Android Smartphone/Tablet, Nook HD/HD+, and Kindle Fire

What happens when a title expires?
The title will automatically return itself freeing
up one of your five checkout slots but you will
also need to delete the title off of your Bookshelf
to clear disk space on your device.
What if I don’t finish my book?
The app will remember your place, simply check
out the title again to resume reading.
Can I renew a book?
Yes. If there are no holds on the title you can visit
your account page and renew three days before
the title expires. You will need to re-download
the book for the “new” check out.
Use these instructions for Android
tablets/smartphones, Chromebooks,
and devices with Android 4.0 or newer.
These instructions also apply to newer
Nook Tablets (Nook HD, HD+, or Nook
by Samsung), and Kindle Fire. Go to
the appropriate app store for your
device to download the OverDrive app.
OverDrive Media Console v3 will work
on older versions of Android but it will
have a different interface.
Free eBooks, Audiobooks, and Video
with your CLAMS library card.
Can I return an eBook early?
Yes. Tap the three dots next to the title in your
app and then tap Return to Library.
What formats can I use with the OverDrive app?
EPUB eBook, PDF eBook, and MP3 audiobook
Get support direct from the source.
Can I borrow a Kindle eBook?
To read a Kindle book you will have to use the
Kindle app and go through your Amazon account.
For more information on borrowing Kindle books
please see “How To: Borrow eBooks with your
Kindle (Black and White display)”
Which way should I sign-in?
The simplest method is to use your library card—
every method requires it. But you can use any
method you feel more comfortable with.
What about the Read Now button?
Read Now lets you read in your internet
browser. You will a consistent internet
connection to continue reading your book.
How To:
Borrow eBooks
and Audio Books
with your
More Questions?
Contact the Bourne Library at 508-759-0644
with any further questions or concerns.
Nook HD/HD+,
and Kindle Fire
1. Install App
Search for OverDrive in the Google Play
Store for Android/Nook devices. Look for
OverDrive in the App Store for Kindle Fire.
Tap Install, then Accept.
On the first run, you will be prompted to
sign up for an OverDrive account. If you
already have an account, sign in.
To create an account, OverDrive asks for
your name, email address, and a
password. You may also sign up using a
Facebook account or your library card.
(Library card is easiest way to sign up)
You can access app settings by swiping
left-to-right to open the OverDrive menu
and tapping on Settings.
Important: Set your default lending
period for eBooks and Audiobooks to 14
days under My Account and Settings.
2. Configure
The first step in borrowing is to find your
Open your app menu by swiping Left-toRight, or by tapping the three parallel lines
in the upper left corner.
Go to Manage libraries list at the top of
your menu; then tap the + sign.
You can search for your library by name,
town, or zip code. Then choose your library
from the list of search results.
Tap the star next to CLAMS Inc. to save our
library system to your list of libraries. You
will use this to visit our Collection.
If you are a resident in more than one
library system, you can save additional
libraries through Manage libraries.
Tip: If you can’t find something,
OverDrive uses three parallel lines to
indicate a menu.
3. Check Out & Read
To access the digital catalog, tap the
library system listing saved in your My
Libraries list.
Search for a title you wish to borrow,
browsing by category or using Search.
To check out a title that is available tap
Borrow and log in. You can Place a Hold
to add to your hold list (email address
Find all your items under My account—
Loans. Tap Choose a Format, select EPUB
eBook, and the book should download to
the app automatically.
All downloaded titles can be found on
the main Bookshelf space of your app.
Tap the cover to enjoy your book.
If you need to adjust book settings (font,
font size, brightness, etc.) or to return to
your Bookshelf while reading, tap the
middle of the screen to access menus.
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