherever you want –
Bridge wireless payments are ideal
for mobile food trucks or trailers,
kiosks, tents, and concessions.
Know Your Business with Bridge
Raise Your Business Intelligence
the Easy Way
Can you answer these questions?
Which of my products sold best today?
Which hours were busiest at each of my locations?
How many sales did the day shift employees make at each
register yesterday?
How many “no sales” were rung up at each location?
Is there a location running low on product?
• Enables merchants to accept
payments in hard-to-wire
locations where an Internet
connection is unreliable or
Field tested for
durability and
reliability in all
• Easy to use
Bridge will give you the answers when you log on to its secure web portal from
your computer, tablet or smartphone.
At the end of each day, you’ll receive an e-mail summarizing that day’s sales
Your data is stored securely in the cloud and can be exported to software
programs such as QuickBooks or Excel for ongoing use.
• Handle more volume
• Make more sales
• One modem supports multiple ECRs
To learn more, contact Sterling Payment Technologies
(800) 591-6098 /
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