Introducing vSAN: The easy and powerful

Introducing vSAN: The easy and powerful enterprise-class
Shared Storage Workflow Metadata Controller for content-centric
and rich media workflows
Content producers looking for ease of use, maximum uptime, and high-performance now have a superior
alternative to expensive and complex products that are poorly suited to Media & Entertainment budgets
and workflows.
Ultimate Performance & Capability
VSAN offers High Availability for mission-critical workflows, unlimited performance potential, and
massive scalability for the most demanding rich media and enterprise applications. Add optional project
management and data life-cycle tools to create a complete media-centric workflow system.
High Availability – redundant metadata
controller, power supply, cooling
When you are offering high-end DI & Finishing work for premium produced content, broadcasting
around the clock, or sharing high quality content across your organization, every second of downtime
impacts your business. Your infrastructure needs High Availability with failover so production never
stops, as well as maximum performance and bandwidth so everything just works.
Harness the intelligence and automation of vSAN to the high speed storage and network you need, and
get the High Availability, customization, flexibility, capacity, and performance for non-stop high-resolution,
large team production including 4k workflows. Further increase performance and uptime with
productivity-boosting automatic defragmentation and file sequence optimization.
vSAN is a high specification appliance that supports all your creative apps running on Mac, Windows
and Linux OS. Optional projectStore PRO makes multi-user collaborative workflows easy, and provides
Avid emulation and advanced permissions control. vSAN works with the storage and network fabric of
your choice, and you can use Active Directory for convenient permissions management. vSAN makes it
easy to set up shared storage workflows that let you focus on your business, not on system
With just a few clicks, create a powerful shared storage network, to share media and metadata among
users and suites, and collaborate on projects. Easily manage your SAN with a simple web UI, and let
vSAN automatically handle file system and sequence defragmentation for maximum performance,
productivity, and uptime, and superior ROI.
Enterprise-class appliance
Automatic Defragmentation
Automatic File Sequence Optimisation
File Security – Active Directory Support
Storage Pooling & Scaling
Centralized, Floating Licensing
Event notification
Unlimited connections support
Hardware Monitoring and Reporting
Optional projectStore PRO multi-user
project management with Avid FS
Optional Replication & Tiering for backup
To form a complete workflow system that handles project management and data life-cycle
management, vSAN supports projectStore PRO and Replication & Tiering. vSAN is compatible with
off the shelf storage, and supports Ethernet and Fibre Channel, and so provides users and
administrators with enormous flexibility in their configurations.
Storage Evolved
Some of the most recognizable media and creative brands in the world choose Active Storage because
we understand their needs and deliver solutions they can rely on.
Active Storage is the innovative storage leader for broadcast, post-production, online and archive
solutions. Fast, reliable, and easy to deploy, Active Storage delivers a best-of-breed user experience,
award-winning industrial design and customer service. Ease of use and robust performance make Active
Storage the first choice for complex storage deployments. I 1.877.GR8.RAID
Technical Specifications
• 1U rack-optimized enclosure
• Intel® Xeon® Quad-Core processor
• 12GB 1066MHz DDR3 ECC Memory
• 1 available 16 lane PCI Express slot
• Dual port 8Gb Fibre Channel Card with SFPs
• Mirrored hot swap 1TB Hitachi enterprise-class SATA hard drives
• Redundant hot swap 710W auto-sensing power supplies
• 4x USB 2.0 ports (2 front, 2 rear)
• 2x GbE ports
• 1x Serial port (for UPS support)
• VGA graphics port
• Lights-out-management via Active Viewer
• Active Viewer, part of the Active Storage Management Suite
• Rack rail kit with hardware
vSAN is backed by our world-class support. If you should ever have a question or problem, help is available 24/7/365 by phone and through our
online support portal.
vSAN is a fully integrated metadata controller solution consisting of an innovative Intel® Xeon® server-based appliance that features a straightforward design for easy installation and serviceability.
vSAN systems are delivered as a matched pair of appliances. Each is identical and offers the full reliability that comes with no single point of failure.
vSAN combines stunning Active Storage, Inc. product design and the rock-solid performance and reliability of the Intel® Xeon® platform in a 1U rack form factor.
mMedia is more than a collection of components, it’s a
complete media creation storage platform that stores
and manages content from ingest to archive.
mMedia Platform is powerful yet simple. As a building
block technology, the mMedia Platform provides all the
components needed to build end-to-end workflows. And
because mRAID is the heart of the mMedia Platform,
future applications can meet future needs.
The combination of vSAN, mRAID and mVault can meet any online media production challenge. Nothing can scale to more
users, greater resolutions or higher throughputs, all with the lowest latency and easiest deployment and management,
using all the production tools and asset management software you are using today.
The mMedia Platform can manage your content from ingest to petabytes of content archive. You will not only
have disk performance from your archive, but at a much lower cost and much smaller footprint than typical
primary storage.
Suggested Retail
Max. Clients
$36,999 (per pair) unlimited capacity &
client licenses for Mac, Windows and Linux
Intel® Xeon® Quad-Core E5620 2.4 GHz
12GB 1066MHz DDR3 ECC
2x 1TB 7200 RPM enterprise-class SATA
Technical Support
On-board VGA
2x 8Gb Fibre Channel, 4x USB 2.0,
2x Gb Ethernet, 1x RS232 (UPS)
3-year – 24/7/365 phone and e-mail support
3-year hardware replacement
*Suggested MSRP in US Dollars for the North America. Pricing in other currencies and locales may differ to reflect local exchange rate and shipping. Please contact your reseller or Active Storage for more
information for your region.
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