This option is used to record the full screen of the computer, a specified window, or a
rectangular portion of the screen. The recording can be saved as a Microsoft .wmv file or a
SMART .avi file. The type of recording must be specified before making the recording.
 Click the Show Hidden Icons button in the bottom right corner of the computer screen (see
illustration below).
 Click the SMART Board icon in the menu that displays (see illustration below).
 Select Recorder from the list of tools.
 The SMART Recorder bar will display (see illustration below).
 To record a specific window or screen area, press the Down arrow beside the Record button.
 Select Record Desktop, Record Area or Record Window from the list that displays.
 To record the entire screen, press the Record button.
 While the recording is being done, the elapsed time will display above the Record
 The colored dot indicates the expected quality of the recording.
 This is based on the current Recorder settings.
 Deliver the presentation while interacting with the computer.
 If a microphone is attached to the computer, the audio will record as well as the video.
 When the recording is completed, press the Stop button.
 The Save As dialog box will display.
 Input a File Name for the recording.
 Select a location where the recording should be saved.
 When all the options have been selected, click the Save button.
 The video file will be saved to the specified location.
 A dialog box will display showing the file size and time length.
 A dialog box will appear asking if the file is to be savd.
 If the file is not to be saved, press the Cancel button when the Save As dialog box
 A Completing Capture window will display (see illustration below).
 When the recording has completed, the Recording Complete dialog box will display (see
illustration above).
 The size and length of the file will be displayed in this box.
 Two options with check boxes will display.
When the recording is completed using the SMART Board, it can be saved as a Microsoft .wmv
file or a SMART .avi file. These settings have to be changed before the recordings are started.
 Open the SMART Board Recorder by doing one of the following:
 Press the SMART Board button on the Task Bar and then select Recorder.
 Double-click the SMART Board button on the Task Bar and then press the Recorder
button on the Start Center.
 The SMART Recorder Bar will display.
 Press the Menu button.
 Select Options from the list that appears.
 In the Options dialog box, press the Video Format tab.
 Select one of the .avi formats.
 Microsoft Video (.wmv)
 This format can be used to create a file that can be viewed with any version of the
Windows Media Player.
 This format uses 256 colors when creating video recordings.
 This is the default format for the Siena SMART Boards.
 SMART Recorder Video (.avi)
 This format can be used to create a more compressed format.
 Because this format uses 16 million colors, it produces better videos than the
Microsoft Video format.
 This video format can be viewed in Windows Media Player only by people who have
SMART Board software installed on their computers.
 The video can be converted to a format that can be viewed by people who do not
have SMART Board software installed by using the Share Recording feature.
 Once the format has been selected, click the OK button.
NOTE: Either of these two formats can be converted to WMV format for streaming by
downloading a conversion application from Microsoft’s website.
 To hide the SMART Recorder Bar so it won’t appear when recording, press Menu on the
SMART Recorder Bar and then select Hide to System Tray. The Bar will appear on the Task
 Use the Time Elapsed information displayed above the Pause and Record buttons to gauge
how long the recording will play and how much file space will be used for the recording.
 Make sure that there is plenty of disk space to save the presentation. If the disk video is
being recorded runs out of space, a warning message will appear.
 If the warning message appears, click the Pause button to temporarily stop the recording.
 Once some disk space has been freed up, press the Record button to continue recording.
 Use digital ink in the SMART Board. Digital ink shows up well on the video and gives
people something to watch.
 Write often to keep the attention of the audience.
 Repeat questions from the floor. Even though a question may be heard by the presenter
doesn’t mean that the microphone was close enough to clearly record what was said.
 Because the size of the file is important, do not use animations or other special effects. They
dramatically increase the size of the file.
 Do not use complex graphics when recording a video.
 Full-screen photos and other complex graphics dramatically increase the size of the files.
 Be wary of Web sites that contain lots of complex graphics and animations.
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