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AV Player
AV Player is the specialized software included with your DVR and this allows you to replay video
files from the Hard Drive or SD Card memory storage used in your DVR system. You do not always
have to use AV Player as the video files can be played using other software such as Windows
Media Player or VLC but these programs only allow the viewing of video files and not other
information such as; Map showing vehicle location (if GPS is
fitted), Alarm Video or All Video.
1. Installation
a. Insert the mini CD included into the CD/DVD drive of
your PC and click on “Open folder to view files”
This will open a File Explorer session and display the
contents of the CD as below.
b. Choose “Client Software” folder and open this and then choose the AVPLAYER*******.exe file
to start the installation.
Note that you may be required to allow the program to run and make changes on the PC.
c. Follow the prompts of the installation program and only advanced users or System
Administrators should make any changes to the defaults options which are part of the standard
2. Double click the AVPlayer icon to open the software.
AV Player Software for use with Chipatronic DVR Systems General Instructions
Ver. 2.41
a. Before you can start watching any video you must connect the hard drive from your DVR and
to do this you must have a USB Hard Drive Adaptor.
This has a connector to take the corresponding part on the rear of the HDD case from the
! Note: Always make sure the power is OFF on the DVR before
removing the hard drive and that the switch on the back of the
adaptor is also OFF. Removing or inserting the hard drive while it is powered can cause data
loss or corruption.
b. The program opens to a single screen with 4 video windows, drive/folder selection, date
selector and video type selection (All Video is the default, only choose Alarm Video if alarms
have been configured and video files linked to those).
c. Choose the location of the DVR Hard Drive which should be
shown as a Local Drive with a letter from E to R depending on
your computer. Check in File Explorer to see the drives of your
computer if you are not sure of the drive letter.
AV Player Software for use with Chipatronic DVR Systems General Instructions
Ver. 2.41
d. The software will default to today’s date or the date of the last files saved on the hard drive
and you can SEARCH the date of the required video.
e. On the bottom part of the window there is a Date and Time chart which can be used to easily
find when video was recorded and search for the required files.
Choose the year and month using the Up and Down arrows on either side of the pane showing
the Year/Month with the left arrows controlling the Year and the right arrows controlling the
Month. The Days are shown along the top of the chart with the corresponding Date directly
under so in the example above the 1st of March was Sunday and the 31st March a Tuesday.
The days which have video recordings are highlighted in Blue with the selected date changing
to Red and this date will also be shown in the Date selection box above. On the bottom of the
chart is the time in a 24 hour format and recorded video files are indicated by Blue bars to
show when during the selected day, video files are available, clicking with the mouse on the
bar will start the video at the time selected. Four bars indicate Separate mode so each
camera records an individual file which can be viewed or copied alone.
If the DVR has been set to Composite mode records all active channels to a single file which
will always be viewed together.
Specific video files can also be selected by double
clicking on the file as shown in the file pane, note that
with Separate mode videos each channel is shown but
choosing any file will also bring up the corresponding
files for the other three channels.
AV Player Software for use with Chipatronic DVR Systems General Instructions
Ver. 2.41
f. AV Player shows all four videos in a quad pane view as standard which allows all camera
channels to be viewed simultaneously but a single video window can be shown by double
clicking on the required video pane, double clicking on this again will return the view to a quad
pane with all four video channels displayed.
g. When a DVR has been fitted with a GPS module the GPS data is saved in conjunction with the
video files and this can be displayed
with the videos to show the actual
location of the vehicle at the time.
Note that Internet access is required
for this functionality.
3. Controls and buttons along the bottom of
the window are used when watching
videos and have a variety of functions.
a. Start and Stop video, control the play
speed and there is a Step button
which will advance the video by a
single frame at a time when paused.
b. The window can be expanded to Fullscreen if required, this will only show the active window
which can be just the video pane or the entire program window. Double clicking on the
fullscreen window will take it back to the standard view.
c. A screenshot can be taken where a copy of a single
frame is required using the Snap button and that can be
saved to the computer or printed. The location for these
files to be saved can be set in the Options menu under
Tools at the top of the program window.
AV Player Software for use with Chipatronic DVR Systems General Instructions
Ver. 2.41
d. The screen view can also be toggled using the View selector to watch one camera scene alone
or all four together even when using Composite mode.
e. Users can select the channel on which the Audio track is recorded to listen as well as watch.
The default setup is Channel 1 for audio but this can be changed if required and there can be
multiple channels with audio recording should this be required and suitable cameras or audio
inputs are available.
f. PlaySpeed can be used to speed up or slow down the video playback with the fastest being
16X normal, to progress quickly through a recording and the slowest 1/16th normal speed, to
watch an event in slow motion.
Note that this also affects the audio playback and sound should generally be turned down or
muted when using different playback speeds.
g. The Mosaic function can be used
where a still image is to be used but
some elements should not be clearly
displayed such as a person’s face, a
vehicle numberplate etc.
Check the Mosaic box and then using
the mouse, select the area or areas
on a paused video where pixilation
(blurring) is required so that the
details are no clear. This image can
then be used in an appropriate way
without displaying unwanted details.
AV Player Software for use with Chipatronic DVR Systems General Instructions
Ver. 2.41
4. The three buttons at the lower right hand side of the program window can be used to change the
information shown at the bottom of the window. As a default this will always show the
Time Diagram used to work with the video files but other functions may sometimes be required
but only where the DVR has been specifically setup to do so.
a. X, Y, Z Diagram is only used if the “G Sensor” has been configured. This measures and records
excessive shocks in three dimensions over time and the details can be shown in AV Player if
this functionality is being used.
b. Download Info is only used if automatic downloads are set. Some systems do not readily
support automatic downloads and as such no data will be displayed.
5. AV Player can make copies of chosen files so that these can be saved to a local drive or if needed
distributed to relevant persons or authorities.
The easiest way to back up a file is to click on the required item in the files pane and then click on
the Select Time Backup button next to the date. This will open a dialogue box where the backup
location and file type can be set and the period of the recording is shown.
If the DVR has been set with 5 Minute video files (which is standard), each video will be a
maximum of 5 minutes.
The required file(s) can be then saved from the DVR storage to a local drive and then viewed later.
File type will be .avi as standard which can generally be viewed by most standard media player
programs but .mpg can be chosen if needed.
AV Player is updated at various times and newer versions may be available from time to time which may result in some changes.
The software version can be found by selecting About under the Help menu. Please consult with Chipatronic or your distributor for
information on the most current version.
AV Player Software for use with Chipatronic DVR Systems General Instructions
Ver. 2.41
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