Ava 500 Caretaker Poster

Caretaker Information
The remote user sees
through the camera when
in a session with the Ava
500. The camera cover
should always be open.
If no-one is using the
Ava 500, the screen
displays status
information or a banner
image. Otherwise it
shows the remote user.
People in the meeting
with the Ava 500 can use
the volume/mute
buttons to change the
speaker volume or mute
the microphone
Push the stop button to
prevent the Ava 500 from
moving. Twist clockwise
to release. The LEDs are
solid red when the stop
button is engaged. Do
not release the stop
button while the Ava 500
is engaged with the
charging station.
Always use the handle
to push or pull the Ava
500. Do not try to lift the
Ava 500 by the handle or
any other part.
The Ava 500 sees
through sensors in this
black band and in this
gap. Do not touch the
sensors or push or turn
the sensor band.
Open the service
compartment if you are
instructed to reboot the
Ava 500.
LEDs in this gap change
color and are either
steady or blinking
depending on the Ava
500’s state.
The Ava 500 engages
with its charging station
through the charging
plate. Do not put your
foot on it when you are
moving the Ava 500.
If the LEDS are
It means the Ava 500 is
Solid white
Traveling or waiting for an obstacle to clear.
Flashing yellow
Going through a door or waiting for a door to open.
Solid red
Motionless with its stop button engaged. It will not move in this condition.
Flashing red
Experiencing a system problem. It will not move in this condition.
Fast brightening/fading white
Connected to its charging station.
Slow brightening/fading white
Flashing green
For support, contact:
Ava 500 Caretaker Information
Caring for the Ava 500
Once a month, use the lens cloth in your accessory bag to gently wipe the sensors in the black sensor band, the
EX60 screen, and the camera lens.
The Ava 500 needs room around its charging station in order to recognize it and engage with it. Keep the space
for 18” on either side of the charging station completely clear. Even the leaves of a plant may cause problems.
Do not let anyone decorate the Ava 500. Anything in front of or around its sensors can cause problems.
Ask everyone in meetings with the Ava 500 to let the Ava 500 leave the meeting first. If it gets closed in a
conference room it cannot be used by anyone else and will eventually run out of power.
If you have to move the Ava 500 for anything other than a system problem (indicated by flashing red LEDs), push
the stop button. Then use the Ava 500’s handle to push or pull it. Do not ever push the Ava 500 on its black
sensor band or with your foot against its charging plate. The Ava 500 is a little harder to push with the stop button
engaged, but it prevents a remote user from trying to use the Ava 500 while you are trying to move it. Release the
stop button before engaging the Ava 500 with its charging station.
Solving Problems
For this symptom
Try doing this
A remote user can’t see
Have someone in the meeting check to see if the camera cover is closed.
A remote user can’t hear
Have someone in the meeting check to see if mute is on.
The Ava 500 is stopped and
displaying an error, or has no power
Take it back to its charging station, turn it around, and gently push it up
against the station until you hear a click as the relays engage. Then
contact support.
Do not reboot the Ava 500 unless you are asked to. To reboot the Ava 500:
1. Release the stop button if it is pushed in. Be sure to do this before the robot is on the charging station.
2. Engage the Ava 500 with its charging station – otherwise the Ava 500 will not know where it is when it
3. Open the service compartment door on the back of the base and press the power button. You may see lines
of text scrolling down the EX60’s screen before it turns off. Wait for the fans and base LEDs to turn off (up to
10 seconds).
4. Flip the rocker switch in the back under the top gap plate to the ‘Off’ position and wait for 15 seconds.
5. Flip the rocker switch to the ‘On’ position.
6. Press the power button in the service compartment for approximately two seconds to turn power on to all
robot systems.
7. Close the service compartment door.
While the system is booting up, the EX60 will be raised and lowered on its lift, the LEDs will flash green, and the
camera light on the EX60 will flash orange. You may see “Not Localized on Map” and “Not connected to
Management Server” alternately displayed. It may take two minutes or more for the system to turn on fully. Once
the Ava 500 has finished booting, if it is fully connected and is not experiencing any internal problems, the display
is the generic Ava 500 banner, and the LEDs are cycling in their charging configuration.
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