8K UHD Live Stream Resolution: 4K Frame Rate

8K UHD Live Stream Resolution: 4K Frame Rate
Sensors: 8
Synchronized trigger sensor capture for total frame sync from
all 8 sensors - very important in post-production
Fully Stitched Resolution: >8K UHD
RAW image format
Live Stream Resolution: 4K
RAW image format
Unified white balance, shutter speed, gamma is
pre-set, but can be adjusted to custom levels by
Power Draw
2 amps, 24-48V (not battery powered)
Stitcher/Encoder can be separated from camera
array, connected.
Frame Rate: 75 fps
With high-end global shutter CMOS sensors
Shutter: Global
Utilizing the latest technology which debuted in March 2016,
you won’t find better hardware for shutter synchronization
Video Output: 10-bit RAW
Versus 8-bit of competitors, this allows for greater flexibility in
GPS and 9-Axis Motion Sensor
Integrated into camera body for geopositioning and
inertial measurement unit accelerometer, gyroscope and a
magnetometer. This will allow for stabilization of video, even
during a live broadcast
Integrated Microphones for 3D/Binaural Audio
Plus external mic input and spherical audio support
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