HP Client Automation Center

HP Client Automation Center
Security and efficiency in managing of hundreds to hundreds
of thousands of client devices, regardless of physical location
HP Client Automation Center automates key
processes to reduce costs and improve service
levels, reduces security and compliance risks,
and gives you complete and continuous
visibility into the state of client devices.
Are your client management tools and processes
adequate to meet today’s demanding requirements?
Increasingly frequent and sophisticated security threats,
higher availability requirements, exploding mobile and
remote workforces, and workforce integration and
on-boarding during mergers are stretching IT budgets
and making traditional manual client management
processes untenable. IT organizations need a faster,
more cost-effective approach that mitigates security
and compliance risks.
HP Client Automation Center
Client devices have to be provisioned according to
organizational policies. Software, security patches, and
operating system (OS) images have to be deployed.
User settings need to be included when migrating to
new platforms or new images. IT managers need to
know, at any given moment, what devices are out
there and what software they are running, so that they
can remain secure and compliant—not just regulatory
but also licensing, configuration, and security. All
while protecting the business from security threats and
business processes from disruption.
HP Client Automation Center automates the
discovery of devices and applications and simplifies
administrative tasks.
Among other benefits, HP Client Automation Center
helps you:
•Implement a heterogeneous, scalable solution built
on market-leading components
•Reduce management cost and improve IT efficiency
•Reduce the risks associated with security
and compliance
•Increase agility by deploying changes faster, without
disrupting users
•Enable security and compliance through
identity-based policy management, patch
compliance, and software integrity enforcement
HP Client Automation Center
of maintaining the appropriate software, security
patches, and operating system images. Components
of HP Client Automation software include:
The HP Client Automation Center automates client
management processes across the lifecycle using
four core applications.
HP Usage Manager
HP Client Automation Usage Manager monitors the
utilization of every application on all client devices.
It reveals the location, frequency, version status, and
trends of software use to reduce license costs by
decreasing the number of unused licenses, to verify
that old software versions have been phased out, and
to reduce risk by monitoring incorrect usage.
HP Operations Orchestration
HP Operations Orchestration software is an innovative
run-book automation platform for automating change
deployment to client devices, as well as data center
infrastructure components, removing complexity and
reducing management cost.
BTO: Optimize the business
outcome of IT.
HP Client Automation Center is a
key component of the HP Business
Technology Optimization (BTO)
strategy. BTO helps you make
sure that every dollar invested in
IT, every resource allocated, and
every application in development
or production meets your business
goals. Unlike software offerings
and methodologies that focus only
on internal IT processes, HP BTO
optimizes the strategic functions
between technology and business.
Our lifecycle approach enables
your organization to align IT with
business priorities and to deliver
increased value from end-to-end.
HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory
HP Discovery and Dependency Mapping Inventory
software helps IT organizations manage and
control cost and risk by automatically discovering
and inventorying client devices. It provides visibility
into traditional PCs, mobile devices, and virtual
clients generating detailed reports of hardware
configurations and software installations to enable
security, software license optimization, chargeback,
and policy compliance. HP DDMI forms the backbone
of your client management solution.
HP Client Automation
HP Client Automation software automates key IT
processes across the client-device lifecycle. It gives
an IT administrator, working from a single console,
nearly continuous visibility into the state of client
devices and greatly reduces the complexity and effort
HP Self-Service Manager
HP Client Automation Self-Service Manager enables
users to automatically download, repair, update,
and remove software. It presents each user with a
personal software catalog generated dynamically
according to the user’s identity and role, the user’s PC
configurations and the entitlement policies set by IT.
HP OS Manager
HP Client Automation OS Manager automatically
provisions and maintains the right operating system for
each device. Whether the device is provisioned from
bare metal or migrated to a new operating system,
our OS software creates images, provisions them
according to policies and manages the operating
systems throughout their lifecycle.
HP Client Automation Center
HP Client Automation Center provides the tools you need to simplify and automate client software deployments and updates.
HP Client Automation Center
HP Operations Orchestration
HP Client Automation
HP Business Service Automation (BSA) Essentials Subscription service
HP Universal CMDB
HP Patch Manager
HP Client Automation Patch Manager enables IT
organizations to manage patches, service packs, and
hot fixes across their lifecycle. It covers discovery,
download and collection, testing, conflict analysis
and vulnerability assessment, targeting, deployment,
and enforcement.
Third-party integrations
with a portal for sharing Application Management
Profiles and which can be used to accelerate software
packaging and deployment activities.
Why HP?
HP is ideally positioned to deliver your client
automation solution. We offer:
HP Application Manager
•Market leadership: Forrester’s evaluation of eight
HP Client Automation Application Manager gives you
leading client management solutions identified HP
the control and reliability to deploy applications quickly
as one of three market leaders. (“HP Leads in Client
in emergencies or according to schedules, to large
Management Suites,” The Forrester Wave Vendor
groups simultaneously or to small, targeted groups.
Summary, Q3 2007)
•A flexible, heterogeneous solution: We offer
HP Settings Migration Manager
unmatched scalability, multi-platform and client-device
HP Settings Manager enables personalized settings on
support, and centralized device management
PCs to be preserved and migrated during provisioning
•Part of a comprehensive business service automation
and upgrades.
suite: HP Client Automation Center software and
HP Business Service Automation (BSA) Essentials
HP Data Center Automation Center software form
HP BSA Essentials provides security and compliance
an integrated solution suite for automating IT
content and alerts on an ongoing basis. In addition to
management across the end-to-end business service
automated notifications for new vulnerabilities, HP BSA
Essentials provides a subscription service for vulnerability
scanning and notifications. In addition, it provides users
Technology for better business outcomes
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