BASSBOSS DV8 Powered Loudspeakers Cutsheet

DV8 Powered Micromain
• Compact, High Fidelity, High Output
• Exceptional Sound Quality
• Ultra-Wide Horizontal Coverage
• Broad Frequency Range, Long Throw
• Line-Array Performance from Pairs
• 1500 W Class D Powersoft Amp
An elegant and extremely versatile loudspeaker that delivers a
remarkable combination of flat frequency response, high output,
broad coverage and long throw from a very compact, lightweight
and visually attractive loudspeaker.
The DV8 is an extraordinarily versatile loudspeaker for the professional
who needs high-quality sound with outstanding audience coverage.
The DV8 provides excellent speech intelligibility, extremely wide dispersion,
even sound projection over distance and ultra high-fidelity music
reproduction. The cabinets are small, light, attractive, unobtrusive and
they can get extremely loud. If these things are important to you, the DV8
is the single best loudspeaker to have atop your tripods.
Frequency response that is +-1.5 dB from 45 to 18,000 Hz. The DV8
processing includes 4 presets. Preset 1 allows them to be used in
stand-alone mode as full-range speakers for smaller events and offers LF
response to 45Hz. Preset 2 can be used for speech and music with or
without a subwoofer. Presets 3 and 4 are intended for use with subs.
Each higher preset provides slightly less LF output from the DV8 but
increases the maximum SPL the DV8 can achieve, so the more subwoofer
output you have available, the higher the preset number you use.
Self-powered by a 1500W amplifier, the DV8 can run on mains voltage
from 90 to 250V, and is compatible with all power supplies worldwide.
The extensive amplification makes it capable of extremely high output,
with a full and rich presence. Providing remarkable output for a speaker
of its size, the DV8 can replace much larger, heavier cabinets.
Ideal for the mobile professional who moves gear on a regular basis,
the handles incorporated in the sides, top and bottom of the cabinet
extend past the amplifier to protect it in transit. With handles designed
for ergonomic and balanced transport, it is very easy to handle. The cabinet
is compact, only 22” high x 18” deep, weighs just 42 pounds and is
made entirely of Baltic Birch in the USA.
Ultra-wide horizontal coverage of 120 degrees helps to provide consistent,
intelligible coverage to audience areas that are to the far left and right,
outside the coverage of ordinary portable loudspeakers. This extremely wide
coverage is made possible through the use of a line-array waveguide, which,
along with the vertical alignment of the drivers, helps to constrain vertical
coverage to a nominal 15 degrees. The tight vertical pattern provides more
consistent coverage over greater distances and minimizes ceiling and floor
reflections, enhancing intelligibility.
The DV8 uses a narrow midrange driver to maintain the widest possible
horizontal dispersion through the midrange. Rather than using one 12" or
one 15" woofer, two 8" drivers are used because they offer a combination
of wide horizontal dispersion and good low-frequency response while using
minimal cabinet volume. The 8-inch drivers have octagonal cast aluminum
baskets so they can be mounted directly adjacent to each other, minimizing
cabinet frontal area.
The high frequency wave guide is mounted forward of the loudspeaker
baffle and above the grill to minimize edge diffraction and deliver
consistent and extended horizontal dispersion. It's also mounted at the
very extreme top edge of the cabinet, which allows a second box to be
inverted on the first for seamless summing of the high-frequencies,
delivering line-array performance when two boxes are coupled. When a
second box is added, the adjustments in the linkage allow for 4-degrees
down through 4-degrees up on the second box.
Cabinet construction incorporates a 4-degree down-angle when deployed
on a pole stand or resting on a flat surface, so the cabinet is automatically
at the appropriate downward angle to cover a large room while maintaining
outstanding near field sound quality. The down-angle ensures even coverage
over the additional distance afforded by the tight vertical coverage pattern
and the line-array wave guide.
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Loudspeaker Description:
Wide dispersion compact full-range speaker
Frequency Response (±3 dB):
45 - 19,000 Hz
Maximum Sustained Output:
117 dB SPL, 1m, 2pi, half-space
Short-term Peak Output:
123 dB
Nominal Dispersion (°H x °V):
120 x 15
1500 Watt Two-Channel Powersoft Class D
Integrated comprehensive DSP for High-pass, Low-pass, time alignment, EQ and limiting
Electrical Connectors, Amplifier:
Neutrik Powercon in and through
Electrical Connector, Mains:
NEMA5-15 (Edison) or Powercon loop-through jumper (for use above subwoofer) on request
Voltage Operating Range:
90-250V. Auto-sensing, auto switching universal supply
Current Draw, Nominal:
3A @ 1/8 power
Level control from +12 dB to -12 dB, preset selector button
LEDs for Power/ready, Signal, Clip and Protect. LED indicating selected preset
Signal Input Connector:
Signal Output Connector:
XLR-M pass-through
Enclosure Type:
2-way full-range. Direct radiating vented LF section, horn-loaded HF section
Transducers, LF:
2 x 8 inch diameter (200 mm) neodymium motor woofers with 2 inch (51mm) diameter copper winding voice coil
Transducer, HF:
1 x 1.7 inch (44mm) diaphragm neodymium motor compression driver on 1 inch throat isophasic wave guide
Cabinet Construction:
15 mm Baltic Birch plywood. Equipped with 6 handles. Includes 4 internally braced fly points and a 35mm pole socket mount
Suspension Points:
8 x 3/8 inch - 16 TPI internally braced threaded mounting points
Dimensions (HxWxD):
22.5 inches (57cm) high x 18 inches (45.75cm) deep x 10.75 inches (27.3cm) wide front and 8.5 inches (21.5cm) wide rear
Net Weight:
42 lbs (19 kg)
Shipping Weight:
48 lbs (21.7kg)
Exterior Finish:
Weatherproof bonded high-pressure polyurethane
Perforated, powder coated steel
Stacking Bracket:
Adjustable bracket set, mounts second cabinet inverted for near-perfect summed response, provides splay-angle adjustment
from 0 to 8 degrees
Shoulder Eye Bolts:
For use when flying cabinets vertically
Side-pull Anchors
For use when flying 2 cabinets connected by Stacking Bracket
Heavy-duty padded nylon transport cover
Online Information:
Our proactive philosophy causes specifications to be subject to change whenever improvements are made.
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With optional Stacking Bracket
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