2600 Series Install Guide
Box Contents:
Optional tools and parts:
MiFleet GPS Device
Installation Harness
Panel removal tool or plastic pry-bar for cover removal
Mini Fuse Circuit Tap
We recommend writing down the
following prior to install:
Name of asset
Detailed information about the asset
State, area organization or group the asset
belongs to.
ESN of each device to be installed
Current odometer reading of the vehicle
Required Information:
It is recommended to use a professional
installation service for hardwired device types. If
you need to locate an installer, we recommend:
For basic installation, install the included
installation harness into the MiFleet tracking
hardware. When wiring the device harness there
are a few things you or the installer should note,
there are three wires that are required during
installation the Red (Constant Power Source),
White (Ignition Source), and Black
(Ground/Chassis Ground). (Fig. 1)
1. Power (Red Wire) The red wire must be
connected to a constant power source. Proper
wiring will ensure you receive accurate reporting
within the MiFleet Tracking application.
Incorrect wiring of the red wire can cause the
unit to show incorrect power up events. Good
sources to tie Power into are (Battery, Alarm
System, and Clock).
2. Ground (Black Wire) A good ground
connection is vital for proper performance.
When wiring the black (Ground) wire from the
harness, look for a bolt, screw, or wire that
contacts the bare metal of your vehicle's chassis.
A. Loosen the bolt, slip the ground wire
underneath, and then tighten the bolt. If
your ground wire doesn't contact bare
metal, your Mi Fleet hardware won't
operate. A loose or weak ground
connection can result in inconsistent or
inaccurate reporting from your MiFleet
3. Ignition (White Wire) A switched power
source is only ON when the ignition is keyed ON
- connect the White Wire from the Harness to a
switched power source, so that the performs the
Ignition OFF when you turn OFF the car, and
Ignition ON when the vehicle is powered ON.
Good sources are (Ignition Switch in fuse box,
fuel pump).
A. Optional step: If you would not like
the Ignition wire spliced into the v
vehicle's ignition line, a specific Mini
Fuse Circuit Tap allows you to connect
the ignition wire directly to the fuse box.
This optional part can be purchased at
any automotive store or through your
Connect to Constant 12 Vol (Red)
Connect to Chassis (Black)
Connect to Ignition Swtch Source
MiFleet Support Hotline: 866-MIFLEET
2600 Series Install Guide
Installation Continued:
4.Locate an installation location for placement
of the MiFleet hardware. Place the tracking
device in line of sight'. Do not place under metal,
or adhere to the sub-frame chassis; this will
cause interference. DEVICE LABEL MUST FACE
THE SKY. For large commercial vehicles and
trucks we recommend fixing the device to the
dashboard or glovebox. For a smaller compact
vehicle we, recommend the same location as
well as against the dashboard on the back
A.To prevent the unit from moving or
falling it is recommended to use a zip-tie
to securely fasten the device to the
vehicle sub frame this is important so
the Mi Fleet Device can accurately gauge
and report Acceleration based events.
Yellow Area
YELLOW is recomended installation zones. Make sure the label
of your MiFleet hardware is facing the sky.
5. To complete installation, all vehicles should
validate the Ignition ON/OFF functionality on
the MiFleet software platform.
6. If the Platform does not report/show ignition
changes please have the installer verify the wire
connections and/or proceed to call MiFleet
support for questions and troubleshooting
MiFleet Support Hotline: 866-MIFLEET
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